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Everything posted by orngnblk

  1. You need to do a NEW head count.Some cant play till playoff time but they are still THERE.LOL.No less than 4.
  2. Heres how the GB nation man caught your durn goat!He sent me this home video.
  3. So here we go.GB got transfers,South Pitt got transfers,LC got transfers.Coalfield has transfers coming in.....WHY are we the only ones unde the microscope??I find it hilarious.
  4. I do agree,Hanley was very hard to defend and he will be missed on both sides of the ball.Carnes has a stronger arm and will stretch the field a little,having 2 6'3 WRs and a back like Rutgerson will prove nightmares for defenses (if we can block up front).
  5. No way,some one else getting top notch trasfers??Tell me it aint so.Now everyone can shut up and get over it!LOL!
  6. Best 1A team i ever saw play!Could have beat us by 50 in the finals if they wanted too!
  7. Speaking of no srudding,what going on up on Gary K drive?Heard you all had about three good player either leave are decide not to play this year.Heard the young McKinney jumped ship.Also a very good lineman just up and quit?I really hope its all hearsay our rivalry is a fun one i look forward to every year!
  8. X2!As long as he is not in Red and White!LOL!
  9. You are correct!Offers dont win championships and we dont have 3 with high D1 we have only have 2 (as of right now).
  10. I bet you all have at least 2 kids on the front of your buddys book Roy!
  11. Yep dont make a bet on here he would take you up on it in a quick minute!He always called it like HE saw and he was a good friend.His son Jeremy won State Championship as and eighth grader in wrestling and his other boy was a stud in the 215 class and a good LB/guard on the 08 team.Jeremy played on the 11 team with my two sons you all played in playoffs.He had a few kids and will be missed for sure!Thanks for the kind words Bass!
  12. On a side note a GB supporter and dad to some GB star Wrestlers who were also football players Jamie Miller passed away most would know him by Maj on here.He will be missed.
  13. Jamie Miller passed away of cancer.He was the father of Jeremy and Jackie Miller.They put GB wtestling on the map.He will be sorely missed!
  14. That would be a huge loss!!!He is over 50% of their offense,not to mention what he does on D!
  15. #its coming!Sounds like they are a very confident bunch for some who thinks they are on the hind teet!
  16. Whats his name and where does he live (for now).
  17. Your telling me!Some big time gag order going on near HWY 72!
  18. In 1999 they went 11-2 lost in quarters.
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