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Everything posted by orngnblk

  1. Its TIME!Put the pressure on them.If we cant put teams away its going to be a short year!
  2. barometric pressure,dew point?Wind?Wind direction?
  3. I have watched the films over and over,unless we have a complete breakdown i just dont see it either.We may come out slow which has happened a couple games but i cant see them holding us to 3 or even 4 scores.We are clicking right now and if we are worth our salt we have to FINISH these type games.I just have a feeling we turned the corner and the kids are all on the same page!
  4. Well after fri we will see if i see what i see or if i look like a fool! By the way you all arent a decent team you all are a dang good team.I look for you all to represent this year IMO.I think your D is better than last.Your O is a little slower but the D is what will get you where you want.We have to keep the D improving if we want to play after Thanksgiving,and as of now its has taken large strides since the first two games.LBs still need to improve but the rest is right there!
  5. Yes their D is the strong point.Their offense wont be able to put up the points unless we let them plain and simple.I have watched multiple games and even with 44 they cant matchup speed wise.As with any good team if you let them hang around anything can happen but i dont see that this year.They honestly remind me alot of Oneida but Oneida had a little more speed and their D was more sound of course.The running game will continue to improve this week and the O will have over 300 passing again.we arent consistent on PAT's yet to i will say 5 or 6 TDs will be the difference.If you see different please explain what i am missing.You asked and im telling.No disrespect to OS they are a good yeam but two different levels IMO.
  6. Its a shame that all the crap that was posted on every thread we were involved with before the season has ruined the boards for us this year.Most of our posters wont post and we end up just talking to hear ourselves talk.This is a game that will have something to say about who is in the lead for our region which is usually one of the toughest across the state.Just about on the second page.SMH!
  7. You have seen us play in a big game.I havent seen much of you all at all but i just dont see us at your 3's level right yet we are inproving every week but not there yet.I think its SP/Huntingdon and the the rest of us.
  8. No sarcasm here.You all are coming on and with the depth you have will be hard for any 1,2,3A other than Alcoa to handle.Meigs the way they can run and throw is a hard task but i think you all have the numbers to give the a L.
  9. He is still making picks in the Big Ones so he is still here.Just playing the game.LOL
  10. If you play like that it will be over in 1.
  11. From what i saw on film SPEED-Meigs =check PASSING GAME-Meigs=Check RUN GAME-Meigs=check RUN DEFENSE-Meigs=check Rockwood has some size,but they are slow.Nothing else stood out to me AT ALL!
  12. They were motivated against OS but just dont have "enough" this year.Meigs WILL win going away.
  13. I fully expect SP to handle business when that day comes.I still think Meigs will be the best team you will play in Reg season myself.Seen some Redbank footage and Loudon will edge them out in Quarters Meigs is a load!JMO tho.
  14. I agree nation,ST was there and saw us in person and if he says we arent a top 3 team then we are not in their class.I just hope we improve enough to at least get the opportunity to be beaten by the number 1 team this year but we are not even close yet.We are a 500 team and the others are mercy ruling teams.
  15. Good post.South Pitt is CLEARLY the team to beat.
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