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Everything posted by orngnblk

  1. I agree,it is what it is.Tough for sure but we move on. I just hate that it takes away from the win. You all have had an extremely tough road to get to where you're at and credit needs to be given in my opinion!
  2. Also the score looked to be in your favor,so TWO very important stats.OH and you had less penalties,you also won that stat.
  3. He has been drinkin out of old Rays thermos!
  4. Towerman i hear the snipe hunting up there is real good i bet ole Ray would help you bag a snipe or two,word is he is an world class snipe catcher.
  5. I agree with Nation we may not make it to the Semis
  6. You Rattlin cages rt??LOL.You got long beard over there telling folks that SP is fighting for second place.
  7. How much money?Boosters money??Does Ole Pirate need to call the Childress man?
  8. You have been legit for 3 years and you talk about Oneida like they are new to this gig?Come on man they deserve a ton of respect.A team makes the quarters with a little and a big D.That alone deserves respect.I always pull for the Indians when they arent playing us and boy am i pulling fir them now!!!
  9. They have shown up well in big games.Make plays when they need to.(other than well you know,then one of whom we dont speak)
  10. That is great,something good did come out then.
  11. Believe me I wasn't trying to compare Talent from that year to this year by no means.I'm just saying we had a lot of Talent on that team and a lot of kids didn't get put in position because of the coaching issue.coach Ryan and the guys now play to win every single game and play every game like it's a championship game.our coaches in that time did not do that they down talked every opponent and the kids bought into it.
  12. Sometimes just trusting the tradition of these teams works out!
  13. My son was #66 that year.He was right guard.I remember watching film on you guys and thought Oh my Lord you all had monsters on the line actually looked like college lineman not fat neither good looking team.We went off that night!Wish we had THIS staff that year and we dont lose to CF in the quarters we were loaded just shy on coaching!
  14. Dont do it he will take your money like Red Bank did.
  15. Oneida does that to teams!Coaching makes all the difference.They have an outstanding defensive minded coach...Now if he would come over to the darkside and get someone who knows offense they would be in the mix EVERY year!
  16. My grandson will be four and just found out he wants to play next year!!!OnB back on the field 3 generations of "good studding"!
  17. I was going to say you all stopped them and scored in OT to my memory.
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