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  1. I think it does help some to see competition that’s way better than anyone else you’ll face the rest of the year. Y’all are favored and you should be, but I think this one will be a lot closer this year. I really really feel like this WH team could be good, they just haven’t really proven it yet. Like you said we’ll see what happens Friday night.
  2. I agree. I wish our non region was tougher too, but I don’t really think getting waxed in week 1 is that impressive either.
  3. Yeah we’d have those kids, but we’d also be in 6A. We’d be good, but i still don’t see us beating teams like Maryville or the Rutherford county schools. That’s a what if that'll never happen though. And yes there’s actually another pretty big neighborhood about to be built on that side of town and they’ve already built 3 or 4 new apartment complexes relatively recently that are zoned for heritage too. They’re gonna keep getting bigger
  4. Well you’re gonna have to show up to a game to see it. After that we can have a discussion
  5. Idk you tell me why you’re jealous lol I’m not in your head dude. I would discredit what you said by giving you specific names and numbers of kids who are both athletic and physical, but it would be pointless because you haven’t been to a game so you wouldn’t know who am I’m even talking about. Basically we can’t have an argument because you have no clue, you’re gonna always say something negative about White House and pick against us no matter what. You need to send your buddy on here so he can actually talk about what he saw.
  6. Idk what game you went to, but the stands were packed last year. Other than the Portland game it was the biggest crowd all year
  7. Y’all played station camp too, glencliff is the worst team I’ve ever seen you’re right on that one, and tbh hunters lane didn’t look bad to me. I’m honestly really surprised sycamore beat them.
  8. Who said we were as good as we used to be? Everyone knows our hay day was in the 90s and early 2000s. Literally 0 people from White House ever argue that yet you continue to bring it up every year for some reason. Just because we aren’t the best team in the state anymore doesn’t mean we can’t still have a solid squad. You saying that we’re soft and unathletic when you haven’t even seen us play makes you look dumb. Idk why you’re so jealous of us dude but you need to get over it lol
  9. That’s what I thought lol. I don’t think I’ve seen a single person say we were supposed to be good this year. Heck even White House people on here were saying we’d only win 4 games. I do think this team has potential if they’d clean up mental errors, but we gotta see how it all plays out. After our coach porter discussion a couple years ago it was pretty obvious to me that you have no clue what you’re talking about. So Just sit this one out bud cause you’re only two comments into this thread and already looking dumb.
  10. New QB, not mobile at all but has a pretty good arm if he’s got time. New RB #9 is a sophomore and maybe our best playmaker in my opinion other than #13 at WR. #10 plays a stand up DE/OLB, this is his first year I think, but I’ve been really impressed by him as well. #44 at linebacker is really good too, but he’s a three year starter. Nose guard is new and huge!! He could be really good just cause of his size and athleticism but it’s his first year too. I can tell he’s gotten significantly better since week 1, but still has a little ways to go. A lot of good role players too, I just hope everybody shows up and does their job come Friday!! Should be exciting
  11. Was y’alls running back out last game against station camp?
  12. I don’t think the Gary Gaines fella is from White House. I could be wrong though
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