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  1. White House has about 20 seniors coming back so I’m hoping they’ll be pretty good this year. Will all depend on how their quarterback play is. QB is a first year starter, but hopefully being a senior will make a difference. We’ll see what happens, GO BDP!!
  2. Lol yeah I was terrible smh. Glad you noticed my effort though hahaha
  3. I really don’t know what was going on the 0-10 year because I was away at school and only got to come back for a couple games. Yes the 10-0 year we did have a soft schedule, but I still think that team was good. In my opinion that defensive coordinator was trash and was a big reason why they got beat like they did in the 2nd round. I agree that wins are really the only statistic that should matter, but I don’t think those losses were all his fault. It’s still a team game, and upfront we were soft last season, there’s not much any quarterback can do from his back. I don’t think he was the greatest quarterback we’ve ever had, but I think he was above average. I don’t have much information on the coaching situation, but yeah it’d be nice if he was there for spring practice. I completely agree that the standard needs to be raised and that just being good shouldn’t be the goal at White House. And THANK YOU for saying coach porter didn’t know what he was doing as far as Xs and Os goes. I’ve been arguing with people on here for the last two years about this and no one seems to believe me. Would also like to point out that Porter was part of the reason for a lot of the coaching turnover because he would piss off the assisstant coaches and they got tired of it.
  4. We’ve never had a lot of speed lol. Used to make up for it by being physical in the past. Gotta get back to that.
  5. I definitely think Nixon was better than average.... You don’t think the 10-0 team had any offensive weapons? You don’t think number 13 coming back is good? And I think 27 is a good running back he just had two seniors in front of him. There’s actually quite a few kids in this senior class that I’ve been impressed with honestly so I’m not sure why you’re being so negative. Everyone can have their opinion, but I feel like every year in high school football is different so it’s hard to tell this early how good or bad a team will be. There’s 20 seniors in this years class, that’s a lot. I really think we’re gonna be okay.
  6. I think we’ll be better than you think, but we’ll just have to see how the year plays out. 2011 was my senior year of football, I was number 15 and played fullback and nickel (really strong side linebacker, but coach honey called it nickel).
  7. QB play will be a big factor and it hurts losing Nixon. The new QB that should start is a senior though so hopefully he’ll be able to step in and perform. I’m more concerned with us improving upfront and being able to run the football.
  8. They don’t fire teachers in the middle of the school year unless something crazy happens. There will be teaching positions after the school year is over if the administration decides not to rehire someone. That’s when a new coach will be brought in hopefully. Everyone just relax lol
  9. I was told sycamore didn’t want to play anymore. Unfortunate
  10. Yeah porter was notorious for turning his back on past alumni. I think Hamilton is going to be a lot better about that. I hope he is at least. I think you might be wrong about the money thing though lol they’re spending a lot of money on renovations in the field house right now. But yes things need to turn around on the field immediately. Pretty unbelievable that a senior class missed the playoffs 3 out of 4 years. That’s honestly ridiculous.
  11. I love coach Honeycutt and he was easily my favorite coach while I was at White House. BUT, it’s Hamilton’s show now and it’s his name on the line so he’s gotta do what he thinks is best. If Hamilton and Honeycutt don’t get along then I don’t see keeping him on staff as a positive situation even though I think he’s a good coach.
  12. I was told Honeycutt isn’t reapplying, if that tells you anything. I really hate that cause I really like both coaches, but it is what it is.
  13. Probably not to the offense because Hamilton was already running that, but I don’t know who will be the defensive coordinator.
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