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  1. Yeah I remember y’all losing to page my senior year cause we were all talking about y’all being 10-0 and having to play y’all in the second round. We were probably worried cause y’all had beat us the year before in the quarterfinals.
  2. I mean the refs called the play that I thought yall fumbled incomplete. That looked like it was going to be a scoop and score for us, but the call went y’alls way. I think y’all are reaching a little bit with the refs, I’ve seen us lose plenty of games at home.
  3. Not expecting much from this game, but maybe BDP will wake up a little bit in the playoffs.
  4. Y’all are solid for sure. I think yalls coaching staff is getting the absolute max out of those kids so congratulations to them and to the kids for executing.
  5. Not even going to lie. This is the absolute lowest I’ve ever felt about White House football. Even more than the 0-10 year. I really hope something gets turned around.
  6. Hard to watch a White House team fold that hard under the slightest bit of pressure. Congratulations to y’all, but we absolutely blew both of our feet off in the 2nd half. Idek what to say really. I’m honestly a little bit embarrassed.
  7. Yeah he had 3 rushing TDs and a passing TD in the first half. He threw a pick and 34 fumbled on the first two drives of the 2nd half. Defense has been pretty bad all night.
  8. 41-27 heritage. BDP has looked terrible in the 2nd half
  9. When I watched it on film it definitely didn’t look good, but I haven’t really heard anything yet. He said he heard a pop, but hopefully it’s not anything super serious.
  10. I watched the heritage vs East Robertson game. Idk if they’re a different team now than they were then, but I just wasn’t very impressed with them. And to be fair I haven’t been very impressed with us this year either. I guess I’m just biased and know how good we could be if we’d play like it.
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