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  1. Where’s coach and mama running back when having an educated discussion
  2. Where on earth is Prep’s coach right now...should’ve spent more time on the film room than arguing on T last year! Or mama running back from last year! Now that was hilarious
  3. Quit being so defensive? Every statement about anything you got a comeback about Memphis this or you just don’t understand! I lived by the tracks for 5 years and I know all to well! I anticipate your response
  4. I’ve heard that for about three years...I want my picture on the wall again
  5. If Greenfield wins I can see them being 8-0 when LC rolls to town...interesting! They’ll have to reopen wimpys
  6. Just a hunch! But I do forecast lots of points! Prep has the athletes to score every play and my guess is MC is very similar...based on the greenfield score
  7. No no no this will be a score fest...O/U 80 Prep by 3TD
  8. Adds to the excitement...go deep just don’t get too far under the tree limbs
  9. I would say this was funny but cb10 used that one on y’all for like 2 years...
  10. I’m not crying...reread you guys posts! You won’t be done until Black Friday...sleep well till then
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