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  1. That’s just plain stupid! Everyone knows all the women in Trenton chew Red Man and most women in Huntingdon prefer plug tobacco! In Atwood those girls are pansies and dip skoal pouches! Can’t believe everyone doesn’t know that…jerks
  2. I really wish I could make this one and had every intention of it! Dang twins…just crazy fast we are now going up Friday early to run. @PeabodyPride Take it easy on them. @Wediditagain I’ll be back Friday night to say I told you so! To all my huntingdon fans watch the odd numbers on offense…they are all studs. Should be a good one with a great atmosphere! Wish I could make it because @Waker misses us talking the friendship we had made on here…ole buddy! Whatever happened to the other jerk that changed his name every year but quite comical from huntingdon?
  3. That remains to be seen lol. I can see possible matchups with Middle College and Peabody looming…pending we take care of business???
  4. Peabody-Westview was a thriller. Peabody kicked a FG as time expired. Best game I’ve seen in a while
  5. There’s a 3-3 team out there that probably shouldn’t be ranked yet but would beat half of the top 10
  6. Lol that’s better! It could happen but I’ve learned better than to bet against Jacobs! They seriously don’t know how to lose. Plus they’re my second favorite team! I think it will be a great game and had planned on being there but my twins have other plans for me!
  7. First admit it…ain’t no lady ever missed you Second…I’ve always found humor in your posts and that’s really the best you got? Im thoroughly disappointed bud…kinda like you’re gonna be Friday night
  8. I’m probably out on that plan Friday. Sorry but we are heading to Knoxville as a group leaving from school. Had every intention! How bout Coop and AnnaReid as a 3rd graders qualifying for state…proud papa! Go Peebooty keep on keeping on! @Waker Miss you! You’re on the clock to get a dose!
  9. I mean wow! You’ve got a good one. Strange how our God works! Much love
  10. Yea my first experience with a 40 mph pop up tent… Tent 1 Shocker 0
  11. Wow I’ve had some catching up to do! I’m tired and I’ve done XC in Memphis and baseball in Jackson. I’ll say this to everyone in LC and the coachT world…when in Jackson and hungry stop at Jersey Mike’s out by the columns and meet the legendary Pride aka Shane! Thanks again bro
  12. Go to the LC Halls thread and it explains
  13. Whew this one was down right ugly! Wind gusts and rain all game made for miserable conditions. My analysis our kids play down to their competition at times! We get the 24-6 W…but it was far from pretty. Lots of turnovers both ways due to conditions and neither team threw the ball. #7 for LC continues to impress with probably over 100 yards tonight. On to Fulton Co Thankful I didn’t die at halftime when the flying canopy came right at me lol
  14. Wait on the winds! Blowing 40+ with the temperature change in LC
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