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  1. I expect LC to beat UC week 1 and I find week 2 LC @ Crockett Co to be more intriguing for some reason
  2. LC has 2 at Harvard today...personally I think that’s pretty cool!
  3. See there! You and I can be besties until round 4...Now it really wasn’t that painful!
  4. Most have them down for a 3 peat?
  5. People from the east fear huntingdon...keep drinking that kool-aid! Biggy the key word is POTENTIAL...kids seem to be working hard though
  6. I hear the same...it’s a rivalry game that hasn’t been played in recent years so we know that we will get their best! Just the wrong year to schedule LC...again imo
  7. LC should beat UC this year imo...not many years I’d say that
  8. You started all this...outta boredom lol hey I have nothing better to do...rained out! Bishop Byrne was unexplainable and getting through USJ (early 90s) was tough
  9. Put your teeth back in lol...safe to say we are all ready for football season
  10. At ECS...ok! South Pitt doesn’t win in 94 if Johnson and Higgins didn’t go out on plays 1 & 3...ok the pot is officially stirred now!
  11. I was just a yoot...was that in the rain? Or am I confusing another ECS game at LC
  12. I honestly keep looking for a weak spot? Line, backers, secondary...A+ New QB in lil Puckett...Snyder to FB/E Tons of experience...getting Abbott back on the line after a year away (kid can be all state) Adding a few kids built like bobtrucks never hurts! Defensively...hard to score period Offensively...hard to stop In my 41 years potentially best LC team I’ve ever seen:) On another note 68 thanks for baseball season...my 3 enjoyed it and thank you
  13. Lake County’s new kids could start on anyone’s line in the state in single A and possibly AA...all 3! Bold statement I know but perhaps the deepest LC team since the 80’s! Weak spot from last year was the line and wow that should be one very potent productive bunch! I think the state will see after aug 2nd...LC/Trousdale scrimmage no smack intended! I usually won’t post until August but these are the years that small communities strive for and I’m gonna enjoy it!!!
  14. Well the baseball gods disagreed with me...Greenback eliminates LC 6-5 Greenback really smashed the ball today and we made a few mistakes...LC struggled to hit the offspeed pitches! I guess it’s on to football now... 1st Great year LC...Experience is they key thing I would stress! We got up there and got to feel a W...Our pitching will all be a year older with experience! A great group of youngsters I would think you guys are one of the favorites considering we only lose dez??? Again great run guys you made us proud! 2nd Good luck TCA...it’s been real guys and I’d like to say I’m gonna miss ya but y’all are opening the door for us in years to come!!! Seriously I’m rooting for y’all! 3rd Has anyone mentioned football season...I think lake county is gonna be really really good!! Logging off
  15. All in boss!! I actually said I just wanted to get a (singular) win to get this bunch the experience! Now that we’ve done that...yeah bushes! You guys keep on keeping on
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