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  1. One thing is for sure...we have maxed out the term hangry! Honestly I’m not sure anyone knows what to expect against UC? I do feel like we win the region and are still playing after thanksgiving...I’m just not buying West Carrol beating us! If we are going off the eye test we definitely look the part...but we did lose a boatload! If we beat the buffet twisters then look out...and honestly I don’t ever seeing this season happening but what do I know! Quinn is a really nice guy and wish him the best...it’s really tough to follow last year though! I feel like we are still really really good but week one will tell me a lot!
  2. It is fake news Rick...talked with the AD last night and we had a nice laugh! Coach Quinn wasn’t even in the state!
  3. Try again ladies! Fake news...ya heard it here first! Again nice try!
  4. Safe to say I’ll skip the season! I’m not wearing a mask for a dang football game and on the bright side more dollars for my pocket!
  5. Campbell Puckett Valedictorian Tanner Snyder Salutatorian Congrats to both
  6. Na...just setting in? If I’m in charge I’m going straight to a region rival...I’ll let people speculate
  7. I honestly think it’s a product of where we live...can’t offer what we don’t have? It’s called living in poverty I’m afraid...gonna be like this until the end of time in LC!
  8. Not at all! I’m not staying on the bottom rung of the pay ladder if I’m him! And most of us know if there was a time it’s now!
  9. LC 15-0 State Champs Memphis 12-2 AAC champs Cotton bowl appearance Kansas City is in the super bowl What a football year 41-6
  10. Stop please...I’d delete my account before I posted stupidity! Play before 50,000 Bowl games Television coverage every week Host game day Best football program in the state for about the past 6-7 years hands down Naw I agree I’d stay at UTM Lol proceed and thanks I needed a good laugh
  11. I just don’t get it? UT Martin will get a steal in Snyder...geez! And do it on the biggest stage? I want that kid...Memphis where are you?
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