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  1. The private schools should leave the TSSAA and work with other states and promote there own rules
  2. Aydelott took a middle school job in Nolensville.
  3. Why not break away from the TSSAA all together and start a multi state conference?
  4. Father Ryan is now open
  5. Chris Lewis is running scared. He is the one that Ran from Ryan.
  6. 1- he never beat MBA 2- he was out recruited horribly. Lost paying Catholics to MBA, BA, Ensworth and CPA. 3- when he had talent he couldn't win the big one Ryan deserves a coach with Ryan ties. The Board, administration and alumni have failed miserably the last 15 years. So, say what you want. But it needs to end and go back to the roots of the school. Forget the national search and go after an alumni
  7. When your on finanacial aid. you play by a different set of rules and guidelines.
  8. 1- He did not move residence. He was always in the Hendersonville zone. 2- He is moving to Hendersonville because Ryan does not do early graduations
  9. Public schools are putting the cart before the horse. On average most (not all) do not support athletics at their prospective schools. The only money they(public schools) generate is when they play Private schools. I believe this is what needs to happen to shut up those that are crying for the split. and in 2 years they start there own conference and bring in other states as well, Georgia, Alabama and Kentucky are planning the same split. TSSAA may want the split. But, deep down inside. They are not ready for what will happen next
  10. Man it gets thick when Gobble is a professional. Let me ask Jimbo if he can be called that
  11. Fan, he is an excellent hire. He has won everywhere he has been except JPII. He will do a fine job at Goodpasture
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