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  1. Ive had a lot of kids to transfer in at the public school I coached at while again have had Zero yes Zero come to Boyd. There is no such thing as an equal field and to keep talking about it in my mind seems silly....but again as I've said for two years let's split so we can move on because I get so tired of the Private school won because they are private but if the Public school wins a championship like they have in the past then it's because they worked so hard....again I have had champions from both and they both work hard and the Publics have kids bounce around transfer at a great rate too
  2. Sarcasm my friend...We at Boyd don't mind the split...by the way we have had no new kids come in but have lost several kids to get this...the public schools.....Ive coached in both and for me didn't care in either...but as I said if we split then maybe we can discuss how good the Giles kid is from Summertown instead of why maybe Grace had an edge just because they are a private...just my opinion
  3. I sure hope we split soon so we can move on to something else to talk about. Grace kids played their heart out and they only won because they pay to go to school....Summertown's kids played awesome and they only lost because they get on a school bus.... gimme a break on both....its baseball and sometimes games come down to who makes plays....so lets split and then we can give both teams and their kids their just due!
  4. Ty! Two good teams put on a great show tonight for everyone there!! Good Luck to the Rams tomorrow!!
  5. Boyd Buchanan 11 Cornersville 0 Summertown 8 Goodpasture 3 2:00 Thursday Boyd Buchanan vs Knox Grace Summertown vs Peabody
  6. Ty! Going to give it our best!
  7. I take it as a sign of disrespect of our program to be honest. Good luck though this week, it looks like your the team to beat according to everyone!
  8. They beat the defending state champs who were very good, so I am guessing they are loaded!
  9. Yeah, you wouldn't think so either and he would of had same response if I said Hall was going to give up nine Tuesday as well
  10. See I knew you would understand
  11. theLawking has done all of the great research so he can clarify what I mean by "interesting" or ask Bluecollar who has the great score predictions and has our #1 giving up 9 runs Tuesday what I mean by "Interesting"
  12. I think he was making his predictions is why he dropped these in...good luck today against the 'Dale!
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