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  1. Croppy I ain't seen a practice or talked to anybody about this years team. They are returning some good backs but I'm not sure how the line is shaping up, will just have to wait and see
  2. The kids from Frank Hughes have the option to play at WC because they don't have a football program but there's only one or two that will come along and play every few years
  3. The word going around in Wayne county is Coach Crews will be taking back over as the head coach
  4. Wayne county's new coach will be one that's already an assistant I'm pretty certain, just not sure which one yet. Small chance for someone to take over if offered that's already coaching somewhere else but a native Wayne countian, but very small chance but have heard a couple names being kicked around
  5. Coach Crews was the head coach before Rice took over, I look for him to take back over
  6. Just looking over what WC returns, it looks like 17 seniors and 18 juniors next year
  7. I would hope any kid would take gold over a voted trophy but when the day comes that 700 yards rushing in a season gets you even mentioned for Mr Football they might as well throw the award out the window, they've already tarnished it enough!
  8. I said it a few weeks back, even when Cville wasn't very good they were going to be tough! Now they're both
  9. Me to even if we're non region after realignment
  10. You nailed it in this post! I've enjoyed tagging along with y'all and appreciate all the hospitality y'all showed us WC folks standing on yalls side, had a great time talking with the Cville faithful the past few weeks
  11. Was the 8th grade not the only other time they was the fully matured group? Don't have elementary football, although that's a good idea
  12. In 1A your going to have more blowouts than any other class because of all the small weak schools but it should get more competitive across the board the higher the classification. I hope they leave it alone other than maybe realign the regions. I wish WC was back in the region with Cville, Cwood, PC, Richland, MTP and Loretto
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