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  1. Heard this morning it was a concussion but was talking and moving around
  2. His dad was the best basketball player I ever watched play at Wayne County and his uncle was a beast at running back and linebacker and a great basketball player as well! Congrats Cooper!
  3. Not bashing, just curious but how in the world has Riverside made it to this point of the playoffs? I watched them come to Wayne county and win but WC was awful this year and I didn't think Riverside was any better. Congratulations on making it but could someone fill me in, where y'all dealing with injuries back then or what? Once again, no bashing intended and congratulations!
  4. I'm not on here to bash but if Riverside is in contention for the region title then yalls region is in trouble. I watched them play at WC and even though they won they're not very good
  5. Huntingdon will even the record this week, WC is down. There is some talent on the team but it starts up front with the line and it's not very good. Huntingdon can pick their score this week. All of mine have graduated and all three of mine got to play with the Rice boys and and I have a lifetime of memories! I wish there were some new members to get on here and argue with y'all but doubt it happens, as for me I'll be checking in but my internet fighting days are over. Good luck to y'all on the rest of the season! And just remember to keep praying for Austin!
  6. Just that he's out of surgery and they were working to get his blood pressure and oxygen level stable
  7. The most prayers they're needing now is for the swelling on his brain to stop so they can finish the surgery they had started on his chest, lungs and neck. Everyone pray hard, it's a very critical time
  8. Thought i would chime in a little. WC is down but I don't think it's as much a coaching problem as it is losing 21 seniors who played almost every down, very few starters returned from last year. There's talent on the team but not experience. The line is the weak spot but I look for them to get better as the year goes by just as the rest of the team. WC has some good young kids and a good group in middle school so I don't see them staying down long. Huntington will go untouched in 1A until the playoffs, after that I don't know. Also the comment about playing with what your dealt is very true here, WC defiantly plays with all homegrown boys with rarely getting a transfer and when they do it's due to their family moving to the community for reasons other than football. My grandson is only 6 and my youngest graduated last year so I'll be out of the loop for awhile. Good luck to you all.
  9. Croppy I ain't seen a practice or talked to anybody about this years team. They are returning some good backs but I'm not sure how the line is shaping up, will just have to wait and see
  10. The kids from Frank Hughes have the option to play at WC because they don't have a football program but there's only one or two that will come along and play every few years
  11. The word going around in Wayne county is Coach Crews will be taking back over as the head coach
  12. Wayne county's new coach will be one that's already an assistant I'm pretty certain, just not sure which one yet. Small chance for someone to take over if offered that's already coaching somewhere else but a native Wayne countian, but very small chance but have heard a couple names being kicked around
  13. Coach Crews was the head coach before Rice took over, I look for him to take back over
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