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  1. Coach Simmons to be named at Green Hill.
  2. Looks like Coach Simmons from Goodpasture is going to be the next up.
  3. Coffman is out, not going to Green Hill.
  4. Looks like Coffman is out. Should be a new name soon.
  5. Looks like Wilson Central has named a coach, any word on when Green Hill will announce theirs?
  6. Looks like they will be letting the team know tomorrow who their coach will be. Should be officially announced later on in the day. Congratulations to all involved.
  7. From what I heard over the weekend, at an AAU event, they are planning on hiring one of two local middle school girls coaches. Supposedly the principal wants a female and has worked with both. Parents, once again, are not happy and I see this being a huge disaster. Shame for such a new school.
  8. No no, I have no dog in the fight other then the Blankenship girl use to play here at BA. I know a little about what has gone on and the fact the got rid of a really good coach. What’s surprising is some of the names that are floating around are definitely not what one would consider to be upgrades. Feel bad for the team because it looks like the administration are about to drop the ball big time with this hire.
  9. A lot of names flying around as well as rumors. Does anyone know what’s going on over there in Wilson Co?
  10. You’ve got the wrong man twice. I didn’t name drop anyone and am obviously not who you are talking about. Just was wanting to see if anyone knew what was taking so long in Sumner Co.
  11. Any word on who will be the new coach?
  12. Any word on who will be the new coach?
  13. Any word on who will be the new coach?
  14. This could be a very long season for the girls at Green Hill, especially their only real basketball player Aubrey Blankenship. I would imagine she will see a lot of junk defenses this year. I was told she had 21 of the 24 first half points the other night…. She is probably wishing she would have stayed at BA with us then deal with this team and coach. Good luck to her, she will need it.
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