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  1. Nortney

    Class AA Miss Basketball Nominations

    Agreed! Get this thread back to the players!
  2. Nortney

    2017-2018 AA Top Teams

  3. Nortney

    9 year old 18 pts/game point guard

    You need to list what area of the state you're in. It's a great idea to start here but as the parent of an older player, I will tell you that over the years, I've learned you have to search more than here for a team. I have had to ask the local coaches for referrals, watch the paper sports section, google search " basketball travel team or aau teams" with the name of my area in for some that are close. I've also facebook searched as there are aau teams with their own webpage and facebook page. Most of them have open tryouts. If you've missed those send them a message and ask if they'd take a look at your daughter. It takes a lot of time to find the right team that needs your skill set and has an opening, particularly as you go later in the season. Good Luck to you.....we love aau!
  4. Nortney

    6AAA Girls

  5. Nortney

    6AAA Girls

    Congratulations SMHS!
  6. Nortney

    6AAA Girls

    Thanks for posting. I wondered how that game went.
  7. Nortney

    6AAA Girls

    Media Day Results for girls: Coaches 1. Cumberland County 2. Cookeville 3. White County 4. Stone 5. Warren County 6. Rhea County Media 1. Cumberland County 2. White County 3. Cookeville Stone/Rhea County (not sure if this is 4/5 or tied - my source was the Sparta paper) 6. Warren County
  8. Nortney

    6AAA Girls

    Any thoughts on 6AAA teams this year?
  9. Nortney

    Prayers For Coalfield

    Prayers from the Plateau.
  10. Nortney


    Praying for this young woman and her family.
  11. Nortney

    3AAA Regions

    Good Luck Warriorettes!!!
  12. Nortney

    3AAA Regions

    Great Job Warriorettes !
  13. Nortney

    What's going on in 6AAA?

    Actually it doesn't "need to be noted". I suggest you check the roster online. There were no juniors playing during the freshman/sophomore tournament. I was there.....were you?