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  1. In Preparation for Fall 2013 and Srping 2014 we will have tryouts on July 23rd and and 25th. We are looking for aspiring pitchers, catchers, and utility players with heart and desire to play at the highest level. If interested in TN Elite 04 please email [email protected]
  2. Just curious if there had been a hire yet?
  3. My apology I did not mean for anyone to assume that Matt posted on here. I am not Matt, and was just curious if he would be in consideration. I knew at one time it was a job that he wanted. Sorry if it was thought Matt would be on here tooting his own horn because it was not him. Just curious about the program and where it might be heading. Thanks Richard
  4. What about taking another look at Matt Daniel?
  5. It is a very tough time of the year to be without a coach I feel for the kids. You can win and loose games right now. Is anyone working with the kids to get them stronger right now? Surely someone would like to take a shot at this job even as tough as it will be.. What is the teaching position that will be open with the job?
  6. We are looking for an 8u softball team located near Murfreesboro TN for our daughter to try out for. If anyone has any information please send it to [email protected] Thanks
  7. Looking for a few more 5th-6th grade boys or girls school teams to play in a free day in Murfreesboro TN on Oct. 15 2 games for each team 20 min running clock halves. Contact [email protected] 615 542 5470
  8. If you are still looking for some games, tournament or league send me an email. I tried to email you but it would not work Richard Alexander [email protected]
  9. Good luck to Cannon County this weekend. I have not been to a game to watch the lions play in 12 years so I can not begin to talk about the coaching staff. However, looking at the roster and the lack of senior leaders I am crushed. Historically CCHS has not been a great football team but I do remember there always being more than a handful of guys that would stick it out for 4 years for the chance at glory no matter what the coaching staff situation. What has happened to those kids, the ones that would sweet and bleed and give every thing they had for their school, their county, the man next to them. To me that is the sad part here. I hope that the Young guys learn from this year and do not give up. It will be tough, but enjoy it. Enjoy every moment from the tackle in the backfield to the restless night after the game where you cramp up and cant sleep from leaving everything you had on the field. Good luck guys Stick together.
  10. David, We would like to get together with you guys for a few games over the summer. Richard Alexander [email protected] 6155425470 Murfreesboro Eagles
  11. I hope this is not out of place.. I am just trying to figure out how travel softball works. I have a daughter that is 6yrs old and she has been asked to play travel ball in the fall. We are from Murfreesboro TN. I have not been around softball at all until this spring, she had only played baseball up to this point. What can we expect from this? Is it a good idea at her age? What should I look for from her coaches? Like I said she is 6 so are there tournaments that even dip that low or will she be expected to play up with older girls. We had planned on playing fall baseball again but to be honest really like the idea of her building relationships with other girls her age Any information at all would be appreciated.
  12. I am looking for someone to help with an 11u 5th grade boys school team that is working over the summer. We are playing in a few tournaments and a summer league. I would like to find someone that has expereince with the read and react or teaching man to man defense. This is for the Rutherford county area. Thanks [email protected]
  13. 7th Annual March Madness Shootout March 25&26 Hosted by Moore County AAU • Cost – FREE!!! • Each team will play 3 games • Certified Officials • 20 Minute halves with running clock • No Shot clock but all other AAU rules • 66 Teams from Alabama, Georgia & Tennessee participated last year • 8 State Champions competed last year • To enter contact Eddie Helton 256-679-2639 or [email protected]
  14. Thanks to all of the teams who came and the ones who showed interest in the tournament. Seven of the eleven games where decided by 3 points or less with Jackson County boys taking the win in the final from a very tough Unionville team.
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