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  1. Very disapointed in the Owls this year. Their pitching has been adequate but not outstanding. I was expecting Dupree to be a shutdown pitcher and he is not. The other kid that's allegedlly going to Tennessee Tech is just ok. The Owl infield is very good though not rangy in the middle. Their catching has been abysmal unless they move the ss to catcher. Their outfield, especially on the corners is single A level, at best. 1-6 in the batting order is solid but 7,8,9 is awful. Dupree gets pitched around because there is literally nobody begind him that can hit. They have enough talent to get out of a weak district if they put it together, but past that, who knows?
  2. Hey man, I was not trying to get in a pissing match with you or anyone else. I'm not a pissed off parent and have no kids playing for the Owls. I've been following the Owls as far back as Kyler Burke's big brother when the Owls went to the final four of the state....2000? Anyway, good luck to your son Bobby Towne....
  3. Don't worry about the Owls. I would like to see what you guys could do against our two aces. Dupree and Thompson will be two of the top pitchers in the state next year if not this year.
  4. I'm a little surprised Ooltewah didn't win the tournament.
  5. Soddy has some pretty good ballplayers as well. I think some of those young men have signed with some local junior colleges, but I don't see that they match the Big Owl Machine. Bradley has a pitcher that's ok that will throw against Ooltewah in the next couple of days, but I look for Ooltewah to put it all together as we head into the backstretch. I don't think Ooltewah loses another district contest. This is Coach Hitch's best team yet at the nest.
  6. How did the Ooltewah Owls perform? Any HR's by the boys?
  7. Laugh if you must but George Koontz is the Connie Mack/John McGraw of Chattanooga baseball. Why, who do you think the great Ward Gossett consults when picking the all area team? When Ward wrote his pre season article about area baseball, it has George's fingerprints all over it.
  8. The Owls of Ooltewah are the top team in the district and one of the top teams in the state. What other team can boast of four DI commits including two signee? What other team has two starting pitchers commited to Tennessee and Tennessee Tech in Kevin Dupree and Zach Thompson, respectively? Not only is Dupree an excellent pitcher who dominates from the pitching block, but he is a terror at the plate. According to Thompson's summer coach, the highly esteemed George Koontz, Zach was the Chattanooga Cyclones most consistent pitcher in the summer, throwing in the high 80's. The star of the team is TJ Binder, one of the most highly decorated players in Chattanooga history. TJ is a two time all area pick and represented the Owls on last summer's Team Tennessee. The 6'1" 230 lb. c/ss is an absolute beast at the plate and has signed with Troy University. Drew Toth is an outstanding center fielder with blazing speed. If he hits the ball to the left side of the infield, there is no throwing him out. He has signed with Tennessee Tech to continue his baseball career. If there is a weakness on the owl team, it is their overall team speed as it is doubtful that there is a man that runs under a 7.1 sixty with the exception of Drew Toth. This complicates matters for the defense, expecially in the outfield where the corner outfielders have appeared to struggle at times. I am interested in seeing how the season plays out, beginning this weekend when Ooltewah invades Knoxville at the Kessler's Tournament.
  9. The key matchups will be Ooltewah's receivers against Cleveland's pass defense. I want to see Bradley Stephens build on the last two performances that were against obviously inferior competition. It will be a step up in competition.
  10. Ted Gatewood handed Benny Monroe a winning program on a silver platter. When Benny saw the well running dry, he tucked tail and ran. Brady Reed never improved one bit under Benny Moroe and was the same player as a senior that he was as a sophomore. I'm not trying to knock players but it's the truth. I agree with your comments on Shannon Williams as he seems to be a classy individual and has got the sense to get the ball in the hands of his playmakers.
  11. I was very excited and encouraged by what I saw the other night. Ooltewah is a team comprised of 20+ seniors which bodes well for high school football. James M Monroe stadium aka The House that Ted Built became Coach Gatewood's personal house of horrors on Friday night. It is obvious that it is going to take Ted awhile, but make no mistake about it....he'll get the job done. East Ham was simply out-athleted by the bigger,quicker,faster Owls. Ted is a true leader and mentor unlike the cry baby "legend" that replaced him.Ooltewah should be thankful that the last vestiges of the Cleveland mafia has left for "greener" pastures.....literally! Nice to see the much maligned Bradley Stephens get off to a great start. He looks like a kid that plays loose, has fun, and doesn't take himself so serious. He doesn't have to be a hero and doesn't have to do it himself. He's got athletes to distribute the ball to and doesn't panic. I would love nothing more than to see Ooltewah roll into "Legend" stadium this Friday and for Bradley and the Owls upstage the great Voytik, a kid that appears to be a product of his old man's money. He is perhaps the most hyped, next to nothing I've ever seen. Go Owls and let's make it 3-0!
  12. Walker Valley beat Ooltewah 3 to 1 behind the pitching of Tennessee signee Brandon Zajac who must havestruck out 18 batters to night while scattering 4 hits. He ran into some trouble with his control and had to work his way out of some jams but pitched well in front of several pro scouts. ooltewah countered with a young, sophomore left hander Kevin Dupree who may become the next big thing from Ooltewah. Ooltewah is going to surprise many this season and don't be surprised if they win the region.
  13. Owl fortunes are looking up, in spite of sloppy spring game. Bradley Stephens will have two great receivers in TJ Warren and Michael Creach. He will also have the always reliable and steady Drew Manning in the slot. I also hear that Drew might be the qb. Those are three college prospects right there not to mention the fb/mlb. The schedule will be much easier. It wouldn't shock me to see the Owls be unbeaten headed into the playoffs. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The biggest shock of the first night of 5AAA action was how Soddy dismantled McMinn and their ace Drew Masingale. We know Soddy is going to hit the ball, but they clobbered McMinn. Next, I really thought Cleveland would struggle with their pitching but it appears they got a good effort in beating an always tough Rhea County. Lastly, Ooltewah is going to be much better than most anticipate after beating Walker Valley 5-4. They beat Houston Spencer who beat Ooltewah twice last season. If Ooltewah does the unthinkable and sweeps Walker Valley tonight, Ooltewah becomes the team to beat, in my opinion. Solid Pitching,timely hitting, and great defense carried the day for the Owls in their first outing. Ooltewah looks well coached and has a bunch of no name players that you will know about by the end of the year.
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