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Everything posted by FBfan26

  1. At the moment tullahoma and MC are the big dogs in this division. We the new guys on the block and have to go threw them to win the division.
  2. Yea them boys flying
  3. O this is only about metro football only? What is Burnetti then? Why do you think metro principals are being influenced? The kids,parents etc?
  4. Even though I don’t wanna go down your worm hole but what about the rest of the state? Metro have plenty of coaches of different races and backgrounds.
  5. What happen to the kid? Did he get beat in the sectionals by the Melrose kid? I was definitely looking for him.
  6. I was just about to ask this. I Talked to one of his former players yesterday and he said he’s at Goodpasture.
  7. I’m curious to see is Whites Creek will break the top 10.
  8. That’s cool. Best wishes to him.
  9. I seen it said he was staying but I wonder if he’s gone leave for another school.
  10. Yes sir and appreciate it
  11. Yea I seen that a few days ago when I was looking at times. That kid got some wheels.
  12. Should be a good battle. Historically us and MC has had some good battles. Last time we played Tullahoma in 2018 we won 48-3. We got some young boys who will have to step up this year. Covid has us behind the 8ball but we working. Hillwood we haven’t played them in a real game in a decade and their down the street. With us starting the season on the road at Cane Ridge,MBA ,hillwood and Creek wood we WILL have to mature quickly but I believe in the process.
  13. http://www.hudl.com/video/3/12170494/5fb9b526bd6ac704dc124fa6 You can see him yourself. He currently holds the states fastest 100 time in track at 10.78 and apart of the states Fastest 4x100 4x200 in any classification. All PC football skill players.
  14. Zach had been left. I don’t think he even finished the season.
  15. Any updates? Seems like Knox PD is being real tight lipped since it was said the officer was shot with a Police Round and not the kids gun.
  16. Jesus...Somebody stuck the broom stick in the hornets nest lmao.
  17. FBfan26


    Have you had a few of those things lmao. They will have you on your butt faster then downing JD shots lol
  18. Naw that’s just you wanted to say something negative. Gone get it off your chest big guy
  19. Mmmm you actually took my reply wrong. All I was saying was it got quite with the announced Broome as being the HC. Personally I think he will do a good job. Now since you wanna bad mouth we ain’t running from nobody and you have never seen ANYTHING negative come out my mouth about broome so next time put a name on it!
  20. I enjoy old school coaching also but that sick word in most places sounds like a law suit in today’s weather.
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