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  1. One more day of practice this week.... wonderin' why everyone has been so down on us "poor" red devils this year
  2. I think spring practice will be the ultimate decider on how we are gonna do this year as a unit.
  3. Lol couldnt get the other thing either, guess you have to have a paid account to do that

  4. Tebow to Jets... Maybe we, Jo Byrns, will get a cool trade lol.
  5. I didn't get your message if you messaged me. Something about not allowed to get private messages so you can just comment me on my profile.

  6. 6 or so more weeks to spring practice
  7. You really are hot and toasty mad arent you?
  8. Am I in the wrong place? I thought this was a message board? No need to accuse anyone like you did rlh when moto was just saying his opinion, and congrats on the win wayne, and congrats to south pitt to getting to the finals, and I cant wait to play some of you teams my senior year next year.....
  9. I love how all south pitt people think there team is the greatest thing ever, but guess what? they are just high school kids like all the other players in high school playing, and until players realize this and just play, bully teams like south pitt will always be the greatest.
  10. Lol most teams play bye week once a year, and sometimes in the playoffs
  11. I think any team can win on any friday night, and as far as the injured jb team goes, the players that are playing are just gonna have to play. Who cares who is playing, the team just has to get it done regardless and forget about everything else. JB needs to find a way to get energized and play to the ability that this team can play.
  12. I was just wondering, how many of these coacht users are actually players? Im not gonna dog you for being on here, but I've always wondered how many of you are actually players?
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