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  1. Wilson Central 28 Springfield 22 Station Camp 18 White House 16 Gallatin 35 Lebanon 14 MJ 37 Stewart's Creek 7 Oakland 42 Hendersonville 14 Beech 27 Jackson NS 21
  2. Someone mentioned they were building a new press box tho.
  3. No matter the years or however many games they play, it always ends up in the same song and dance. Speaking of Milan tho, I should hope those extra practices in pads prepared your guys for Trenton. Sounds like they have an uphill climb ahead of them.
  4. LC plays only 9 games in the regular season this year. They go 7-2 in the regular season, win 1st round, lose 2nd round. Anymore questions?
  5. Gallatin is more relevant now that Lebanon has ever thought about being. I will definitely give you that.
  6. The Dirty Birds are gonna get it done 30 to 21
  7. They still play football at Station Camp?
  8. Be careful. GWave and thegreatone already talk about the old days nonstop
  9. Gallatin's whole stadium. The worst.
  10. Just saw some film on the RB from Trenton. Gonna be a long night for the Purple Bulldogs.
  11. Just passing along what I have heard from opposing coaches on your schedule.
  12. Sources close to the program tell me they aren't as good as they have been. Just passing along that information. Preseason rankings don't mean much either. Beech is definitely not the best team in 5A.
  13. Sources tell me the Waverly Tigers are gonna take a big L to the Lions with the absence of my good friend Matthew McConnell.
  14. I respect you Pizzpatriot2. You are just pointing out the truth. From one troll to another, just keep up the good work and continue fighting against the fake news and liberal media. LC underachieves just about every year but you can't tell those people in Hohenwald that. All they see is an 8-3 record with a 2nd round exit.
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