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  1. I hear that bell ringing too
  2. Thats what Butch Jones said too and that worked out well for him while at UT
  3. Good to hear. Its more than a lot of these people can say about their favorite team.
  4. Best regular season coach no doubt. Amirite @pizzpatriot
  5. made the playoffs this past year so probably more than you can say about your favorite team.
  6. I'm hearing that Grissom HS in Alabama and Coach Rang have mutual interest in one another. More to come later.
  7. Guess he couldn't cut it in Alabama. Understandable since the level of football is higher down there in Dixie than it is in the Volunteer state.
  8. This isn't that big of a deal to me. 100% of high school kids recover from the kungflu.
  9. Yeah football is the only one that matters anyways
  10. Just checking in @PatriotsNation.....I was surprised when I saw the score of the game
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