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  1. What impact will the governor’s order have on the start of basketball season? With the start of soccer (girls) being delayed, will the start of basketball be delayed of will it carry on with players missing like the boys with football players missing for the playoffs?
  2. Any updates on who the new coach will be at East Nashville and Where Coach Donaldson may end up as she has been very successful at East?
  3. What happened to Coach Roller?
  4. The Upperman vs Meigs game was exciting. I enjoyed listening to the radio call of the game. Maplewood leads Marshall 36-22. Marshall just scored their first basket in the second half early in the 4th quarter.
  5. Any update on how Westmoreland is doing against Nolensville this evening?
  6. I am against it. Not only would it add to the responsibilities of the referees, but it would add to the schools to get someone to properly run the shot clock.
  7. I have not seen Macon County play, but will be going to the games on Thursday. What numbers are the two players you referenced in your post?
  8. Where is the District 10AA tournament being held this season?
  9. When and where are the District 10 AA championship and consolation games being played? Pearl Cohn vs East Nashville Championship Maple wood vs Lipscomb Academy Consolation
  10. rolltide418


    Where is this tournament supposed to be played this year? I believe it is next weekend.
  11. Does anyone know the order and times for the games on Tuesday? Which game is first?
  12. Does anyone know how the Cheatham County vs Camden game turned out?
  13. Can anyone update the district standings? I know that Cheatham County is 1-5 having knocked off Stewart County on Saturday.
  14. www.wqsvam790.com broadcasts the Cheatham County and Sycamore games.
  15. Any word on who will replace Coach Johnson at Harpeth and whether Coach Johnson has found another position?
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