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  1. It was made official today as CAK announced Ashley Pittman as the new head volleyball coach! Great lady that will be a fantastic fit for the Warriors. Can't wait to see the how the team does under her.
  2. Nothing yet. If I had to guess they will promote the assistant coach. I guess we will see when summer practices start.
  3. From what I am hearing , coach Petrik made a strong recommendation on coach Ptiman's behalf. I know that is who the girls want as well. I will update when I hear who has the job.
  4. CAK has not made any announcements yet so I do not know if Coach Pittman will get the job. I agree that she is the perfect fit for the program and the girls absolutely love her. I heard that Petrik has strongly recomended her to be his successor. They graduated five seniors off the state championship team, but they have some young talent coming up from middle school. It will be interesting to see if the new coach can coach them up and and get back to the state championship again in the near future.
  5. K2 CAK coach resigned and I believe is moving out of state. Have not heard of any candidates yet. It may be the the assistant coach or they may permits the middle school coach. I believe the assistant coach spent a year or two as an assistant at AC before coming to CAK. She has a great personality and the girls love her. She is young and full of energy. CAK has a new headmaster and athletic director this year that seem to be more focused on education than athletics so don't look for them to go recruiting or interviewing numerous candidates. They will probably promote from within and be done with it. This is the second good coach that has left since the new administration has been put into place. The girls basketball coach was basically run out of town last year. I would say you will see a decline in the success of CAK sports in the coming years.
  6. bw3 I think that his Elizabethton team has a great squad this year as they did last year. Their coach is a class act and his girls have worked their tails off to get where they are. I think it would be awesome if they could win a second gold ball in a row. That being said, some of there fans make you wish that somebody would shut them down and send that gold ball home with another team. A little humble pie would do them some good. As hard as that program and those girls have worked, I would hope that Karma doesn't take them down. Go Cyclones. Keep that gold ball in East Tn. But don't just assume that you are unbeatable. Complacency will get you beat. Oh and congrats to Grainger county. They finally made it over that hump! Great job girls.
  7. Knox county stepped up to the plate today and allowed Fulton to play Kingston. Not sure with the weather coming in if they will get the semis in tomorrow or not but at least the stepped up.
  8. Wbir is reporting that the sectional game could possibly be postponed until Monday now to allow the Knox County schools time to get the Regional games in. Knox News reported last night that it could come down to the " school boards from the different counties getting together to select a #1 and #2 from the region to move on to sectional." Either way it won't be good. Bw3- no problem. I did not see the scores. I had just heard that UC had beaten Alcoa.
  9. Fulton is supposed to be hosting the Regional so their gym is closed as long as school is closed. You would hope The TSSAA would allow the region to move the games to a gym that was not affected by the weather. CAK is waiting on the winner of Fulton vs Kingston. GP has a large enough facility to host all the games but not sure of the road conditions getting to that location. Kingston does as well. Not sure about UC. CAK is too small. My hope is that all the games can resume and these girls will be allowed to play it out. With the weather they are predicting it doesn't lok too good.
  10. Good feedback all. I was unaware that GP and Scot had Played. So if Fulton is holding up the games do you think that it is fair the other teams should be able to move on? Union County, GP, CAK have played their quarter final and Kingston is waiting. Should Kingston move on due to a Fulton forfeit. I wonder who this affecting in the other classes A and AAA? Anybody know?
  11. Should the players on these teams that have run miles of suicides, practice shooting thousands of freethrows and spent countless hours in the gym getting ready for the post season run be denied their opportunity at a gold ball because of weather? Something completely out of their control? I don't know so help me out on this, These other areas that are still playing, have they been closed all of these days that Knox county has in the past two weeks? Do those county school boards allow their gymnasiums to open for games on snow days? This is not just a Knox county issue. I know that Gatlinburg Pitman is in the mountains in Sevier county and they have not played there quarter final game yet against Scott County High. Kingston which is a roane county school has not played their game against Fulton yet either so it must not just be a Knox County ruling. CAK and Union County have both advanced in regional play. Is it fair to them because these other county schools are out due to weather and can't play? Should they be allowed to advance if the others have to forfeit? The tournament is about the kids that have done all of the work so they should not be punished because of some untimely weather and policies set by the county school boards. This will be a tough ruling for the TSSAA to make if it comes down to it.
  12. With public schools closed tomorrow and more snow forecasted for Wednesday night thru Thursday morning, it looks a thought there is a good chance they will be closed again Thursday as well. I am not sure on this but if public school is closed due to inclimate weather, is it true that the gym would not be allowed to open that night? If that all happens then it is possible that the region quarter finals would possibly not start being played until Friday night. Not sure if all the games can be played by Saturday night. Quarter finals, semis and region championship and then the sub state games all needing to be played by Saturday. It would appear that there is a good possibility that they may run out of time. Hopefully this scenario will not play out but seeing the weather forcast for the rest of the week it would appear that it may become a reality. It will be interesting to see what decision the TSSAA would make at that time.
  13. Is there any truth to the rumors that Knox County schools may be eliminated from the State Tournament because the snow days are not allowing the regional games to be played? I heard that rumor going around and wanted to know if anybody had any knowledge on the subject.
  14. Bw3, CAK still has a lot to prove. They have been down all season with Hoopers and Bryant's injuries. Last nights game was the first full game Hooper has played in injury free this season. GP had a couple of bigs but they had their hands full with her as she finished with 16 points and a good amount of boards. Not sure but she may have finished with a DD. This CAK team just plays better when they are all on the floor and will be tough to handle with the chemistry Hooper and Hammaker have. Something we haven't seen yet this year. They have a tough couple of games coming up with Alcoa on Fri and Webb on Sat. Hooper was pretty rusty and a little out of shape but if she can stay healthy they might suprise some people. She will only get better. I guess we will have to wait and see.
  15. Lawnman, CAK has been plagued with injuries the biggest of which was Braynt going down with a season ending knee injury. Hooper rolled her ankle in the preseason and missed the first eight games. In her first game back she rolled the other and has been in and out if the last few games as she rehabs. Add to those some nagging injuries others have had and the have been very inconsistent. Maybe they can be healthy come tournament time and make a run.
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