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  1. I don't think Chattanooga volleyball has disappeared. We had 1 State Champion and 1 runner up this year. So that doesn't look like we dissappeared. We don't act jealous of others and play in the sand box with each other nice and still grow the sport of volleyball. Some of the volleyball people have changed, but it still as big as ever.
  2. Baylor's Outside hitter and Setter are pretty good.
  3. You need to watch Gabby Gray from Baylor at State against Father Ryan, Have not seen the FR girl, just know Baylor has beaten them twice already this year. Big write up in todays paper about her and her baylor teammates. She will be a Junior next year. You also have a Smith Girl from Grace.that hits really well in Chattanooga that plays for a team that doesn't have a lot of support with passing or setting. She could be the best dark horse player for this coming year.
  4. GH, Saw most of the teams at RB and Ooltewah during camp and playday. You hate to say this, but really it seems we only have 2 teams that could end up in the big dance. Ooltewah and Baylor, Not to say others don't have bright spots. Boyd, East Hamilton, Soddy, Walker Valley, and GPS are young and scrappy. The star players for Signal Mt, and EH will need a lot of help to do well. Chattanooga seems to have a few new coaches this year at Central, Boyd, and Silverdale. We are also missing a few big star's with Neely stepping down. Who will take her place???? My Top 5 for this year: I didn't do so well last year. 1. Ooltewah 2. Baylor 3. Soddy 4. East Hamilton 5. Walker Valley
  5. BBV Mom's have the right to do most anything. They should do what is best for their kid. I was talking about K2 recruiting players by offering free rides to players. All do have the right to choose playing for free or playing because it is right for them. Yes if I went out and started a club then parents would have more decisions. More clubs more decisions that is life. I looked up the K2 club and it seems to have some good coaches. I know the coaches at Choo Choo and know they have good ones as well. So, I would still bet the players went for cost. Which was the parent’s choice to reduce cost. I'm sure that if a city had a real poor club that a college coach might say go to this club they have a good team and you may want to go there if you want to go to Nationals. If a players team does better, than some of those players could increase the recruits ranking. This could increase the ranking of the colleges recruiting class. The college coach and parents both hope playing at the better club would better the kid for her college team.
  6. I hate what has happen in Knoxville with club and high school volleyball. In 2000, we had 1 club in Chattanooga for years then about 7 to 9 years ago we had a big club split. It diluted the talent, of the club volleyball teams. I was told it was caused by a club admin disagreement. My oldest daughter stayed with the original club D2W because her friends all want to play together and some would not try out for the new club CCC. Paul Brock started both of these volleyball clubs. I think with CCC they have really showed it is about quality and not quantity with the way they control who the head coaches are. I really think Paul and CCC staff is driven by passion of volleyball not the gain of fame or money. They all seemed to have a day job and work with kids from around the Chattanooga, Cleveland, and North Georgia area. I did see the light the next year and went with (CCC) the club that had my daughters best interest in mind. Today Chattanooga has 4 clubs if all my friends have told me correct, CCC, C4, Georgia Adrenalin, and Set4life, this year the talent pool of players doesn’t seem as diluted when we only had 2 clubs, but a whole lot of more kids get to play club volleyball at a higher level that just high school. I think most of the better players with the same level of skill and goals go to the same club. My sister’s kids play in CCC and they have had a great experience. She told me that CCC club directors address and control the few parents that caused issues at practice or tournaments to allow parents to enjoy the experience of club. We got so much more out of club then we ever paid. The better coaching and teaching from high school, family time, friends, and the life lessons (Yes, not all good) we all learned. My sister did say that CCC had 3 high profile players from last year go to K2. She said 2 of the players went because they were offered free rides to play. I didn’t like it when A5 tried to get one of our players and Nashville Impact coaches also offered one of our key plays a position the next year as well. Chattanooga has some great coaches and so does all the cities in Tennessee. I also find it hard to believe that a college coach would tell a player to go to another club 2 hours away (maybe For Free) unless a key team mate was playing there. I hope this isn’t true. As some have said, find the club, coach, price, and teammates to allow your daughter to be all that she can.
  7. I think all are right on playing Thurs - Sat. We were told because of Football on Sat at MTSU was the reason in the middle of week. However you only take 40 teams to the State so that's not much out of 300 teams. But this year I saw MTSU play on TV on Thursday so who know's. I may never see either, our team has to get out of District first. Good luck to all teams playing for Championships and the other teams that got there as well. I read that Goodpasture could break a long standing winning streak that we have had in Chattanooga. Kirkman school won like 81 games in row. If(when) they win the State Championship it will be 82. Great Job
  8. Flying J- we are lucky in Chattanooga that we have high school coaches that see the big picture of helping kids. Johnson, Lail, Brock, and the new coach Wood do a great job of this. I think the kids can get real training during High School season having to work harder with sometimes less skilled team mates. I think you also have the big picture of going extra to allow your daughter to go to the private school and take your vacation at camps and gyms. Enjoy.
  9. Watching games this weekend I think Baylor is the best team in Chattanooga. Ooltewah has some good players, but I think Big Red would take them. the best between Soddy, WV, EH and Cleveland seem to be the team that show's up to play that day??? Good Pasture sure looked good playing against Soddy. I heard they won the Tandem this weekend without dropping a game. AA may have new facesin Chattanooga post season with Central, CCS instead of the East Ridges, Red Banks. GPS looked weak during play on Saturday. A lot of young faces. Soddy won Silver division in the Tandem. Rossview was a new team I hadn't seen before that had some size and game. Hardin Valley is a small team with a lot of fight. good luck to teams going forward.toward post season.
  10. Orcat, Foster knows these people well they have been beating her for the last few years. Their players have been beating her for years as well when she coached SM Juniors. I have seen Coach F in club when she was over the SM Juniors and she is all about class and she is a good coach . I know she would give these coaches credit for shaping a lot of volleyball in Tennessee.
  11. After the choo choo playday and seeing vb at Hixson and hearing about the playday at GPS, I think that Baylor and GPS are both down from last year more than I figured they would be. Soddy and Walker Valley both looked scrappy and had some all-around good players. E Hamilton look better than expected and Red Bank seemed down as well. Monday will be the big day for most of our schools to start play. Good luck to all. This past Sunday the Chattanooga paper didn't do a good job writing about local volleyball players and teams to watch. North Georgia team Sonoville was picked top school and the list of players were from North Georgia and the one Tennessee player Keri Whitaker (I think Played at Silverdale) that was listed moved to Huntsville this summer. The North Georgia teams have improved in the last few years, but last year all the Tennessee teams hammered them. They only won 1 game in the Tandom last year. Maybe they have really improved??? Have fun
  12. I know in Chattanooga we have 2 preseason playdays Aug 10. One at Hixson high school and the other at GPS. At Hixson: you have bradley, East Ridge, Red Bank, Hixson, Central I think. At GPS: You have Baylor, Walker Valley, Soddy, GPS and I don't know the other teams.
  13. Team camps got off big last week and this week teams are getting ready for the Choo-Choo Playday. Going from club ball to high school ball is so different. This is a wild stab at what I think Chattanooga play will look like. 1. Ooltewah looked very strong in camp and has a lot of club players. 2. Baylor has a really good setter and is returning a good outside hitter with some young talent. 3. A toss up between: Red Bank, Walker Valley, GPS, Soddy-Daisy, Boyd, East Hamilton, and CCS. Ooltewah seems to have a strong core of girls and a great middle hitter. East Hamilton lost a great outside to nashville school. We have a lot of new coaches and I think a team that might be a black horse this year could be CCS. Good luck to all.
  14. I don't know coach Cantrell I do think he was a horseman from AC, but he sounds like a great man and coach. We are blessed in Chattanooga to have the Neelys, Brocks, and yes we have some young ones with the passion. We do need to celebrate the good things. Great post Bratman.
  15. Wow, didn't know she had coached that long. What a great career.
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