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  1. South has played better than expected the first 2 games. How will the fair traveling to Rutledge to take on the Grainger Grizzlies. What is everyone's score predictions.
  2. The Rebels systematically destroyed Volunteer in every aspect of the game. How will they fair against Grainger
  3. The colors and mascot are usually named by the first senior when schools are combined. I would assume it would be called a sullivan West
  4. I was going to south when haynie became the head coach. I know some wanted hilton to be the Head coach
  5. Me too. The unique thing about south is the head coach has almost always been handed off to the assistant head coach.
  6. Offical: Justin Hilton will be the next head coach at Sullivan South haynie will stay on as the line coach http://tricitiessports.com/justin-hilton-elevated-to-head-coach-at-sullivan-south-p81941-1.htm
  7. Sam Haynie resigned after 7 years as the head
  8. If they could get abindgon's Reed that would be awesome.
  9. My guess would be Hilton. But i would love for Garvin the head for colonial heights but he can't he isnt a teacher
  10. At the East game there was as many players on the sideline not dressed out because of injury then dressed out. It destroyed any chance of them being even competitive with most teams when it is mostly 2nd string sopohmores starting
  11. South's offense is like Tennessee's... it is one dimensional.. run, run, run, punt... but without all the wasted WR talent like Tennessee has. Plus the starting QB is looking like he might be out for the game due to injury and the back up freshman QB will play
  12. Looks like south qb broke his leg against central last night, they will need to find a replacement soon, played their freshman qb all second half. Greeneville big
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