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  2. Bobcats will have their hand full saw Jackson co they 8 or 9 deep at Red Boiling no game to it thay trap all night long go BOBCATS
  3. No way they play in 7A they no way beating Jackson two time Clark range twice they do good to get out of region
  4. If Miller want to go to state he need to do a lot better job coaching than he did when they play Cannon last time the Gore kid did not play over half of one period in my thinking he the second best player on team hope HOGEYE WIN IT ALL
  5. rabbitranch just look around Jackson co girls won it 8 times Clarkrange won it 8 times can you not see what going on only the thing that count is who win the gold ball I off here ten four over
  6. OLD KODGER jealous why I do not see a state champion sign on the wall boys wise you need to get out more and get a life
  7. RABBITRANCH you right it the same way it was in 2008 how much you play is who you are not who the best I done see you one that know everything so tell me how far LA boys are going this year
  8. Give the coach time he the mayor boy who you are got a lot to do with how much you play been that way for years
  9. I just got home from work drinking a few beer a friend here we talking 8 AA he said do you remember 2008 when the three that play at LMS grade school came to PICKETT wonder why
  10. I a BOBCAT fan we play LA twice this year saw them in summer camp saw them play COOKEVILLE when they at LIVINGSTON to me the GORE kid one of the top three kid on the team can play D handle the ball not a bad shot hustle then he does not get any awards in 8AA it look to me the same old thing going on now as it was when the other coach was there it who you are not who the best that bad GO BOBCATS
  11. wounding how many years it been since they been to regions
  13. I do not think the Allen girl from Jackson Co. was freshman of year I think it was the big from Pickett Co. might be wrong
  14. saw her play twice this year the other night she score 27 point and play three fourth of the game they had her playing inside some the other night she can play inside or outside she can do it all she pass up numbers of open shoots the other night to make her team mates look good she a team player no doubt as good as I every saw as a team player
  15. Watertown girls coach told me he had two girls out one is gone for season mess knee up did not say about the other girl they will beat Monterey or Clay after that it over
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