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  1. Why , hmmmmm let's see a Jp II education means a lot more
  2. So true chs fans are like cub fans...... In another thread/topic here some of the chs faithful actually thought they were the better then FHS time Indy because they made it to round 2
  3. Yep beat Indy only 2 times Tired if chs fans crying wait till next year , your right FHS does not need me because they will tell you 0 AS in the number of times you beat FHS
  4. Well said and I like your reply to CHS , look after you lose so long het excited over the 4th place finish yep ya did one a playoff game but anybody got lucky and played a sister if the poor school Okay good hire you got rector but he pulled an urban and left when he saw rhs was in for a long rebuilding term Your program can only come up and as a cub fan you and the rest of the chs folks sound like a cubs fan as well with the wait till next year sales pitch Until you beat Franklin or 2 out of the three FHS BHS Indy just take a back seat line you are used too
  5. Too much egg nog my bad my bad my bad ......respect to Rebs , good luck next week
  6. Now I was gonna c'mon on here and give props to maryville for the WIN but seeing the low class with the taken behind the shed again smack just made it easy for me to pick a team for the gold ball now Go whitehaven
  7. That was my point pick either Indy, BHS or FHS , and the above stayed would be the order I would rank them, and you and others some other way..... Thing I would point out how could you say chs when they went 0-3 My argument for Indy was the 1st place finish and how they proved all the critics wrong
  8. St Rita is one of the teams we played and I coached against, they are a very very strong club
  9. So a team that came in 4 th had the most impressive season be it they lost to Indy FHS BHS Seems the most impressive was Indy no one predictided them and look at them district champs So chs beat a cupcake in the playoffs , they got a lucky draw Chs had an easier schedule then indy , And Indy unprepared ..... Yeah that is a good one considering they already played BHS in the season and play them year in year out Indy didn't lose because of thier schedule or being unprepared they lost to a hot BHS team and Indy offense was horrible plain and simple
  10. Ha ha s sign of a loser and a defeated weak individual when one resorts to name calling . Sticks and stones may hurt my bones but names will never hurt me !!!!!!! How old are we to call stupid or an idiot, I should grab you by the ear and put you in time out Wise one , instead of calling me names you still never explained how a fourth best team is the best in the district ? As I mentioned and look at my thread anove that BT Mafia pasted Yes you will see how highly I mean lowly I thought of indy this year and if coach dyson So your mental stimulation of my love affair of Indy is very incorrect . Like I mentioned I was using indy as a measuring stick to chs, it was your jealousy with my facts that got you upset. Notre Dame and Northwestern are my love not you. When my friend Gilligan coached I took great interest in them...... NOW LISTEN really really CLOSE to ME ok - when you call someone stupid or an idiot you need to do the following to be a MAN and not a little sissy hiding behind your moms skirt 1. Call that to me in person ( any girl can hide and call names over a computer) 2. See #1 AND when throwing verbal jabs iron gut be prepared to be able to back them up ....... I would love to sit and talk football with you, I will be back in middle TN near Christmas time so save your girl talk until then please I know I'm under your skin so I will await your reply because that is what you do ohhh idiot stupid loser my dad can best your dad up and your mom is fat na na na nahhhhna Oh wow I just sounded like iron gut or aka my period started
  11. By mafia if you look at my last post on the page my game by game predictions and summatys were almost spot on And note my chs fans I had them beating Indy as well So to those that think that I big Indy booster you are wrong Do I support em? Yep I do but I know they are not the elite I used Indy as measuring stick to VHS and a few get all worked up and think this is Indy vs chs I still waiting on how some of you still think chs had the best team in the district when they came in 4th and lost to the top 3? Now you cry for respect and tell us ALL teams should be scared of chs Is chs heading in right direction? Sure with rector as thier is only one way to go All I said I stop begging for respect and the you are scared of us Show me next year
  12. Indeed you are the loser you keep reading and you give me the biggest compliment in the world you reply to my post and I get under your skin No one said Indy is the best, heck I called for dyson to be fired, I still am not sold on him, coach c the d cord was the savior to Indy I hardly picked Indy any games this year, I said they would be a one and done team. I am using Indy as a measuring stick to chs because chs can't even dream of being a BHS or FHS yet Look I gave you the props to your season at chs
  13. Ohhh how can he be right when chs comes in 4 th place ... My point exactly , get in line with back en tn for your free methadone Go on bout me callin names but you come up with the typical boring uneducated Yankee comment Ps we won the war , ps I dominate you
  14. Hehe you lost , I expected that you would have coward down Is that all you have left to do know is resort to calling The state of Florida a dump? If so it just shows your maturity level and proves the fact that I have completely smacked you down on all of your comments be it from saying CHS had a better season then Indy ,FHS and BHS to waterColor and the fact you couldn't afford to live I'm Florida , hence your childish cries of how bad the state if Florida is. My door is always open to you or if any other coacht personal that find them in the toilet bowl of watercolor Florida, Starbucks if Grayton beach is my second home if you want to talk football and to you back en Tennessee aka I can't afford destin, I will be more then happy to show you my sheepskin from Notre Dame , if you want your welcome touch it Sorry big men, squash little men, so i accept your offer to have the last word, and since you said you won't reply to me anymore I am awaiting a new screen name and for you to come back like all small weak men do ( I'm waiting ) . I have gave much love to rector and chs So to all sorry but this guy talks smack and when I question him with common sense why he thinks chs had a better season then Indy FHS and BHS he resorts to making fun if Indy first round loss, bashes Indy , calls names , states Destin and the beaches are like toilet water? Why ? Cause I said chs finished 4th and it takes time to earn the respect title Now now now football and WILCO FOOTBALL Well documented I was not happy with the hire of dyson at all!!!!!!!!!!! His first season he made horrible game calls, his team was unprepared , and a few games his team gave up I along with all the experts picked Indy as a bottom feeder What did Indy do ? Win a district title , did they lose in first round yes , did I suspect they would have an early exist yes I did due to thirt lack of offense Regardless I am proud of Indy and dyson whom should be voted district coach of the year .
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