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  1. Perhaps it’s time to move along to this weeks game and put last Friday to rest.
  2. Schools need to do a better job of advertising their GoFan access code for people who are not affiliated with either team.
  3. What does abbreviated mean?
  4. Actually Dalen is on the left and Logan is on the right.
  5. I notice nobody on the football threads want to acknowledge the elephant in the room. At least they aren’t beating you up over posting it. That’s a plus.
  6. Actually this subject has been broached more than once but every time it gets shot down by people that really don’t want to believe the truth. I’m glad he brought it up and hopefully he will not end up with the same response I got every time I did.
  7. Pitch it on the football boards.
  8. Post that on the football pages. I would but they kick me when I post something like that. Maybe you could have better luck than I.
  9. I agree. He’s a great motivator and the kids love him. Kids will give more of themselves immediately to someone they love, respect and believe in than someone they aren’t familiar with. It takes a lot of time and work to get kids to buy into your system but if you are already there half the battle is over.
  10. Why not Coach Cotten? He’s in the building, he has a great relationship with the kids and he expects discipline. He is a great motivator and he has his wrestling team heading in the right direction by having football players wrestle. Seems like a no brainer. Hey Principal Dearing, can you hear this?
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