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  1. It might be a good idea for coaches to let folks know how to go about purchasing tickets for sporting events as well as restrictions and requirements. Sycamore I know will be using GoFan to sell tickets for all home events including our duals tournament. We will also do temperature checks and masks are required in the facility.
  2. Typo. I have three returning champs written on my papers. Thanks for the catch.
  3. Im gonna throw a few things out there but I am in no way making predictions. These numbers are based on last years results and recent news. Individual top 6 teams. Pigeon Forge scored 224 points. 80.5 points ahead of second place Fairview who had 143.5 points. Next was Greenville with 134.5 and Hixson at 120.5. Signal Mountain had 117.5 and Nolensville had 112.5. 80 points separate 1 and 2. 31 points separate number 2 and number 6 PF graduated 1, returns 9 of 11 placers , two transferred out and one being a state champ. Fairview graduated 4, returns 6 placers, Greenville graduated 2, returns 4 placers with 2 being state champs. Hixson graduated 4, returns 3 placers one being a state champ. Signal Mountain graduated 1, returns 4 placers including 2 champions. They also bring on another tough Uhorchuk kid. Nolensville graduated 3 and returns 3 placers. Following these teams in order to round out the top 10. Gibbs 108 points. Alcoa 102 points. Forrest 79 points. Eagleville 72.5 points. IMO Pigeon Forge has lost the most but also appears to bring the most back to the table. Does the loss equate to 80 points? Who can say. Foreman seems to have a bit of a pipeline going at PF. Greenville and Fairview both appear to offer a challenge to PF. Because I am not making predictions I will leave it at that. The remainder of these teams should all make an impact this year assuming we have a suitable season and good luck to all.
  4. Sycamore high has been shut down until Nov. 30. That’s 3 weeks We have lost 3 dates as a result. We have a few openings, all away, that we would like to fill to make up for what we lost. These dates are available for us to travel. Dec. 21 or 22. Dec. 28 or 29. Jan. 2 Saturday. Jan. 7 and 28. If you have an opening email me at [email protected] yahoo.com Thanks
  5. I believe Gumlick 3rd at 120 left as well
  6. Are we talking team state or individual state?
  7. Hamblin

    Girls Duals

    I would be interested in getting dates for my one girl. She’s a brand new Sophomore wrestler around 200. Looking to go 195 but can be used at either. It’s already a challenge to find one girl mat time and now with covid it may prove to be more difficult. Let me know I am at [email protected]
  8. Sycamore high is planning an 8 team duals tournament Saturday, Jan 16. 2021. We have 5 teams and are looking for 3 more. Top 2 teams receive trophy and top team wrestlers receive medals. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
  9. Coach Peck what email address do you use now?
  10. Sycamore is going to host a 20 team invite Jan. 16, 2021. If our seating is restricted we will turn it into a 12 team duals tournament on 3 mats. First 12 teams to respond get a spot. If need be we will set up a 4th mat in the cafeteria to solve the spectator problem. I don’t see any other way of doing it at this stage.
  11. Tonight is Sycamores homecoming game.
  12. Yes sir you made your point loud and clear and I do owe sommers an apology for not doing my research more thoroughly. I will take the high road and admit my mistakes as I always do. So Sommers, I am sorry for making the false accusation towards you and your research. I will be more careful to not break the golden rule in the future and I will try to keep my nose out of the business of others in the future and thank you for taking the time to keep the wrestling community updated. You gentlemen have a fine day.
  13. I’m sorry Sonny. Is cobrakid your real name or is it a name you hide behind so that when you say something dumb nobody knows who you are? Just wondering.
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