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  1. Hamblin

    A AA state duels

    Greenbrier advances from region 7 to the small school state duels. Any other results?
  2. Hamblin

    Girls Wrestling program

    Have you contacted coaches in other parts of the state to see what they are doing? Maybe you can get together and do a couple events during the season. Maybe you call them something like super regional tournaments. Nice team trophies and medals for the girls. Make sure every girl gets her 5 matches in regardless whether she's winning or losing. Maybe you talk the coaches with big rosters into hosting. Mandatory your jv boys who aren't competing to work tables. Be creative. Figure it out.
  3. Hamblin

    Girls Wrestling program

    The girls are piggybacking on the boys tournaments today. By the time you have daughters maybe it will grow enough so that they have their own events. The AAU is busy trying different things to try and get more girls interested. People are working on it. The main thing is be patient and keep working.
  4. Hamblin

    Girls Wrestling program

    Girls wrestling is growing pretty fast. Some coaches and programs likely don't have the resources (coaches) to keep up. I'm sure some girls programs are led by the boys coaching staff and it's hard to be in 2 or 3 places at once. I would bet some programs can't afford to pay a third or fourth coach to travel and coach the girls. I would also venture to guess that some schools don't have facilities to handle operating a girls program seperate from the boys. For that matter the facilities aren't even sufficient to run a boys program thus they practice together. You are gonna have growing pangs. You are going to have to be patient. If your issue is with a particular coach/s or program/s, which is how I interpreted your post, then I suggest you speak to them directly. If they are playing games don't schedule them in the future. Hope this helps.
  5. Hamblin

    TN 8th grader wins NCAA college open

    Just so I understand. A kid can stay in middle school as long as he wants?
  6. Hamblin

    TN 8th grader wins NCAA college open

    How many 8th grade years does one get?
  7. Hamblin

    Ok. I will do it.

    Merry Christmas Tennessee Wrestling Community.
  8. Hamblin


    Would you care to give us more information?
  9. Hamblin


    Do you gave any more details?
  10. Hamblin

    Round 2 East Nashville at Fairview

    Was that a slight to your wrestling program? Basketball does nothing to make your football team better but wrestling will. Give Coach Derrick and those guys some credit and support and I am sure they will reciprocate.
  11. Hamblin

    Top 10 AAA

    Have to agree with cbg.
  12. Hamblin

    Three classes in Division II

    Care to elaborate?
  13. Hamblin

    Jeff Jordan Ohio great.

    Coach said he's going to continue running the camps and may increase the number. Great news there.
  14. Hamblin

    Jeff Jordan Ohio great.

    Read today that legendary Ohio high school wrestling coach Jeff Jordan has announced his retirement from coaching the St Paris Graham falcons. His acknowledgments would fill pages. Great man, great program, great family. And some of the greatest camps. Gonna miss him.
  15. Hamblin

    Springfield vs White House

    Fargo? Easy now.