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  1. Help me out here. You say these are the best kids from across the state. Was there an all call out to wrestlers to put their name in the hat to be drawn out or challenge for a spot on these two teams? I’m not trying to be a smart azz about it but I don’t remember seeing it. There was only one girls match and it seems we missed a couple weights in the boys match.
  2. It’s all good. Hoping the best for him at that level. He’s a great kid.
  3. Logan went to Georgia to get mat time. Unless Logan is sick or hurt he will be at the super32 and he will be at 170. I will add he didn’t surrender a single point while going undefeated. He spent a total of 20 seconds in the bottom position the entire day.
  4. Do you know for sure that is the reason people backed out? Just sayin.
  5. I spoke to an assistant Principal from Creek Wood high school yesterday. He mentioned an opening for a head coach for their wrestling program. They have a couple middle school feeders. They also have a nice wrestling building. Good luck to coach Murphy on his future endeavors.
  6. Young Rocky is a prolific bass fisherman. Won a few titles while in high school. Could be a motivator.
  7. How is the bass fishing around Chattanooga?
  8. Where did you get your information?
  9. Asking for a friend, is being a faculty member on staff a requirement?
  10. Michigan has been doing this for some time now.
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