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  1. Hamblin

    Jeff Jordan Ohio great.

    Coach said he's going to continue running the camps and may increase the number. Great news there.
  2. Hamblin

    Jeff Jordan Ohio great.

    Read today that legendary Ohio high school wrestling coach Jeff Jordan has announced his retirement from coaching the St Paris Graham falcons. His acknowledgments would fill pages. Great man, great program, great family. And some of the greatest camps. Gonna miss him.
  3. Hamblin

    Springfield vs White House

    Fargo? Easy now.
  4. Hamblin

    Spring Signing Day

    I thought we were called Michiganians.
  5. Hamblin

    MTWCA Dream Team Awards

    Any word on other teams such as D2 and small school?
  6. Hamblin

    National Team Lineup

    Our condolences to your family
  7. Hamblin

    National Team Lineup

    I don't think they are knocking the coaching staff as much as the lack of communication. Not many people knew the changes were being made except for what was on coacht and that information was minimal. Regarding the lineup. I speak from experience that throwing a team together at the last minute is difficult and you take what you can get. Again, without communication speculation will follow. Good luck to you guys
  8. Hamblin

    List fight nights here

    Clarksville and Blackman, what ages?
  9. Hamblin

    Fight night 1

    What ages?
  10. Hamblin

    Goodpasture Invitational 2018

    The Goodpasture Invite will now be held Saturday, Dec. 15 2018. The date has been moved from the original January date. Let me know if you want in. [email protected]
  11. Hamblin

    2017-2018 Pin-Tn Wrestlers of the Year

    Crybaby, does calling other people names get results on your side of town? Does it win you titles? Just because someone doesn't agree with you whole heartedly doesn't mean they disagree with you completely. It simply means they don't agree with everything you say or said. I'm curious about the very strategies you use to build your champion wrestlers. Why don't you tell us a few truths. 1. Who are you really? 2. What are your credentials? 3. What are your strategies for success? 4. How many kids have you put on the podium at state or sent to college to wrestle? It's real easy to hide behind a screen name and throw barbs at people and it's another to get out there and weather the storm. I am probably in the 1 % of individuals who actually put their real name out there and yes it does open me up to sarcasm and ridicule but it also forces me to keep it real. How bout you and the others who banter away in grannies basement? Are you ready to add some positives to Tennessee wrestling or are you as well as others gonna continue to bash everyone who disagrees with you while hiding behind someone else?
  12. Hamblin

    Individual State?

    werazzlin, where is the information for that event?
  13. Hamblin

    Goodpasture Invitational 2018

    Cancelled. Couldnt pull it off. Maybe next year. Thanks to everyone who responded the second time.
  14. Hamblin

    MS Rankings - 1/19/2018

    How do we contact you?
  15. Hamblin

    Goodpasture Invitational 2018

    Add Cheatham County. Need 7 more