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Everything posted by Hamblin

  1. Yes sir you made your point loud and clear and I do owe sommers an apology for not doing my research more thoroughly. I will take the high road and admit my mistakes as I always do. So Sommers, I am sorry for making the false accusation towards you and your research. I will be more careful to not break the golden rule in the future and I will try to keep my nose out of the business of others in the future and thank you for taking the time to keep the wrestling community updated. You gentlemen have a fine day.
  2. I’m sorry Sonny. Is cobrakid your real name or is it a name you hide behind so that when you say something dumb nobody knows who you are? Just wondering.
  3. What’s the sense in printing something if you don’t verify the information first? I understand what he does but wouldn’t you yourself do the same thing, like read it first then verify the information is valid, then copy and paste it?
  4. Sommers, I know you don’t like me because I busted your chops once 10 years ago but don’t slight my kids because of it. Recheck your A/AA final team scores and see if you skipped anyone. I’m sure the good folks at Greenbrier wouldn’t mind recognition as well as Harpeth, Creekwood and a few others. Thanks. Sycamore War Eagles
  5. You may be overlooking Hill from Forrest?
  6. Hamblin

    Tiffin mats

    I was not impressed with the reslite flex roll mat. The surface peeled off on every edge. They sent glue but it was only somewhat effective. We wanted dolumer but could not afford it. Because of our reslite experience at Goodpasture I shied away. I owned dolumer mats for my club and loved them. Live and learn I suppose.
  7. DONT DO IT!!!!! We ordered a mat from Tiffin. It was supposed to arrive by mid October. It still has not been delivered. In fact from what we understand they haven’t even made it yet. So do yourself a favor and buy from someone else.
  8. That’s a great asset. Your spelling is atrocious
  9. Gonna have to start calling you Fargo Stud!
  10. Hamblin

    Open dates

    We are set. Thanks coaches for your help.
  11. Hamblin

    Open dates

    They are full.
  12. Hamblin

    Open dates

    Still looking for a January 9 dual and a Jan. 11 tournament
  13. Hamblin

    Open dates

    Sycamore is looking for a couple away dates. Duals, tris or quads January 9 and/or 14. We are also looking for a dual or individual tournament January 11. We are located in middle Tennessee. We compete from 106-170, 220 and HWT.
  14. Merry Christmas to you as well.
  15. I have never met you but I think I know who you are. I associate with others who are likely friends of your as well. I have also seen a board or two and I will honestly say the current board is doing everything they can to correct the mistakes of the past and it’s been an uphill struggle for them. Regarding low numbers I could give you a completely different perspective on why boys are not playing sports today like they did in the past but I won’t open that door here. I eat breakfast at Cody’s most mornings, sit with me and I will tell you my thoughts on that.
  16. You are correct sir. My original intent was to offer the benefits of wrestling for the football player. I was not trying to antagonize anyone. When someone attack’s my wife with lies I will defend her. Although I’m not sure who you are you have defended me in the past and you are a strong proponent of Cheatham county sports. I support all programs including band, choir, and the theater group as well as all sports, as does my wife. I am sure you have been on the busy end of fundraising just like we are. We just find ways to get it done. The banter is why I’m not on Facebook nor do I care to be. Thanks for the advice.
  17. Run for school board and fix it your self honey. You will then see that your words are weak and your “inside knowledge is even weaker”
  18. Do you have a real name? For a minute I thought you may be someone who hides behind a screen name. Her voting record is public knowledge. Look it up and you will see she voted to keep assistant coaches pay. She also attended the spaghetti dinner along with myself at Cheatham Central to raise money for their assistant coaches. They had a nice little show in the auditorium afterward. She has tutored many a student who struggled in the classroom over the years and she works endlessly to support the teachers in her district as well as taking calls from concerned parents around the entire district. She has one vote. She does not spend her time trying to influence the other board members and to suggest otherwise says how you feel about those other members. When you criticize my program you criticize the student athletes who are members of that program, including the parents and my assistant coach. Same as when you criticize the football program. I support all programs at the school including the ones I am not involved with and so does she. Maybe you take your crybabying to another thread. Oh, and one other thing. I encourage my wrestlers to play other sports.......including football.
  19. A few years ago Alcoa had 8 heavyweights on their wrestling team. They also had the #13 heavyweight in the nation. Those other 7 heavyweights were not there to beat the number 13 kid. They were there to develope skills to help them become better linemen. What does Alcoa know that others don’t? For the life of me I don’t understand why football coaches don’t push boys to wrestling. Boys big and small can develop invaluable skills while wrestling. Now I know I am inviting ignorant comments from the keyboard warriors but its okay, they are ignorant to the truth and they choose to remain that way. Bruno Regan told a group of boys at Goodpasture a few years back that it was not football that got him to Vanderbilt it was wrestling. I know this because I was there.
  20. What about the younest Quinn? He’s a solid athlete, older brother was a stud and with dad being a former NFL qb and head coach he could do well. I say put him in there and run a little more. JMO
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