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Everything posted by Hamblin

  1. What about the younest Quinn? He’s a solid athlete, older brother was a stud and with dad being a former NFL qb and head coach he could do well. I say put him in there and run a little more. JMO
  2. Hamblin

    Super 32

    Any local super 32 warmups out there?
  3. And calling guys who make the sacrifices "sissy coaches" won't help matters. At all.
  4. I would vote for that venue. It could bring revenue to Nashville and Nashville business in turn can advertise it in their establishments.
  5. I would be interested to see these numbers as well. I can think of 5 or 6 new programs big and small and even a couple privates but I can only think of 2 that dropped and they were both small.
  6. Who dropped their program since the split?
  7. Maybe it was the older Rainey? There are 2 of them
  8. 0-23? Where do you see that?
  9. Crap. Anyway I'm adding this. God love the moms who do support their boys and sport.
  10. Take some time to see who has the most influence over the boys in today's society. I know I'm gonna step on a toe or two by saying it but it's the ladies. Here's another toe stepped on.....our boys are being feminized because of nonsense like toxic masculinity and other such garbage. Beta males is the new normal and step dad's get bullied by the moms. Sorry guys but it's the truth. It's very scary to think what things will look like 20 years from now....at my current age I probably won't see it.
  11. Seems to me that around that same time it was recognized that numbers were starting to decline. AAU, which eventially feeds high schools with talent, made a move to improve this be starting beginner events for kids. Although there was a slight hiccup last season they have done a pretty good job of getting new kids on the mat. The beginner events fill up quick. Give this some time to see what happens. I have heard that numbers in football have declined slightly as well. Maybe there is a trend?
  12. What solutions are you offering to improve this situation?
  13. Iron Knights running an open in Clarksville.
  14. Yes I get it. A dual, tri, and quad informs us of the number of teams involved. By your definition you will be dualing, triing, and quading the other teams instead of dueling each team. For the record spell check wouldnt allow me to use those three descriptions, I had to override spell check. Maybe spell check is onto something? If you guys want to cry about the word I use then by all means go ahead. Have a nice day.
  15. Well I was gonna ignore him but I just cant. Definition of dual. Consisting of 2 parts, elements or aspects. Definition of duel. A contest between 2 persons or parties. One can be a duel dummy by virtue of being the loser. But one can't be a dual dummy, unless they have a partner who is just as dumb as them. Which sort of dummy are you?
  16. Region 8 is Fairview
  17. Greenbrier advances from region 7 to the small school state duels. Any other results?
  18. Have you contacted coaches in other parts of the state to see what they are doing? Maybe you can get together and do a couple events during the season. Maybe you call them something like super regional tournaments. Nice team trophies and medals for the girls. Make sure every girl gets her 5 matches in regardless whether she's winning or losing. Maybe you talk the coaches with big rosters into hosting. Mandatory your jv boys who aren't competing to work tables. Be creative. Figure it out.
  19. The girls are piggybacking on the boys tournaments today. By the time you have daughters maybe it will grow enough so that they have their own events. The AAU is busy trying different things to try and get more girls interested. People are working on it. The main thing is be patient and keep working.
  20. Girls wrestling is growing pretty fast. Some coaches and programs likely don't have the resources (coaches) to keep up. I'm sure some girls programs are led by the boys coaching staff and it's hard to be in 2 or 3 places at once. I would bet some programs can't afford to pay a third or fourth coach to travel and coach the girls. I would also venture to guess that some schools don't have facilities to handle operating a girls program seperate from the boys. For that matter the facilities aren't even sufficient to run a boys program thus they practice together. You are gonna have growing pangs. You are going to have to be patient. If your issue is with a particular coach/s or program/s, which is how I interpreted your post, then I suggest you speak to them directly. If they are playing games don't schedule them in the future. Hope this helps.
  21. Just so I understand. A kid can stay in middle school as long as he wants?
  22. How many 8th grade years does one get?
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