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  1. Edward, I don't ever remember saying anything about an internal hire, I've never mentioned any names, never implied who was or wasn't being considered. I've tried to be informative without disclosing information that shouldn't be disclosed. And these next comments are not directed to you. I'm out, done with CoachT. I'm over the trolls that 95% of the time could care less about the topic of a forum, but want to see what crap they can stir up with someone's comments. My only hope is that their sarcastic posting on here isn't indicative of their daily lives, that would be sad. Done!
  2. I wasn't aware that McNamara at Michigan was his brother until last night. The kid is a battler!
  3. Mine comes from coaching in Georgia for 10 years.
  4. Where does your knowledge come from? Have you coached football and been supplemented at the high school level?
  5. Yes, probably was not smart! I can see Nolen taking it personal.
  6. .....and I may have missed something but why aren't the assistant coaches running the weight program? They are still the assistant coaches until the new coach tells them they are no longer needed. Isn't that part of their coaching supplement responsibilities?
  7. I know its important, but there's a lot more to consider here than just having someone available to run the weight room. It's getting the right person, and on that note, I don't no LEFTYKNOX, but if he has a source, he knows that some of the names mentioned throughout this 47 page forum didn't even apply until this past few days, thus 1st interviews still running through this weekend.
  8. It's going to work out Gawd! They are trying to get it right and as it was put to me, " someone the community will be happy with".
  9. Yes, but it sounds like they are really trying to get the right person.
  10. I think both teams defenses struggle in this one because both QB's can move around so well. I don't see Page being able to run the ball, but how will their D-line hold up against Powell's run? There's no telling how this one ends up.
  11. Edward, how high is that perch? lol
  12. I would like to add a comment toward an earlier post (don't think it was from you). I coached for several years in Georgia at two high schools and in both cases when our seasons were over we gave the kids time off to get their bodies back. When school started back after Christmas, we started back up with the weights and the kids pretty much worked on football the rest of the year. I'd say if you checked with coaches around the area, if workouts have started back up, their not mandatory, even the coaches need breaks.
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