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  1. Game day, I see this one possibly being closer than most think. Big rivalry here, emotions running high and we know what happens with Powell when emotions run wild. Lots of penalties, td's called back. Powell should win but the game will be ugly. Which Halls team will show up?
  2. That and softball are about all Enka excels in! Robbinsville has definitely had a storied football program with all of their success.
  3. Shocked! Listened to him weekly. Did such a great job keeping high school football fans informed about the rest of the state. He is going to be missed.
  4. BlackKnight, how did you guys jump on Asheville High, Asheville beats Brevard then you drop the game to Brevard? I'm from Enka originally and try to keep up with WNC football. Did Covid have a say?
  5. I would agree more with this score. Won't be close!
  6. Dang, that was a long time ago. But I do remember the Smokey Mountain Conference beating up on each other. It was harder to win that conference than it was to win the state in 1A. Smokey Mountain 1A and 2A schools use to go at each other hard with the Streeter brothers and a QB named Shuler and many others.
  7. You are "very" correct on the fact that Halls has been hard to gauge this season. If the Halls team that showed up at West plays Friday night, it might be a decent game. If the one that played Gibbs shows up, its a running clock the 2nd half.
  8. Fulton over Bearden by 12 Cleveland over Walker Valley by 7 Anderson Co. over Elizabethton by 6 Karns over Carter by 10 Farragut over SD by 8
  9. HTV, those were some fun times when Maryville, Powell, and Central were in the same region, weren't they? I think we lost to Maryville in the 2nd or 3rd round all 4 years our boys played, but it was fun trying to beat them. Ole George knew his stuff! But I think with all of the reclassifications that have gone on over the years, you still have your good rivalries going for the most part.
  10. Just can't see West being #1. Mt. Juliet, Powell, and 2 or 3 others are playing better and against better competition. Halls and SC took them to the wire. Doesn't speak well! Alcoa can name their score.
  11. Agree! Last night does not reflect well for West!
  12. Don't know how this one will go! South Doyle will have the best defense Anderson Co. has seen to this point in the season, but at the same time AC will have the best offense SD has seen. Noe is tough but may get used too much against this defense. Gary does seem to get stronger as the game goes. He just doesn't run out of gas, which might give SD the slight edge. I think it's close either way.
  13. Unbelievable difference in speed! Fulton toyed with them on special teams and skilled positions.
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