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  1. well, maybe these guys at work know more than us about whats going on. LOL. They said he's been running with the team for 2-3 weeks but not doing the cutting and side drills. Don't know how Green will use him but what a weapon coming of the bench.
  2. yes this is correct. Wayne is a Big Ohio school that has won their state two years in a row as well as the Arbys classic two years in a row, I think. They are coached by former Michigan state spartan travis Trice, who's sent several players to play at Michigan state, including two of his sons. He preaches Defense, as they hound you in the half court. their probably down a little this year, IMO. Now, they caught OR at a good time, with EJ out and Tee at UNDER ARMOUR game all week. IMO, with Tee there, they don't lose this game , and with both there, they win the Arbys Classic this year. Wayne is very good , well coached team but if they played right now? OR wins by 15.
  3. ill take Oak Ridge by 20 + and Powell by 10+
  4. Ok, I have waited to comment on this thread because I sometimes go on a tangent about refs. But here is a few things that I know, and ill pass it on to you for what its worth. Refs don't get paid more for a AAA game than a single a game. In Knoxville area they get 95.00 for 2 games. Refereeing is a political mess sometimes. Some associations give all the good games to their buddies and it causes desention among the ranks. Now, for the last 3 years the Knox ridge and Knox south associations have been awful!!!! With that said, overall, this is the best reffed season I've seen in a long time !!! some games have been outstanding! Ive seen more Assigners at games this year than in many years. This helps the young officials as they can give them feedback on their performance, sometimes instant feedback, as they will go in at halftime and give them feedback. THIS HELPS ALOT!!!! Im even hearing that they have created an account, something like a Huddle account for football, and coaches can send in clips of calls or situations for the assigners to review and talk to officials, and sometimes explain to coaches, whom a lot don't know the rules themselves. If this is true, it will and can only help, IMO. Now heres whats happening in Knoxville and perhaps all across the state. A lot of officials are doing both high school and small college ball. Each association may have 1-2 guys that are good enough to do NCAA D2 ball. The rest do small ball, Im talking roane state, Johnson University, Walters state, Hiawassii type games. Some NAIA DII stuff too. So, heres what happens, they of course are wanting to do college ball, but theres not enough games at that level so they keep a high school schedule too. Some, when they return to a high school game, say at Wartburg, think their to good to be there, hence conflict with coaches and fans. See, in college u have to let a coach chew u a little on a bad call, in high school they tee them immediately , because, hey, I'm a college ref, and your not going to question me!!! sit down and shut up, basically. Treat the kids the same way too. Im not sure, but Tennessee is the only one that I know of that allows this bouncing back and forth. Its not about the money as these games pay like 140.00, but you may travel quite a way, rather than stay home and make the 95.00. This is purely ego and aspirations. As a result, the good ones go to do a small college game and the assigners have to scramble to get refs to HS games, and WALAH, you have badly called games by guys who aren't awful guys, or have and agenda, Their just not ready for Varsity Ball, thats all. NOBODY wants to do a bad job at anything in life, IMO. Next, It causes some of the worst Mechanics on refs that I have ever seen. They look like airline traffic controllers out there. I mean, IDK if they forget where there at or what? But they are using both HS and College Mechanics and its just a joke. Heres an example of not being ready for HS varsity ball. I went to a game the other night and it was a one point game. Had a couple so so guys with a really good official. Theres 4.5 seconds on clock and losing team knocks ball out of bounds and winning team gets ball under losing teams basket. Losing team calls time out to set up press. They come out of the time out and they are about to get a 5 second call and the guy takes off running the baseline and throws it in. This is a clear violation , and should have been called and given to the losing team under their basket. the losing coach complained the whole time winning team was shooting fts. Its little thing , and they may not have won, but it was a game changer. Well, its a long post but its my two cents. Maybe you'll look at the games different now, Maybe not. LOL
  5. Well, I wasn't at the game last night SS, but it went about like I thought. If Green doesn't call off the dogs with 4:30 to go OR wins by the 25 I predicted? These guys can get on here and say what a good job Fulton did holding it to 11 all they want, but that was a 25 point game. Fultons good but I think their path to a state birth will be harder than OR's. At that level, theres a big difference between a good AAA team and a good AA team. Also, don't rag me too much on the CC announcers being homers, your radio guys complained about the refs all night. Said they weren't ready for varsity ball, much less a game like this. just kept crying all night, LOL. we all have homers I guess? Good luck to u guys, I hope I see u play when I go state tourney.
  6. with what UT has over there now, I agree he could play some over there. But I think he'd be a real nice mid-major player. A MTSU, ETSU, UTC, would be missing the boat on him. I personally think he could play for an Ole Miss, Miss st, Vandy type team too. Good luck tonight, it could get ugly. I say OR by 25
  7. yes, congrats to him! He is a fine ball player with a good head on his shoulders! By far the best player in our district and the most consistent . I remember him a few years ago. it goes to show you , if you put the time in, you get results. I've not seen a shooter like him in a while, that hits with a contested hand in his face. Any info on where he might be going?
  8. Well, the regular season is just about over and Oak Ridge with a win tonight vs Halls, will have won their 62nd straight regular season district game. CONGRATS to them. With a Halls loss and a Clinton win over Gibbs, Clinton will be the 5 seed and halls the 6 seed. So I think the tourney will shake out like this? Anyone feel free to correct me if I mess it up, cause I always mess this 9 team, double byes, single byes format up!! 1)Oak- double bye 2)Karns- double bye-------both advance to region 3)Powell- single bye 4)Campbell co. vs 9) Gibbs- winner plays 5vs 8 winner(?) 5)Clinton vs 8) Central- winner plays 4vs 8 winner(?) 6) Halls vs 7) Anderson co. - winner plays 3) Powell(?) Does that look right? Its hard to keep up with all this. I wonder how it'll be next year when 3AAA loses Gibbs?
  9. Oh, I see. sickness in schools. Well, I wanted to see this game but ill have to miss it. Already made work arrangements to go to the ridge on Friday. boyfromsi, said it should be a good one? I don't see it. OR is winning district game by an average of 36 points, and I don't expect much to change. id love to see a good close game, but I think the big picture is to beat Gibbs Friday. To me anyway. Guess ill go to CC Friday then.
  10. tonight? I thought the game was friday ? is this a schedule change?
  11. Yea I think we talked before season started and felt CC might be a third place team this year. It looks like their going to finish in 4th. I also don't think any one thought Powell would be this good. So their probably about where they should be. I feel they can beat any of the 2-9 teams and if they get to regions would be a tough matchup over there, maryville included. They only have two seniors and a couple good sophomores coming off bench. I like the coaching ok. I think sometimes he stays with guys a little too long. He runs pretty good stuff, and it looks good against everybody but you guys , lol. Lost a couple games early they could've won but had football players out on visits. If you had told me at beginning of year they'd win 18-19 games, finish 4th in our district, I'd have taken it. I'm going to try and be at OR when they play. Just tell green to take it easy on them.
  12. Thanks for the info Chill. So it looks like AC and halls could finish 7-9 tie for fifth. Who gets 5th? Clinton and halls could tie for fifth at 7-9. Who gets tie? Does winner of 6-7 game play #3 seed then? I'm with u, I don't like the bye to regions. That really is a big disadvantage for the rest of the teams. Don't mind a bye for your season body of work, but auto to region. Idk.
  13. Great win DT!!!! 5 seed would be a great accomplishment after a bad start. Glad you guys put them away at line. You have a nice bunch of young kids coming up too, so things are looking up in Clinton.
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