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  1. Tennessee does not have 734 high schools that are playing basketball. Additionally, there are also schools that play in Division II.
  2. 13sports

    Rocky Top Border War

    Has Spencer Chandler signed a scholarship to play basketball at Tennessee Tech?
  3. 13sports

    another new coach in 9AA

    This is a poorly kept secret. Been in the works for several weeks. New coach already knows who he is. Shouldn't take long to be announced.
  4. 13sports

    Being ineligible?

    Based on TSSAA rules, you would not be eligible. What I believe you are saying is that you only "participated" on the JV team, However, you are still registered as a TSSAA athlete. In order to be eligible to play at another school, you must have a "bonafide change of address" or some extenuating circumstances that could be seen as a "hardship" and cold be approved by the TSSAA. It is ok to call the TSSAA and ask. They can tell you if you aren't sure about rules.
  5. 13sports

    Gallatin at Hillsboro

    The officiating was embarrassing (not one-sided). It was a good win for Gallatin and a tough loss for Hillsboro. I would hope that the Hillsboro staff would spend some time this week explaining that a kick-off is a live ball and that the offense doesn't have to snap the ball on the same count every time. That being said, with the exception of a 3 way tie between Hillsboro-Gallatin-Beech for first, Gallatin has pretty much wrapped up a home play-off game.
  6. 13sports

    HHS @ Station Camp.....who wins?

    Hendersonville wins 28-10
  7. 13sports

    Gallatin at Hillsboro

    Truth is half of this region is very weak. Hillwood, Hunters Lane, and Glencliff are fighting to see who will make the playoffs with a 2-8 or 3-7 record. Beech, Gallatin, and Hillsboro will crush those three teams. So the round robin between these three teams are, more than likely, the only games that will decide first, second, and third. So this is one of three important games to be played in this region. Winner of this game has a leg up on the others. Should at least propel them to a home game in the first round of the play-offs. As far as who that will be, hard to tell. Gallatin has two wins (Springfield is decent, SC is below average), but hasn't played great. Hillsboro has the home field advantage (but not a very big advantage as few people attend), has played a great team (BA) and got thumped, and a decent team and won. So, this is a toss up with a lot riding on it.
  8. 13sports

    Gallatin (1-0) VS Station Camp (0-1)

    I found it funny that someone said Station Camp lost to "a very good Antioch team." Does that qualify as "fake news?" I'll take Gallatin in this one. SC is not very good at this time and lost the starting quarterback to an injury in week one. Lots of trash will be talked on the field. I'll put the over/under on personal foul penalties at 5 each. Any other opinions?
  9. 13sports

    Station Camp violations

    News report on WSMV Tuesday said "a source close to the situation said it was hazing and it was a developing story."
  10. 13sports

    District 6 AAA

    Cookeville played 3 games. 2 were against district opponents.
  11. 13sports

    District 6 AAA

    Why would you want to play in a tournament where 2 of your 3 games were against district opponents?
  12. 13sports

    Dekalb County

    So the Coach became the 2nd all-time winningest coach in school history a couple of weeks ago and is now suspended? Sounds like an administration that is weak. Just a sign of the times. Maybe they should work out a way to give everybody a trophy. Wouldn't want to hurt anybody's feelings.
  13. 13sports

    Beech @ Gallatin

    But it's not a dedicated rock of any kind. If, If, If, If......... You are correct. The value is how much it costs to paint it. Should we start a go fund me page for the GHS rock?
  14. 13sports

    Beech @ Gallatin

    The TSSAA is not going to make someone forfeit a game over students painting a "Rock". Heck, they won't even enforce the recruiting rules. It's a prank. They damaged nothing of value. But we are talking about a rock, right? A rock? We're not talking about a permanent structure (building, game field, bleachers, etc.) We're talking about a rock. Not the field. We're talking about a rock. Maybe Ernest T. Bass has enrolled at Beech. He was pretty good with rocks. Paint it green and gold and move on. I heard the students at GHS vandalized an old car on campus by painting it blue and orange and smashing it with a sledgehammer. I'm sure someone was offended by that and someone's feelings are hurt. Wow, just wow.
  15. 13sports

    Wilson Central vs Beech

    WC by 10.