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  1. Should be a great game and atmosphere. I'll go with the home team.
  2. Should be a great game. I think Blackman can put up a few big plays and may score some points. Not sure that they can handle the "grind." I'll say Oakland wins 35-21.
  3. If you weren't going to reclassify, you probably wouldn't request numbers. I believe it will be a complete re-classification using same format based on current numbers.
  4. Where can the numbers that have been turned in be seen?
  5. Ravenwood simply will overwhelm the Commandos.
  6. Should be a great game. I think Macon Co is playing very well. I hate to doubt Portland, but I will take Macon Co in a close one.
  7. I'll cautiously take White Co in this one. Coach at Green Hill has done a great job with this young program. I'm sold that Dowell is a generational talent for White Co and makes the difference. But, Green Hill keeps it close and low scoring. 28-24 White Co.
  8. How good is Cookeville actually? I do think they are improving. But, not good enough to win this game at Gallatin. I'll say Wave 28-17.
  9. Beech is playing pretty well. I will be surprised if Summit keeps this close for 4 quarters.
  10. I'll certainly take that as a valid explanation. Time will tell. I think Gallatin wins this one. Ive been wrong before (quite often actually).
  11. Eers, I'm not arguing with you but I didn't see where it is starting to unravel. I don't think they played to the potential of the talent, but I wouldn't say unravel. Was it turnovers, personal foul penalties, or what specifically? Again, I'm not saying they have performed well. I'm just saying it's too early to throw in the towel. Technically, they are 1-0 (region play).
  12. Probably the weakest 6A region in the state and this game may decide who is in the playoffs and who may not be. I think it is a toss-up. I'll guess that Cookeville wins 35-24
  13. Eers, I saw the Hendersonville-Beech game. I didn't see anything special from Hendersonville that makes me believe they will win this game by 2 scores. I don't think Hendersonville is better than SC and Gallatin certainly had their chances to win (maybe should have). I understand the track record from the past couple of seasons, but I don't believe that has any bearing on this game. I still think Gallatin has good talent and I believe that will be the difference.
  14. MJ, it would definitely be an upset if White Co beat y'all. I hope they can because I like to see the underdog do well. But I don't see it happening. MJ by 10+. Something like 38-28
  15. Scouting! More than likely Both Springfield and Wilson Central will have coaches scouting somewhere tonight. It goes with the job.
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