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  1. District heating up as WC , MJ and H'ville trying for the top spot.... MJ bats are heating up... will come down to the WC/MJ games next week.
  2. I was there.... the problem came for the home plate umpire. after discussing the call with the coach from MJ , Ump engaged the MJ fans at the fence.... IF he had gone back to the plate and yelled play ball, the game would have started back up and moved on. Now as far as the call at third, It was the worst call I have seen in a while..... field ump blew it.... it happens move on.... BTW someone ought to check those bats at FHS......never seen a 5'9 165 player hit one 400 feet on a 75 mhp pitch..... physics just does not lend it's self to that.
  3. My 2 cents.... the H'ville pitcher was shaky in the first two innings but settled in.... He will be a very good pitcher once he matures and adds some more strength. He gave a very good effort . MJ pitcher got in some trouble in the top of the 6th , but MJ pitcher still pitched very well, well enough to win. Sometimes when a team has deep pitching they lean on that pitching a little too much. subconsciously maybe thinking that at some point in the game we will string a few hits together maybe a walk and win the game . The H'ville pitcher battled hard against a seasoned senior however MJ stranded 8 base runners. It's still a bit early and frankly MJ has a tougher time against a slower righty or a crafty lefty than against a more traditional #1 . Agreed MJ will usually face the ace from the opposing team but I know mine would not want it any other way. Maybe this can be a wake up call for the MJ hitters and they can get it going by May. As far as the TBCA poll, who knows who the best teams are.... Arlington was very good, Beech I just did not see how they can be 2... but again I don't think at this point MJ is 4th either.
  4. H'ville at MJ tonight..... any predictions....? Brown on the bump for MJ....
  5. McWilliams is a good solid pitcher not what I would call a big time arm....... Have not seen Hall. MJ has the talent agreed.... but anything can happen with 16-17 year olds.
  6. In case you missed it... MJ 6 Beech 0 MJ pitchers with 17 k's in 7 innings... not really a "big time matchup" Didn't see any big time arms on that side
  7. I am curious if anyone knows.... who votes on the TBCA rankings? is it limited to a few people? Because honestly, they are delusional. Mount Juliet beat Arlington who was ranked 1 .. and shutout Beech who was ranked 2. MJ lost a 2-1 game in the rain at Foley Alabama and another game 1-0 on an error..... Yet MJ is not ranked.... high school coaches ...... a laugher
  8. Watched Mj scrimmage Blackman.... dont know the score.... guessing 10-0 . Blackman did not score.... a beat down...
  9. Siegel has some talent... Farragut has no pitching... McWilliams is a solid pitcher, not the level of Brown and Smith at MJ. I don't know the H'ville soph pitcher.... but having one or two decent pitchers is not like having four pitchers.... Remember you are in district play with new pitching rules. You do know about the new pitching rules? in 2014 when Beech threw elder McWilliams against elder Smith and they both went over 100 pitches? Then Beech brought McWilliams back in 3 days to close a game? Don't get me wroing I woulf have done the same thing, but now theres a 5 calendar day rest period going over a hundo. It will be a fun year in the district
  10. I think you guys are spot on in your assessment I do not see anything wrong with parents paying to play on travel teams. If the player enjoys it and playing more will make you better. I think the problem is with the expectations of the parents partly due to being ignorant about the college recruiting process and not really knowing how to navigate it. Thus the "travel coach" comes along with all the answers, or at least he knows what the parents want to hear. The first thing one has to do is make the grades in high school, very important. If that hurdle is jumped then get out a map. Draw a circle as to how far you are willing to go to attend college. Then target schools in each class D1, D2, D3 etc... that you would be willing to attend if you were not playing baseball or had to stop. Play high school ball, heck play travel ball, take lessons, but your sophomore year go to Perfect Game and get an honest eval of your talent and projection. They sometimes miss a kid, but for the most part they are the best in the business. Once you know the level that you can play at target those schools with emails, and maybe a camp. I say again 99% of high school players do not fully understand the commitment to play college baseball. Now if you are in the top .5% then yes "they" will find you.... try and remember 1.) get recruited 2.) commit 3.) sign NLI 4.) get accepted to the school 5.) maintain and 2.5 gpa for NCAA 6.) make the team in the fall 7.) make the travel team in the spring 8.) get on the game roster Its long way to the if you want to rock and roll too many parents think that if a college coach watches you play then that means a 100% scholarship
  11. You never know what 17's and 16's are going to do however MJ has three 89 to 93
  12. Wow this thread is all over the place. I wonder how many arms are being ruined anyway? Pitch counts are fine I guess. I can tell you my 2018 will never throw more than 70-75 in one outing and then he gets 5 days rest period. I have had 4 sons play D1 Juco and D3.. never had an arm issue... because I made sure they were not overthrown. Be it HS ball or travel ball. Speaking of travel ball, there's travel ball and then there's travel ball. Some teams are making money off of mediocre players... the top travel ball teams are not over throwing pitchers because they have a stable of them. "if you are good enough they will find you" true for the top 1% everyone else just need to attend a PG showcase and get a real eval. see where you stand.... College baseball can be very rewarding, but it is a ton of time and work that most HS players do not even realize. Also there's little money in college baseball, make sure you have the grades..
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