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  1. Congrats to Hampton. They were the better team. Best of luck the rest of the way.
  2. I’m going with NG in this one
  3. Eagle everyone has the right to their own opinion. When you coach some will like your coaching and some will not, that’s just how it goes. I think he is very knowledgeable of the game, maybe not the best motivator. I don’t think anybody expected them to win it all in 2020 or 2021, but this was suppose to be their year with the new classification and returning a group that has played together for so long, but it didn’t work out. They did run into a very good McKenzie team, but I’ll still say there wasn’t much energy from him or the team at that game.
  4. Those are fair points. It’s just frustrating when you see these players work so hard for years to try to get to this point and it just looks like people didn’t really care enough to come watch and support them at the biggest stage.
  5. I just wish all of the NG fans that are arguing about Buchanan would have used that energy and showed up at the state tournament and supported our team. Buchanan is a good high school coach. He’s not a great coach but he’s not terrible either. He’s like most coaches and wins when he has talent. I was disappointed that this group of seniors didn’t always have the best chemistry on the floor and I think that kept them from winning a championship.
  6. I definitely didn’t think he coached with any energy and the team didn’t play with any energy. Not sure it would have mattered in the end but probably would have been a much better game. I will say I was very disappointed in the support from the community, only about 10-15 in the student section as there was no fan bus and not many NG fans there in general. I thought this team deserved better than that with all of the hard work they’ve put in over the years.
  7. Good wins by Cloudland and NG last night. Should be another great meeting between these two for a Regional Championship.
  8. I would say eagle is referring to the fact that NG had to travel up there to play a District tournament
  9. NG will be prepared. They are a veteran team that has played a lot of big tournament games over the past few years. I think they pull this one out in a close game, all I’m saying is that Hampton is playing good basketball right now and could be a team that surprises a lot of people through the tournaments.
  10. NG is playing well right now. I think they are benefiting from a tough schedule they played early in the season. I do think Hampton is a tough matchup for them and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset in this game.
  11. Not sure where the problem is. Last time I checked North Greene is not the only school that is allowed to host exchange students.
  12. Shelby Davenport Senior from North Greene High School. 13.3 Points 4.6 Rebounds 1.6 Assists 1.5 Steals 47% FG 40% 3’s 72% Free throws 1300 career points
  13. Jason Britton sophomore guard from North Greene High School. Class A 20.1 ppg 4.7 rpg 2.0 apg 2.5 spg 75 made 3 pointers this season. 60% field goals 40% 3 point field goals 80% free throw
  14. These games always come down to the wire. I’m gonna say NG pulls this one out at home in a close one.
  15. Yes she is a very good player. I agree probably the best player in Region 1-A in several years. Should be some good games between them and NG over the next couple of weeks.
  16. Cloudland is a talented team and a very well coached team and I expect them to be in the mix with NG, Unaka, and Hampton. I’m a NG fan but I have a ton of respect for coach Birchfield and the Cloudland program. Our teams always know they are going to have to play their best to have a chance to win any time we play them. I think the District and Region tournaments should be really fun to watch again this year with these 4 teams.
  17. Yes everyone is starting to get involved on the offensive end the last couple of games and they have played well and looks like they are playing with a lot of confidence right now. If they can go win on the road at Grainger Monday night that would be a huge boost of confidence heading into the Christmas break.
  18. North Greene girls starting to figure things out. Wins this week against a good West Greene team and a talented Northview team. This team is starting to figure things out on the offensive side and they always play well on the defensive side. I believe this team is starting to become the team that most were expecting them to be with another big challenge on the road at Grainger on Monday.
  19. Hampton is very good and may contend for a state championship this year. I think the second spot from region 1 and 2 is going to be very competitive between North Greene, UH, Jellico, Hancock Co, Cosby, Oneida, and Harriman. This year’s regional tournament and sub state games should be very entertaining.
  20. In East Tennessee it looks like North Greene, Unaka, and Oneida are probably the best teams in single A right now. Hampton and Cloudland are right there also and both of those teams are well coached and will be in the mix by tournament time.
  21. North Greene playing good basketball right now, a couple of good road wins at CD and South Greene this past week. We have a couple of big tests coming up this week with a tough road game at Hancock Co and a good UH team at home, will know a lot more about this team by the end of the week.
  22. NG starting to find a rhythm and play better. Good win at South Greene Friday night and it looks like we will be getting our post player back in a few weeks.
  23. Maybe so, I guess we’ll see in the upcoming weeks/months. Way too much talent on this team to not have a good year.
  24. I sure hope so. Wins definitely are confidence boosters and I think their upcoming schedule is favorable for some wins. Personally I’m not too worried about the win/loss record as much as I am about how they are playing, but it is only November so we’ll see how things go the rest of the season.
  25. Hampton has to be the favorite in District 1 with NG right behind them. This NG team is starting to look good and will be a factor come tournament time. Got a chance to see Jellico play and was impressed by them, they play hard and run the floor well and can shoot the 3 well. Should make for a good region tournament when you add Cosby and Hancock Co to the mix along with the other District 1 teams.
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