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  1. Wartburg and south green is about even Wartburg had the ball inside the 10 twice no points the field was the worse high school field I have every seen so slick and muddy the kids look like they was walking on ice and Wartburg had like 16 penalties and on one of South Greens TD's they had 3.1 seconds on the clock ran a drag pattern all the way across the field and the quarterback had to scramble and only one second run off the clock and they got another play and scored on that play
  2. I predicted coalfield my two scores in this one I predicted the York coalfield score also
  3. I have watched both teams play Wartburg coalfield wins By 2 scores
  4. I said York by 3 scores I guess I was correct
  5. Wartburg has some work to do but when you give the other team the ball 3 or4 times in side the 30 and you have a back up center and quarterback it hurts CF's D is ok the offence needs some work
  6. Lets find out who done the field Damage before saying it was Wartburg and after Watching Coalfield play York by 3 td's
  7. The best quote of the night was when I was heading home and stop to talk to a couple of guys from a school not in the tournament Grace had put their backups in the game One of the guys said look all them they are all about 5'8 that must be the real kids at Grace
  8. With all this talk about Oakdale being the beast team from 4a what happens if Wartburg gets the W tonight that means they are three and one against the other two I guess they are still below Oakdale and coalfield from what I have watched out of Wartburg Oakdale and Coalfield is what every team can get their role players to step up that night will win .Wartburg has Carrol and fountain Oakdale has Smith and Hicks Coalfield McKinney after theses players it's what every team gets the most from the other kids lets get the tournament's started
  9. Great job Wartburg girls 3 games in 4 days and came away with it all. Wartburg had a really good team last year and this years team showed the could win it all A really talented group of young ladies the last 2 years and next year's team will be back again they had some really good 7th graders on the team this year GREAT JOB GIRLS
  10. I think Harriman is better suited for the state tournament If them and Grace both make it I think their style is better when you get to Murfreesboro
  11. They tried to move it to Anderson county one year. I am sure Wartburg would be glad to move it They are a lot of work that go’s in to a it and the money is divided up between the teams that make the final 4. Just my 2 cents but I think the gate would go way down if the tournament was at Oneida or Jellico it would be a long drive for all , and most fans would not make the trip Everyone is about 15-20 minutes from Wartburg except Oneida and Jellico
  12. Athlete's A.E. Coaching GRACE I AM GOING WITH AE JUST TO MANY Athlete's Will be a good game
  13. They cant afford all that travel but they sure can afford all the high Dollar equipment and facility's
  14. You said it BIG ROLES and most of the starters Yes Coalfield has been doing this stuff every since Gary Kries took over it started with him pulling all the PJ kids away from Wartburg great move on his part no I am not bashing I for one think you should stay in your school and build your on program The last time that Coalfield did not have transfers was the Henrys 1st couple of years and the people of coalfield wanted to run them out of town because of the records I have said it before and will say it again my 1st cousins boy went to Coalfield and they was some stuff that went on that is flat out wrong not Rumors but Facts
  15. That’s about dumbest thing every these schools need to step it up and fined a good coach and have a program just look at Campbell county not so long ago they was a warmup game for teams now they have something good going
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