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  1. I definitely agree that the winner of that game comes out of that side of the bracket. Yeah I thought those were definitely 2 of the best teams in it. Should be a great game! Any thought on who they might play on the other side of the bracket?
  2. Just curious on everyone's thoughts on the draws and how they think the tournament will fair out.
  3. Completely agree with this.
  4. I really like Nolensville's draw. I still think it will come down to Portland vs Nolensville, possibly Anderson County. Also, I am going to change my champion pick, I think Portland wins over Nolensville in the final. I think the experience will be just enough of a factor. Either way it should be a lot of fun!
  5. Haha, will do! I hope y'all are doing well. Well originally I would have said Nolensville and then toss up between Sycamore and WHH, however since Sycamore and Nolensville play each other in region Semis, I will say the winner of that and WHH will come out of there. I wouldn't count out Central Magnet though. I believe WHH, MLK, CM, and Nolensville (although it could very well be Sycamore) will win their semifinal round. Then WHH and the Nolensville/Sycamore winner will win their respective regions. Should be a lot of fun! Personally, I am rooting for MLK and HF. Good luck to all!
  6. Well MLK beat Hume-Fogg 2-1. In a great back and forth match. Congrats to MLK for beating Hume-Fogg for first time since 1996! I saw where Central Magnet defeated Page 1-0, WHH beat WH 8-2, and Sycamore beat Fairview 8-1. That Nolensville vs Sycamore game should be really good! Good luck to all.
  7. Unfortunately I agree on the Nolensville and Portland picks. I hope Hume Fogg pulls the upset on Portland though.
  8. Hume Fogg beat Republic 4-1 I believe. MLK hosts Hume Fogg in the District Championship, and if it is anything like it was in the regular season, it will be an exciting game. They tied 1-1, but MLK outshot Hume Fogg like 17-4. The Hume Fogg keeper played the game of her life, and was easily the MVP of that game. Fun fact, after talking with the previous Hume Fogg coach, we believe the last time MLK may have beat Hume Fogg in girls soccer was 1996. They have tied a couple of times, but it has been around 20 years since MLK last beat Hume Fogg.
  9. Big upset in AA soccer. Nolensville losses in District Semifinals to Page in PKs. Nolensville had been one of the better teams in AA throughout the year. That does seem to be a rivalry game however, which always seems to be close.
  10. Can someone keep this board, or me, updated with how the regions 5 and 6 AA go tonight. I believe it will be the same 4 last year and the same results too, but you never know, so if someone could keep updates in here that would be great! My picks: Nolensville over Hume-Fogg, and Portland over Camden. Good luck to all of them!
  11. Yes, it is the coach's kid. Their coach told me she got a concussion during the Siegel tournament a couple of weeks ago.
  12. I was told the 3 teams pools were put together based on some rankings, and that you would basically get in gold if you were in one of them. Based on what I saw, I would agree that a healthy Nolensville team would be my favorites to win the whole thing. The second time they played Hazel Green they lost 25-27 and 24-26, and the coach said that was without one of their best OH who was out with a concussion. They looked pretty impressive. I still have not seen Portland though, but I would think as of now that Nolensville is definitely the team to beat in AA.
  13. If that is true Rockstar, then Nolensville will be good again next year, I would think. According to last years roster, Nolensville shouldn't have any seniors this year (I didn't see any juniors on the team last year). If everything goes like it has in the past then it would be Portland vs (maybe Camden, but could be a new team) in region 6 finals, and Nolensville vs Hume-Fogg in region 5 finals. If what you are saying is the case then I would think Hume-Fogg goes to Portland, and Nolensville would host Camden (or new team) in the sub-state. Both of those would be rematches of last year. Of course this is all just prediction and anything could happen before we get that far.
  14. I haven't seen anything yet this year, but based on what teams lost from last year (from memory so please fact check) Camden lost their best player in their setter, so they were thought to take at least a little step back. I am pretty sure Nolensville lost their top hitter and top middle. Hume-Fogg should be relatively young (at least for the tall players that were commented on). Hume-Fogg lost their 2 best hitters from last year. What about out east? Anyone have any knowledge on the teams out east?
  15. Congrats to White House on beating Hume-Fogg 5-4 last night. I wish I could have been there, as I was watching twitter updates, and it sounded CRAZY! Hume-Fogg had a lead at half 1-0, then in early second half WH tied it at 1, then WH lead 2-1, HF then tied it at 2, WH took lead again at 3-2, then HF scores twice to lead 4-3, then WH tied it at 4, and finally with about 10 minutes or so left WH scored to eventually win 5-4. It sounded as if the teams kept responding back and forth, like crazy, wish I could have been there. Congrats to WH, and good luck in region finals and sectionals.
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