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  1. knightsfan

    2018 State Tournament

    Idk about the other classifications, but in AA my picks are this: winner of Fairview vs MLK will beat Sheffield, South Doyle will win their first round, Greenville will win, and Stratford (stratford vs howard should be a very good game). I think the winner of Stratford vs Greenville will win the whole thing, my pick is Greenville. If it is Fairview vs South Doyle, then I say Fairview wins, but if it is MLK vs South Doyle, then I say South Doyle wins. I think Greenville wins the whole thing, but I really feel like there are 3-4 teams that could win the whole thing. Good luck to everyone, and it should be a lot of fun!
  2. knightsfan

    AA Sectional Matches

    Well the AA sectional matches are set. What is everyone's thoughts on the outcomes? I believe Upperman at East Hamilton, Camden at Hume-fogg, and maybe Anderson County at Sullivan South could be good games to watch. I feel like Signal Mtn, Knox Cath, and Portland are locks to win their games. No offense to the other teams, I just think those 3 are that good, and if Hume-fogg was playing any other team that was a runner up besides Camden, I would say they would be a lock too . My predictions for who wins are: Sullivan South (Could be close, but I think SS takes care of business on home court) Knox Catholic East Hamilton (barely over Upperman, basically a toss up in my opinion) Signal Mountain Hume-Fogg (in another close one with Camden) Portland Dyersburg Jackson South side (millington could win this, but I don't know much about teams out west.) Good luck to all of the teams!
  3. knightsfan

    2017 Season underway

    Thank you! I've heard they maybe trying to get another tournament going that should be like the old one, called middle TN classic? That is just what I have heard. Also, go figure that when one powerhouse stops hosting, the others stop going (being sarcastic at the end).
  4. knightsfan

    2017 Season underway

    I plan on watching them and some other teams in AA to get an idea on how everyone is looking. I went through all the pools, but it seems like this years Williamson County Tournament is weaker compared to past years. I could be wrong, but I don't see Brentwood, Knox Webb, Baylor, etc. I feel like in the past there was usually more powerhouses than this year. It should still be a really good tournament though.
  5. knightsfan

    District Tournaments

    Hume-Fogg definitely has. I don't know about these others, but it appears Camden, Sullivan South, and Harpeth have won their regular season district titles. I need to check on Signal Mtn. Anybody else know?
  6. knightsfan

    2017 Season underway

    Would you say that Portland should be the current favorite in AA? I currently feel like they should be the favorite. Followed by Signal Mtn, Hume-Fogg, Sullivan South, or Camden Central. That is just my opinion. Any other thoughts? Thank you for your insight.
  7. knightsfan

    2017 Season underway

    From what I have heard and seen from some of Portland Scores. They definitely seem like a legit contender. Beating Page twice is no slouch. I know Hume-Fogg has just recently gotten their full lineup together. In some of the earlier tournaments they were missing a starter or two (I don't know if that includes the Early bird tournament). It also appears that Sullivan South is once again in the mix. Any other news about other teams (other than Knox Cath and AC only because I have seen a lot about both) like Signal Mtn or anyone else?
  8. knightsfan

    A/AA Region Tournament Results

    Exactly what I saw! I thought he was about to card the goalie, but when I saw he disallowed the goal. I was shocked. Thank you! Like you said, hate someone had to lose. Congrats on a good season by WHH.
  9. knightsfan

    A/AA Region Tournament Results

    I believe he called a foul on the player that scored, but if there was a foul to be called it should have been on the goalie, not the scoring player. I was talking with some past players of Hume-Fogg and we all agreed that WHH should have been up 2-0. I don't blame their coach for being mad at the ref, he had every right to be.
  10. knightsfan

    A/AA Region Tournament Results

    Hume-Fogg wins a squeaker against WHH 3-2 in double OT Great game, WHH appears to have been cheated in regulation, there was a play that had WHH scoring, but did not count when it should have. However, I thought Hume-Fogg played better, had possession of the ball on WHH side about 85% of the time, with a ton of chances.
  11. knightsfan

    Pearl Cohn vs Upperman

    Very true, and another reason why it was well deserved, and Levy deserves Tournament MVP. Upperman had to beat the 3 next best teams in the tournament to win it all.
  12. knightsfan

    Pearl Cohn vs Upperman

    okay guys the refs were bad both ways. I thought it was definitely a foul against upperman, but not intentional. There was a 3 that was pretty obvious in the third Quarter for PC that was put as a 2 by the ref (pictures of it). The worst had to be the refs lining up the teams wrong to start the 1st OT, and then called PC for over and back. However, there was a 2nd OT so 1st OT mistake didn't cost game. I was cheering for PC, but we should all be able to agree PC lost, because they couldn't hit free throws. If they hit those with under a minute they would be state champs. Congratulations to PC and Upperman for the game of the whole tournament (no matter the classification). Both deserved it, and both should be proud. Congrats to Upperman on a state championship, and a well deserved tournament MVP and miss basketball for Levy.
  13. knightsfan

    Pearl Cohn vs Upperman

    Usually East could hit similar shots. I was expecting East to do similar, but they couldn't when they played Upperman. That is what I meant when I said East had a bad shooting day, but I also said that it DIDN'T mean East would have won though. Just saying both East and PC can usually shoot pretty well and from DEEP.
  14. knightsfan

    Miss Basketball- in all C'ship games...

    What year is Levy? Just curious, and was definitely tournament MVP, and miss basketball in AA. Without her Upperman would not have been close to winning the state championship, without her. Congrats!
  15. knightsfan

    Pearl Cohn vs Upperman

    Great game....except for 1st OT lol. Ref made a mistake, but it didn't cost anything as it went to second OT. What hurt PC the most was not hitting those free throws, especially when they called the intentional foul. That could have almost iced it for all intensive purposes. Congrats to both teams!