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  1. If that is true Rockstar, then Nolensville will be good again next year, I would think. According to last years roster, Nolensville shouldn't have any seniors this year (I didn't see any juniors on the team last year). If everything goes like it has in the past then it would be Portland vs (maybe Camden, but could be a new team) in region 6 finals, and Nolensville vs Hume-Fogg in region 5 finals. If what you are saying is the case then I would think Hume-Fogg goes to Portland, and Nolensville would host Camden (or new team) in the sub-state. Both of those would be rematches of last year. Of course this is all just prediction and anything could happen before we get that far.
  2. I haven't seen anything yet this year, but based on what teams lost from last year (from memory so please fact check) Camden lost their best player in their setter, so they were thought to take at least a little step back. I am pretty sure Nolensville lost their top hitter and top middle. Hume-Fogg should be relatively young (at least for the tall players that were commented on). Hume-Fogg lost their 2 best hitters from last year. What about out east? Anyone have any knowledge on the teams out east?
  3. Congrats to White House on beating Hume-Fogg 5-4 last night. I wish I could have been there, as I was watching twitter updates, and it sounded CRAZY! Hume-Fogg had a lead at half 1-0, then in early second half WH tied it at 1, then WH lead 2-1, HF then tied it at 2, WH took lead again at 3-2, then HF scores twice to lead 4-3, then WH tied it at 4, and finally with about 10 minutes or so left WH scored to eventually win 5-4. It sounded as if the teams kept responding back and forth, like crazy, wish I could have been there. Congrats to WH, and good luck in region finals and sectionals.
  4. I would normally say maybe one of the teams got over nerves, but both were at state last year i believe. I wish I knew as well. Camden should win their next game, and then play probably Upperman, then they would be in the final 4. So they are in the "easier" side of the losers bracket I would say. Avoid SS, and loser of East and Knox Cath.
  5. What I think I have learned with Camden is, people can have more talent than them, but the key to beat them is to not commit errors, or hurt yourself in any way. If you can keep from doing that, and you have some talent then I personally believe you can beat Camden. I mean I believe, outside of setter and coaching, that Portland, Hume-Fogg, and Nolensville probably had more talent than Camden, but make a lot more errors than them when they play. My gut had been telling me that the finals would be Portland and Knox Catholic again, because if those teams don't make errors against Camden, then I think they can beat them. Now don't get me wrong, i have a TON of respect for Camden, and I do think they are VERY GOOD, So I can definitely be wrong here. That is just my opinion.
  6. Apologies to East Hamilton in my previous post, as when I posted it they had lost first set 25-9 to Camden, but now I see they seem to have found themselves. While I thought Camden would win, I didn't think East Hamilton would be an easy game tbh, and East COULD win this match. Best of luck to both.
  7. Agreed somewhat, I do expect some easy first round matchups in AA bracket, although I expected Sullivan South to put up more of a fight: 25-23, 25-14, 25-13. I know Hume-Fogg lost to Portland in Sectionals: 24-26, 21-25, and 23-25. We really won't know much about how this will turn out until Camden and Knox Catholic play each other. I think Portland will beat Upperman in straight sets personally.
  8. I said they would reach final 4 because they would have a much easier time getting through the losers bracket if they lose to camden. I think Camden, Knox Cath, and Portland are better than East Hamilton, but I am looking at the brackets. (please check me on this) I believe they wouldn't play a Knox Cath, Camden, or SS until the final 4 if they lose to Camden in the first game. That Is why i think they would be a final 4 team. I see SS having to play either Camden or Knox Cath in the second round of losers bracket (assuming Portland beats SS), but of course anything can happen. So my analysis can go right out the door haha. I agree with analysis with Upperman, and they did get a very favorable first round draw. I think we know the top 3, and I just believe based on who is left I have East and SS at 4. SS has a much harder road to the final 4 then East would, at least in my eyes.
  9. Thank you. I wish I could be at the White House at Hume-Fogg game Tuesday, but I will have class. I will let him know. I know we miss those days as well. Especially because at that age they have a lot less worries and have so much fun. Good luck to you and Faith as she starts college, and getting to play college ball. I look forward to seeing how she does at UTC, and I am sure she will be amazing!
  10. So i see the AA State bracket is up. I think they did a pretty good job ( i know it is luck of the draw but still) at splitting the best teams up. Maybe switch either portland or SS with one of the teams from the first game, but still i think it is very balanced. I think the last 4 in the tournament will be Portland, Knox Cath, East Hamilton (because of the loser's bracket draw, and I think they are a pretty good team), and either SS or Camden ( I will go with Camden). I think if Camden can get by Knox Cath, then the state championship will be Portland vs Camden, or Portland vs Knox Cath. I will be excited to see how this turns out. For first round my picks are: Upperman, Portland, Camden, and Knox Cath. Good luck to everyone!
  11. So it appears to be Hume-Fogg hosting White House, and Beech hosting MLK. This kicks off what will be a grueling playoffs for any of these teams, if they make it to state, because more than likely they will have to play either Nolensville or Page in the Sectionals. Should be a lot of fun. Any thoughts from people? I personally think the Hume-Fogg vs White House game will be the best first round game and should be a pretty close game. I think the final will be Hume-Fogg vs Beech, but that Hume-Fogg vs White House game could really go either way. Good luck to all of the teams!
  12. Agreed Rockstar, I was not at the hume fogg vs portland game, but I heard the set scores were 26-24, 25-21, and 25-23. Sounds like it was a decent game, but Hume-Fogg just couldn't get that 1 or 2 points they needed to make it very interesting. Congrats to both Portland and Camden. I will say I thought Nolensville would have one a set or two, but I wasn't there either, nor do I know what the set scores were. I think the final 3 will be Portland, Camden, and Knox Cath. With the finals being a rematch of last year (I believe) between Portland and Knox Cath. Good luck to all the teams that made it to state!
  13. Yeah, I saw that Portland won 3-1. So portland hosts Hume-Fogg and Camden goes to Nolensville. My guess, and I hope I am wrong, is that Portland wins in 4 or 5, and that Camden wins in 5, because of Camden's prior experience. That being said, Right before the playoffs last year Hume-Fogg had beaten Portland in a tournament (close match), and Hume-Fogg kept their main core from that team, I know Portland lost some key positions (from what I had heard), but kept some of their best players. Granted that was last year, and it is a whole different season now. So I am hoping that Hume-Fogg can come up with the upset again. Good luck to all of the teams.
  14. So I saw Nolensville and Hume-Fogg play last night in a thriller for the region finals. First of all congrats to Nolensville on winning the region tournament, well deserved. Nolensville won 3-2, however I would argue that Hume-Fogg let this one get away from them. First set was tight (no one ever had more than a 3 point lead, was tied most of the set), and both teams made unforced errors, Nolensville won 25-23. Then in second set, and I would argue this is what cost Hume-Fogg, Hume-Fogg was rolling up, 19-11, and then imploded and lost the 2nd set 23-25. In the 3rd and 4th sets Hume-Fogg didn't implode this time winning both sets (I believe something like 25-16, and 25-17). In the 5th set, it was someone tight for the first 8 points or so, but Nolensville broke away and won the 5th set 15-9. Overall, I don't think Nolensville played their best game, and I don't think Hume-Fogg did either. I was more impressed with how Hume-Fogg's younger players stepped up in the middle, especially in the blocking department. They caused problems all match. pgd66 is spot on, Nolensville will go as far as the setter takes them. If she is having a good game, and they are passing, then they will be tough to beat. Last night, there was definitely times where the passing and setting was off. Their best OH #2 didn't appear to have a good game (by her standards) either, which is another reason I don't think they played their best game. I will say if both teams have that many errors in the sectionals, then I believe Camden and Portland will come out of this tough sectional group. Also, in regards to Camden pgd66 is right again. Camden will not beat themselves, they are very well coached, and don't make many errors. They hit the corners well, and as mentioned their best player is their setter. To beat Camden, you just have to limit your errors (easier said then done), and play a solid team game. When Hume-Fogg played camden in the siegel tournament, Camden won 2-1, and the 3rd set was like 18-16 I think. Although, I would say Hume-Fogg probably tripled them in errors that match, and that is what cost them. I unfortunately haven't gotten to see Portland yet, but I had talked with them last year, and figured they would be good again, based on who they returned. I think Camden and Portland will come down to Portland not making a ton of unforced errors. If they don't I think they will win, but it should be a great match either way. Is there anyone who has a shot against Camden or Portland in Region Semifinals? If not, then good luck to all 4 teams in sectionals. Should be a lot of fun.
  15. I would have to agree with you bratman for the most part. However, I would put Nolensville in that top 4 group with Camden, and Catholic. No offense to South, but I have seen Nolensville play some and they look pretty darn good. Hume-Fogg vs Nolensville should be a good match, but if I had to pick one right now, I think I would pick Nolensville, but if Hume-Fogg comes to play then all bets are off. Camden, Portland, Hume-Fogg, and Nolensville will all have to play each other in substate, and those could go anyway depending on who comes to play.
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