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  1. How is Station Camp ahead of Lebanon when Lebanon beat them by 28?
  2. What is ridiculous is the fact that the start times are so early. The last game starts at 5:30, and they wonder why they are losing money. Typical.
  3. Columbia has surprised a lot of people with their post season run, but they have stepped up in the big games when they needed to. English has stepped up big time, as has Parks and both seem to be good kids as well. They are as athletic as any team east of of Memphis. Cleveland is a tough place to go win any time, any year. Good Luck to the Lions at the big dance.
  4. hahaha great post. I guess your boy has been listening to too much George Plaster. Book it. ha.
  5. Don't count Robert Wade and Maplewood out. Very talented team and Wade is a freak. PG Fred Lee runs the show well for Coach Wilson and the Panthers.
  6. Don't know much about A- going with CSAS or Humboldt AA- Maplewood, Fulton, or Liberty AAA-Should be an All Memphis Final with a Melrose victory, Surprise pick outside of Shelby County is Northeast. AA and AAA should be great games- like I said, not taking anything away from Single A just don't know a lot about Single A.
  7. Candidates- Michael Voss Blackman Freshman Coach Mike Holt Oakland Assistant Coach Nathan Johson Riverdale Assistant Coach Kevin Thomas Shelbyville Head Coach Troy Bond Wilson Central Head Coach Kevin Woodson Rockvale Middle Assistant Coach
  8. 12-2 Dekalb beat Coffee last night, to go 3-0 versus 6-AAA. 8-AA has 3 teams ranked in the top 10 in the state, Dekalb needs to petition to play up, they would be guaranteed to make it to region in 6-AAA, but have no chance in 8-AA. I will go out on a limb and say there has never been a year where a smaller district has so dominated a larger district like 8-AA has done to 6-AAA.
  9. Great win tonight ladies, season sweep of Warren Co. for the first time since the early 90's. Anytime a aa school sweeps a aaa school it is a pretty big accomplishment. 10 wins in a seson for the first time in over 15 years. The entire community is proud of you and how you represent our town. I really wish Coach Cope would have had this group of seniors for all 4 years, you have reached milestones this year that were thought to be unreachable. We are glad to call you our coach. Good luck the rest of the season. Has anyone heard when the coffee co. game is being made up.
  10. I think it has been 17 years since Dekalb Co. has swept Warren Co. in a season. Dekalb is much improved and playing very hard. 10 wins with 11 games to go, great job ladies.
  11. Great job today ladies, good win over a aaa school. Played a very tough schedule @ the white co. tournament, faced 3 aaa teams this week. Keep up the hard work , i know that district win is coming soon. Most wins we have had in many, many, many years.
  12. Now that we have had a chance to see the teams compete how does everyone see this years district race playing out. Here is my predicted order of finish. 1. Livingston 2. Cannon Co. 3. Upperman 4. York 5. Dekalb 6. Smith
  13. How does everybody see the games going tomorrow night in 8-aa. Here are my predictions, Upperman 68 Dekalb 42 York - 44 Livingston - 76 Trousdale - 34 Smith Co. - 48
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