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Everything posted by brian2000

  1. East TN put together all star teams. A lot of open enrollment....must be nice.
  2. The Jackets play calling was much different the first drive than it was in the 2nd half. I assume our coaches weren’t confident passing down in our own territory. Tigers defense played the run and did it well at the time
  3. I agree tssaa should have cut a whole lot of slack since their is a limited number of ppl in attendance imo
  4. I could see this happening especially if our defense is getting after the QB
  5. How is HC pass protection? I like the speed rush the Jackets have. HC may try to hit the Jackets with quick passes if they are able to get in the back field quick. I like the personal in the secondary for the Jackets. They will be tested for sure. My biased opinion Jackets win 38-35
  6. Last yr team in first 11 games probably 7.5 and this probably a 9 out of 10. IMHO
  7. The Marshall Co passing attack is a good comparison to their passing attack.
  8. Maybe slide Greenbrier over to region 4 with Macon & Dekalb region. They were same region 20 yrs ago
  9. I predicted Jackson, Smith, Cannon, East Nashville, Stratford in region 4 3A
  10. 4A region 5 has 9 schools? That is ridiculous tssaa Also Id say in 5A swap Portland over to region 5 and put maybe Hillsboro to region 7.
  11. As of midnight their are still tix available on GoFan through Southside
  12. Northside averages an 40 pts per game. But only scored 10 & 14 in both loses. They give up 28 totals pts. Creek Wood avg 29 pg giving up 13.
  13. 1. (8-1) Springfield 42 4. (2-6) Southside 14 2. (8-2) Harding Co 38 3. (7-3) WH Heritage 21 1. (9-1) Lexington 35 4. (4-6) White House 14 2. (9-1) Creek Wood 24 3. (6-2) Northside 34
  14. If it’s on Go Fan you could buy them through Jackson Southside I think
  15. Looked like there were more ppl at the game last night than it was at the season opener. And tickets sold out then too
  16. If the Jacket OL play with the same intensity like they did against Creek Wood watch out.
  17. I heard that reporter too. I bet 2 had nightmares of a swarm of Yellow Jackets coming after him last night.
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