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  1. Competitor - you are spot on. Coach King needs to clean house from the toxic atmosphere that was created the past two years, especially one assistant that was forced on a previous coach by the former principal. There was a family atmosphere after Coach Childs resurrected the program from the ash heap and kids played hard to the last out evidenced by the many come from behind wins. Good luck to Coach King and here is hoping he can recreate that winning family program.
  2. The only successful former coach is now a head baseball coach in Florida.
  3. neverlayup


    Warren district honorees were Helton MVP and Smith, Ward, Adams, Cantrell and Holder. The weak district is done in the playoffs and that is with District 5 not being as strong as in past years either. I still believe neither Cookeville or Warren would have advanced out of most previous years' races. Stone is not good, Rhea has regressed in the past years - they even lost to Stone in the play-in - and White is White. Should be Cookeville and Warren for the foreseeable future by default. The one thing that became obvious if folks were not aware of this before is that Butch is head and shoulders above the rest of the district in getting the most out of his teams. Congrats to all Warren district honorees.
  4. neverlayup


    Here are my predictions for Warren district honorees. MVP Brooks Helton. Also on first team outfielder Ethan Smith and catcher/infielder Ryland Holder. 2nd team: 1st baseman Will Cantrell, pitcher Dylan Ward and shortstop Hunter Adams. Possible consideration Trace Adcock.
  5. Martin is not the answer here. They had it going for 11 years but ran off Chase Jones several years ago. They hired a guy who just quit on them, then the next coach had his well documented issue and was fired and now Martin. Guess they didn't know how good they had it.
  6. cc got drilled by tullahoma 13-1 ... season over for the raiders
  7. neverlayup


    Why did Cookeville get a #1 seed? I believe the reasons are many. I posted earlier about the district being the weakest I have seen in many years and I believe it has played out that way, except I thought Warren County would win easily - though losing district MVP (not official yet) and leader Brooks Helton certainly hurt the Pioneers. Maybe more importantly, the Cavaliers have two things - the best program and coach. Butch just gets the most out of his players and even when it looks like they are reloading. Warren County was resurrected from the ashes and became a contender and was building towards the same kind of program Cookeville has until the principal decided to upend the most consistent winning sport at the school. So Cookeville stands alone above the district for the time being even when the talent is not as good as others.
  8. neverlayup


    Supposedly they compare records against the next team in the standings. Cookeville 2-0 against White and Warren 1-1 vs White, so Cookeville has #1 seed. So Cookeville plays play-in winner between Stone and Rhea and White and Warren go at each other again.
  9. Never lose sight of who is in charge of this dumpster fire.
  10. neverlayup


    I agree Pioneers12 - they will have to step it up. But I do believe that is testimony to my contention about how weak this district is that I think they will win. The unknown? Just never count out Butch and his Cavaliers. And Rhea has a couple of pitchers than can shut a team down. And will Warren let their seniors (they are all good kids) lead them and be a team.
  11. neverlayup


    After a flurry of early games here is what I see. Hard to know what will happen this year but I think Warren wins fairly easily. This district has never been that weak. Cookeville is young but they have a shot because they have Butch - not only the dean of coaches, but the best by far. Rhea has a couple of good pitchers but don't hit or field real well yet. Stone is Stone. White is typical - has some good players but just can't get it done. Warren has the best returning talent and a couple of rising young players. Powers inherited a winning program with the best set of arms Warren had seen in years. They have played a good schedule but don't hit or field real well yet. It will be good enough to win district but mainly because the district is just not very good this year. Would not have fared very well against recent teams from Cookeville, Rhea, Coffee before they decided to run off Chase Jones, White when they had pitching lead by a College World Series participant at Tennessee Tech and previous Warren teams. And the representatives from the district will have a shot at regionals because 5aaa teams are currently a shadow of recent years. Teams can grow over the year, so this should be interesting.
  12. neverlayup


    butch chaffin is one of the best for sure
  13. neverlayup


    we can rehash the poor decision of firing a coach that took them to regionals 4 times in 6 years when they had not been there for 12 years or so, won 20+ games twice including last season's 20 regular season games for the first time since the state championship in 1992 ... it is too early to know if coach trice will get the job done - he might ... he did inherit the best set of pitching arms warren county has seen since the late 90's ... but to speak to the previous post, the schedule this year is not tougher ... they are playing many of the same teams with a few changes - this year's teams have played oakland, riverdale and beech - lost them all while last year's schedule had maryville, bearden and gibbs - won one - pretty even ... 10 run ruled hardin valley last year and this year warren county came from behind for a great win in a close game ... last year faced a dekalb team with a major league draftee pitcher that they won't see this year ... beat white 3 times last year while this year have lost to them already ... so the schedule is not a factor .... bad decision but the foundation for future success had been laid for someone to be successful and it might be coach trice - time will tell
  14. Sorry didn't mean to imply that from your post. Earlier posts mentioned no jobs so tough to find a coach outside.
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