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  1. I do agree with what you're saying. The TSSAA is so addicted to "money", that would be a fantastic idea to have a 3-game series to see who gets to the "state". Baseball IS so much different than all other sports as you pointed out and the TSSAA needs to get on bound with the rest of the country. We pay $250/game to the TSSAA to live stream our games. It'll be $300 at the state. So the series would be a great money maker for the TSSAA and fans would love it too!
  2. You can follow the Forrest Rockets Baseball team on the Forrest Page of TennesseeSportsNet.Com.
  3. You can catch the action live in 1080HD on the Forrest Page of TennesseeSportsNet.Com !
  4. Please post scores from District 8 AA tournament....thanks.
  5. Please post updated tournament scores....thanks.
  6. GAME DAY BAAAAAABY! Watch the game FREE on TennesseeSportsNet as we begin our coverage at 6pm. > https://tennesseesportsnet.com/live-sports-play-by-play/
  7. This game will be a great game. It should be close, but you really never know. Forrest has a stable of great running backs and a very capable QB! Riverside has some veteran players returning on the line and they also have a great QB. We are hoping its not a messy field like in 2019, but the home guys will be ready for this team. Watch the game FREE on TennesseeSportsNet as we begin our coverage at 6pm. > https://tennesseesportsnet.com/live-sports-play-by-play/
  8. Broadcast TIME CHANGE: Tigers at Rockets online time will be 5:30 with "Murphy's Matchups" followed by #SeniorNight festivities at 6pm....the @TSNSports pregame will follow. Watch the game live at > https://tennesseesportsnet.com/live-sports-play-by-play/ and IT'S FREE!
  9. Thanks so much for the shout out. Troy Cashion and "Noval" Mayes are the best in the high school business, IMO. Not leaving out Ricky Sweeney, the best stat man in the biz. And I take this very serious with production of the program. We are all very blessed! Thanks again and thanks for watching.
  10. Watch the Forrest at Richland game live on TennesseeSportsNet at the Rockets #TSNSports Page...> https://tennesseesportsnet.com/live-sports-play-by-play/.....we'll start at 6pm with the best high school football pregame show in Tennessee which includes Murphy's Matchups with Murphy Fair at 6:10....
  11. Ive looked it over and over....how do I embed my logo in post identification ? Can't find link.....I want to remove the "T" that's there now.
  12. can you please remove this post....and re do it please. Thank you
  13. You can watch this game FREE on TennesseeSportsNet LIVE and ON-DEMAND (afterwards) TSNSports Forrest Page..... https://tennesseesportsnet.com/live-sports-play-by-play/
  14. TennesseeSportsNet is looking for Camden record info. There are 3 games "looking for scores" on CoachT. Please send any info on team to us and a roster to TSNSports email [email protected] We will have the game LIVE HDTV from Chapel Hill Monday beginning at TBD. Thank you!
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