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  1. What was the score when the starters got pulled out of the game? Be honest please
  2. North Side did a great job against Dyersburg last Friday. Remember the Indians lost a lot of Seniors, meanwhile for the Trojans, they were pick #3 in the preseason polls. North Side beat Dyersburg by a Touchdown or 2. I believe North Side will be win about 8 to 9 games, and I pick them to win District 15-AA with both Covington and Liberty in it. The Indians will be just fine.
  3. cubs


    FCA 7 on 7 at USJ is cancelled.
  4. cubs


    I wanna say JCM played Trinity in the jamboree at Pringles last year, but I don't know for sure.
  5. cubs


    JCM plays USJ at the Jamboree at Southside on August 16. JCM opens up at Dyersburg on the 23rd (Trojans first regular season game under the turf)
  6. I know Fulton is the "Favorite" in 4A. Bur I'm really curious to see whats going on in District 15AA. Liberty (Semifinal team lost to Covington), Covington (State Runner-up) and Jackson North Side (5A Semifinal team lost to Beech last year) all in one district. That district would be exciting to watch.
  7. JCM made the worse hire that anyone could possibly make. WHY? well JCM is moving into a district where you have 3 state-semi teams and 1 of them went to Cookville (Liberty, North Side, and Covington are the 3 teams). Hiring a coach that is a position coach is bad, what made it worse is his resume. If Edwards stayed at JCM, IMO i would've put JCM in the hunt for the district title, now? no, not even close. 3 wins in 3 seasons??? JCM football was building momentum into the fall, now, the lost all that momentum. Bad hire.
  8. Yes i did, but here is the deal. Mac is the O-Cord, Ryan Scott is the WR's coach, Tony Bonds is the O-Line coach. On defense, Vowell is the D-Cord and has the linebackers, Turner has the D-Line, and Glover is the backs coach. Glover also helps out with Mac on the offense, so Glover is a coach that can do anything (except for the line) and does a great job doing that. Davis came in mid September and does the Outside Linebackers and Vowell has the Inside Backs. Glover and Vowell do the Special teams. That is basically the coaching staff and what their job is. Glover is in the box doing everything, but most relies on the Safety's/Corners. So Slapper, your right. And I don't believe it when ya'll are saying North Side call JCM and told them to play over at NS. Believe it when I see it.
  9. When Jacobs was at North Side, he called the offense from the sideline, while Mac was in the pressbox. Now Jacobs is at Trenton calling defense, Mac is at North Side calling the offense from the sidelinem and Glover is calling the offense from the pressbox. (Glover was at McNairy Central on the fall of 2011) Mac is the front-runner for the job at JCM. However If the JCM players called Vowell to come to JCM, Vowell will reject the offer quick. But Mac is the front-runner for the job. Basically North Side is now "Tab Vowell University"
  10. If you want a yound, funny, coach. Of course you want him, he seems like Josh Pastner, a coach that can stay at one school for a long period of time.
  11. No, interviews start today or yesterday. So basically no names have floated around yet. JCM will probablt struggle on finding a coach due to where the high school is located in Jackson and the lack of intrest. But whoever is there will get some skill players that are young. Example: Terrance Kinnie, Tydarious Tyson, Malic Clark, Jacob Chandler, Dennis Jones, and Ben Whiclin all class of 2015, and all of them are dangerous playmakers. JCM is a young team.
  12. Of course ya'll want the right hire, but with spring practice coming in a few weeks, all of the coaches are basically set on where they will be this fall. However the only head coach that is out there is Montez Edwards. If not, IMO Shane Jacobs is the person ya'll have to go with for the hire.
  13. I am not associated with Trenton Peabody football. However, I hope the best for them with there coaching search. But time is running out. I would expect there will be a coach at the helm in Trenton, but its not. So its time to just pick a coach and hope for the best. But again, time is running out might half to pick an assisstant, lick your chops and hope for the best.
  14. Its true. Vowell rejected the deal that includs a big paycheck.
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