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  1. I think all 3 nominees are good but my vote would be 100% with Elizabeth Masingill. This kid is the real deal. I saw her as a Freshman and Sophmore, the kid was amazing then..I can only imagine what she is this year.
  2. Blitzinbuc, I feel like we have gotten close over the last week and I’m getting a little worried about you. You need me to send that ointment you mailed LA back to you? You had to know that was coming after the crap you gave us. Seriously, all jokes aside, just go look at the Gold Ball setting in the school trophy case, be proud. McMinn had a great year and won the highest title and I know the icing would have been Adams winning but as you know, you can’t always win everything. Your girl was great too and in your eyes she was most deserving but in our eyes and the deciding votes eyes (whoever they are) Sells was the total package on and off the court.
  3. I would have to go with Macon being there at the end next year. They can move for their size and they work well together. McMinn Central should do pretty well, that Elizabeth Masiongill is a gem and she has a good supporting cast. I’m sure West TN will have some strong teams, as they always do. I don’t think 8AA will be that strong next year, Upperman, LA, Smith & Cannon lose some key players next yr but you never know. It will be interesting to watch to see who is on top in AA.
  4. LA Wildcats have worked hard to get where they are, so happy they have finally settled down with the new coach and they are all just playing ball. These boys are fun to watch when they are working together.GO HOGEYE!!!!!
  5. Best game of the day by far! I'm happy we came down early, we were there for AA Miss Basketball and I will have to say we got our moneys worth with this game. I didn't have anyone playing and I was on the edge of my seat the whole game(even when Wayne was up by 17, NG never slowed down or gave up)! That is how basketball should be. I would have liked to seen North Greene take it but congrats to Wayne C., you both played great. Mariah Britton was such a joy to watch, this kid has that spark! Is she playing college anywhere?
  6. Congrats to Miss Sells! This is a tremendous honor in which you greatly deserved. It has been very enjoyable watching you the last 8 years from Rickman through Livingston Academy. You are a great athlete, student, and young lady. Good luck with the Blue Raiders. Go Hog-Eye!
  7. Your right, he is the equivalent to midtensports fan except he is in East TN. He may not have said much on this board about LA but he did on the LA/McMinn topic. I personally think it is Last Word-ittis, mixed with some Smart A**-ittis, and topped with retirement. I guess we should cut the old timer some slack because this board is probably the highlight of his day.
  8. I misspelled Livingston in the Topic Line. My hands got ahead of themselves.
  9. The LA boys started off a little shaky this year, had a coach change, had adjusting to do, had some on and off nights, but now they have found their groove. LA looked like they were really working together Monday night. Ramsey boys just keep getting better, and McCoin in the 4th really put the moves on, he was really fun to watch. I was always a Richard Melton fan but I am happy LA boys are doing well with Jimmy Miller. GO HOG-EYE!
  10. Lol, I feel you Blue. I know exactly what you are talking about in Soccer and yes that could be a topic all in itself! LA basketball fans are much more representing of the school mannerism. Did you have a run in with Super mom? Sorry, some things you just can't apologize for enough. I'm sure it is an awful story too. Ok, the grading system is pretty funny, I did laugh. Thanks for breaking it down for us. I did say that MC played a great game their play did affect LA but surely no one in their right mind could think that LA had their best game. I didn’t make one excuse I just stated a fact, I wish you could have faced our best effort and that wasn’t our best. It didn’t happen and that is just how it goes. Even if LA played their best game, I would still say MC would have still won, they played great, but it would have been a better game to watch. It's like when MC lost to Cannon, I hear everyone say it wasn't their best game, everyone has games like that. They are a good team I have no problem saying that. I had a good Laugh Blue, Thanks. Oh your right, it does suck that we met this early we should have played in the Boro.
  11. Midtensportsfan would fit right in here with Buc, always looking for someone to argue with. I can tell you both LA played their 'A' game against Jackson Co and Jackson Co won twice, Jackson Co. was better than LA this year. That Jaycee Coe is something else and I'm pretty sure she is a freshman. Now for the MC game you did get our 'C' game. I have no problem saying MC is a tough team and deserved to win but I would take JC over MC in a matchup on any given day. You guys think LA and MC live basketball, Jackson Co. is basketball. Come on Buc just let it die, it's like you have last word and smart A syndrome all rolled into one. Like someone said be careful karma could bite you.
  12. Ok, in my post I wrote very plain 'Credit to MC in great play too’. I promise you this this isn't LA's first sub state or time playing MC, so you really think at this stage in the game LA with their experience would underestimated any team or player? No is the answer. LA had an awful game away and MC played very well that is what it boiled down to. You saying MC made LA look worse than they normally do, I hope that is just miswording because you make it sound like LA is the worst team ever. I even gave your team and Masingale credit where it is due, so are you really going to be so high on your pedestal that you can’t even accept that LA is a good team and had a bad night? Really? They are still teenagers & we are adults, most of us at least, so we do need to remember that in our posts. This wound for LA you have rubbed salt in over & over because some fan rubbed you the wrong way. You do need to remember this game was 5 seniors last game also, It is a tough enough loss without all of this. Just take Good game and Good Luck to MC and move on.
  13. I hated to see LA seniors last game end like it did last night. I have followed LA for years and I have only missed one game this year and I can tell McMinn Central that you didn't get the full LA experience. What a shame. I'm not saying LA would have won if they had played their game because McMinn has a strong team but the game would have been much closer and worth our money. I still stand behind LA's ability and their A game, last night you got to see their C game if that. Their defense IS as good as everyone said but it was nowhere to be seen last night! Credit to MC in great play too but it is just hard to see your team play that bad on the road. I know everyone has off night but last night was not even in the building. Someone had made a post about Sells not being the player they thought she would be, yes she had an off night but Makenzie Sells is a player. Think she would be playing at MTSU if she wasn’t? Her shot was off but she still had like 10 points at half time, in a game that was not even close to her best performance. I know when you have 2 girls up for the same accolade you want to praise your own but you don’t do it by trying to make the other look bad. Sells had a bad game no doubt but I would hate to know that Miss Basketball was based off of one game. It is everything rolled into one, play, school, and personality on and off the court. You saw Sells last High School game coming to a bad end and did you see her lose her cool and act out? Not once. That is why Sells is a class act and total player. She wouldn’t have been nominated if she wasn’t. Good Luck to MC and in my opinion Masiongale girl was the player of the night. We will hear a lot more from her in the next 2 years because that kid is a baller!
  14. That was a good game and Westview had a good team but it should have never come down to a whistle at the buzzer. The Refs should have let the girls decide the outcome in OT not a refs whistle at the buzzer. I remember that game like yesterday. Sunday Watson and Tiffany Krantz were both up for AA Miss basketball that year, off the same team. You just don't hear of girls off the same team up for Miss Basketball. Watson took the title and still holds the points record at LA for boys and girls with like 2600 I think. In my opinion Krantz was the unsung hero in the 4 yrs she played and Watson was a great player but who do you think always fed her the ball? Krantz had to of shattered all LA records in assists and still scored like 1700 points herself. She went on to set records at Auburn too. I was a big fan of those two girls. Tiffany is my Vet now. I have no idea where Sunday is now?
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