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  1. MrMan1721


    I played under Coach Montgomery at NCS. Best coach I ever had in any sport my entire life. Brothers is an embarrassment to football. That's just how it is.
  2. was NCS that bad or is 1A just down this year?
  3. Nashville public school system isn't what small rural public school systems are. And 62 just hit the nail on the head.
  4. I beg to differ. I played ball there and I moved their in 8th grade. Why? Because my mom didn't want me in the unsafe public school system that is Davidson County-Metro. I think the same thing can be said for these families as well.
  5. 89 I don't get on here often but I read regularly. You've always been a class act. Thank you. The rest of tall should take notes on this man. This is how you are supposed to act. Hats off to WC for a great season as well.
  6. Bituli has been there for 5 or 6 years. McGraw for 3. Barfield for 5. Jackson for 5. Tidwell for 4. Hargrove for 4. Brantley for 4. Want me to keep going?
  7. It takes a cowardly and sad person to demean 16 and 17 year Olds after they just worked their tail off since may and succeeded in their ultimate goal. If NCS recruited we would have won the last 4 titles. Get over yourselves. Sorry that this team was a machine that couldn't be stopped. Grow up and let these boys have their moment.
  8. I dont get on here often. I am going to say 3 things. 1. The talk about NCS recruiting needs to be done. Good hard working families put their nose to the grindstone for these kids. Some of the kids do the same thing within the school. The recruiting talk is pathetic and classles. Grow up. 2. These seniors are going to be in their 4th semi-final in a row. Almost all of these seniors, mind you that almost the ENTIRE starting 22 for this team are seniors, has more experience than any team in 1A. Period. Point blank. The end. 3. They WILL NOT LOSE 4 IN A ROW. tie a bow to that and stick it in your turkey's. NCS by 3. P.S. Good luck to both squads and congrats to peabody on another great season.
  9. So 38 pancake blocks in ONE game isn't physical?
  10. That would be the backups stats. The starting QB's stats are 60 of 118- 735 yards. 7 td's and 7 int's.
  11. He is faster than a 4.5 40. Trust me. Blink and he's gone.
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