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  1. Well we can't look past any team at this point, these young men must get on the right track this week, because it gets alot tougher real soon!
  2. If we could get rid of the preseason injuries, that some kids had, and a few more, we've had last couple games, maybe we can get going! But I agree completely, we shouldn't be in the top ten or 15 for that matter! These boys have got to get serious, or face being a 500 team at best! We are turning the ball over way too much! Can't happen any more, or it will be a long year! We must block better up front, especially pass blocking, we must improve in order to give Risner more time to see the field! The backs and receivers have to block down the field better on running plays. They don't stay on blocks long enough. At times we look really good running the ball, but the passing game has struggled for various reasons. There is alot of talent on this team, but they aren't showing it to this point! It's time to get it going this week! "GO CATS"
  3. Well, Summertown was the better team tonight, but the way we played again tonight, " an continuation of last weeks game" it didn't take much to beat us! Not trying to take away from Summertown, but its going to be a long year if we don't get the ship righted, quick! Can't keep turning over the ball, we just aren't that good! Good luck to Summertown the rest of the year!
  4. What's up 89? We better get all the work in we can this week at practice, because we need it bad! We were awful in the first half, and just ok in the second half in my opinion. Way to many mental mistakes, with penalties and not knowing our alignments on offense! It Cost us several times,having to take our timeouts, and breaking our momentum several times. These kids have to play hard whistle to whistle, and start to finish! We also need a little more toughness, and grit. They ain't mean enough for me! What are your true thoughts so far?
  5. Well I been kinda quiet,but I ain't going to sugar coat it, WC(as a whole) are not playing good at all! We are soft all over the field! I can say this, because I have one on this team and have had a kid on this team for the last 6 years,and they have always heard it from me, and my son on this years team must step it up too! We are not playing Wayne Co. football! Period!!!!! We are getting whipped up front, beat in secondary, have become pretty much a run only team and we ain't good at that right now! We just plain and simple, ARE NOT PHYSICAL !!!!! I bet Coach Rice feels the same way! I know most of these kids, and I know several of them personaly, and I know they have the heart! This team has to want to win, and be ready to give their all, every play if they want to win! We haven't done that the last 2 games and you see the results! Just gotta go out there and play your hardest! I know we have some injuries, but the next man has to step up, and we got to quit making excuses,and tell them the way it is! I tell mine every game, if he does good I tell him, if he stinks, I tell him! I don't say," well you still did good" That's whats wrong with the world today, there is very little accountability anymore! Just got to get tougher, meaner, and want to do our best every play for their teammates! Prove me wrong, or get it fixed this week! GO Cats!!!!
  6. I predict a big win for WC! "Go Cats"
  7. If WC takes care of the ball, WC wins!!!!! "GO Cats"
  8. I haven't really seen any posters from Dresden say negative things about WC, however most of us know that one annoying person that repeatedly comments to everybody how much better they are, or kids are, and after a while it gets old! WC posters for the most part, are good, decent people, and I hope we stay that way!
  9. Wildcat89 just let some of these guys keep tooting their own horn, because we know what we have, and we will be ready! They say they have to many athletes, they can't put but 11 players on the field at a time just like WC! They say they want gold, So does WC! They say Dresden is on a mission, so is WC! So, as I said let some of these posters toot their own horn, it won't matter in the end, this game will be decided on the field! If they need to tell themselves over and over how good they are, so be it! WC's players and coaches know what they are up against, and they will leave it all on the field! If WC comes up short, they will be gracious in defeat, but if we win they will be just as gracious! "GO CATS"
  10. Congrats to all these young men, and especially WC's Preston Rice! GO CATS!
  11. Friday is approaching fast, the Cats will be ready! My prediction is WC 27 NCS 20 "GO CATS"
  12. The waiting is almost over! WC 35 MTCS 14
  13. That's what I eat on my crackers! Lol
  14. I love vienna sausages and hot sauce!
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