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  1. Does Bradley still have that big wr from last year he was between 6'3 6'5? Probably a good chance to be a d1 athlete
  2. #4 probably our best player do it all guy he punts plays rb last game they had him at qb and sometimes plays defense but yea as much as i wanna hope for an upset this will get ugly fast unfortunately hope they can surprise me next game we probably will have a chance in will probably be the Seymour game in a couple weeks
  3. 14 0 after 3 plays not a good start at all jet sweep for a td then fumbled the kickoff return
  4. I've been on here reading just not posting much, yeah hopefully they win this one defense played great last week if offense wakes up I like our chances last 2 drives against LC was TD so maybe they can build on it
  5. Tried to kick pat and tie it bad snap holder picked it up and tried to run around and make a play tried throwing it to a guy standing in the back corner of the endzone got knocked down was a tough way to lose
  6. Dang didn't know that I was talking to alot of people before the season and I really thought you guys were going to be the 2nd best team in our region this year I even said they might could give Maryville a run for their money but maybe all the issues with the coach is why they haven't played how I thought this year
  7. I wasn't a big fan of him going for the 2 surprise onside kicks in the 1st half but it is what it is his team wasn't playing well at 1st so probably was just trying to get some momentum going #3 and #30 on Cleveland are pretty good rbs don't know what year they are but very quick
  8. AC definitely held back we very young because of some people quitting and transferring and there was alot of passing on both sides 1st half took forever it felt like glad we still got 28 even if it was on the backups most we've scored all year maybe build on it and try to get better the rest of the year into next
  9. Also great post agree with this 100 percent just get through this year without anymore quitting and hopefully have a good season it seems like alot of people keep saying its the seniors that are quitting which hurts but that also means a bunch of the young kids will get to play now that might mean that this season could be rough but playing the sophomores juniors could pay off in the next couple seasons
  10. Hate hearing that more people possibly quit right before the season if that is true that is kind of lousy to wait til the week of the 1st game to quit but it is what it is honestly I didn't go to the jamboree and both the scrimmages was far off so I haven't seen this team play at all so tomorrow will be the 1st time I've seen what they have this season hopefully we can shock everyone like we did last year against SD
  11. Very frustrating to hear just to think a couple years ago we had one of our best seasons in a long time back to back playoff appearances and also a two game winning streak against our biggest rival its very frustrating to see that things seem to be going back to where it was to begin with
  12. Is there any Mo East fans on coacht that have an update of how the scrimmage went?
  13. Not going to the scrimmage tonight but hopefully its injury free and hopefully we can figure out who our qb is going to be going into the season after losing some key players in the past few weeks
  14. Is this Cornersville team Greenback is going to play on the level of the last 2 state teams they've played I see they're 13-1 this year and I looked back at their 2016 season and saw they went 5-6 and South Pitt beat them by 50 so I'm guessing they were young and brought everybody back for this season
  15. Oh yeah forgot about that one I meant I want you guys to get it this year after losing the last 2
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