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  1. Yes. Ted was also a music minister at a few Kingsport area churches. A fine man.
  2. Neither Boone or South played very well. There were 4 reasons they mentioned it was a closer game than it appeared. 1 - South pretty much gave Boone 17 points. 2 - Part of that was due to 4 turnovers. 3 - South didn’t figure out who should be playing QB till the beginning of the 4th Q. 4 - South got close to scoring a few times but stalled.
  3. Well I really didn't think that I would come to Cookeville and see Greeneville play a worse team than some that they played in their regular season conference games. The Anderson County game was the 4A state championship game.
  4. The North-South game threads have disappeared. I put too much stock in Norths easy win over east as a way to gauge how they might do against Sullivan South. They hung close for 3Q but Sullivan South broke open the floodgates during the latter part of the game. G.Y had a good game for North. Is he yours? I remember him from LG Peewee when my nephew was playing there. This kind of game is what North needed to harden them for a good playoff run.
  5. That was the first north game I've been able to see since the first one this year at Central. They have really turned it up a notch. The first half was pretty similar to East game against South except east did not make as many mistakes against South. North defense getting in there after the East QB made a big difference. Next weeks game will be a good one. East scored 21 on South but only 7 against starters, the other 14 came against 2nd/3rd string after South subbed after the first series of the 3rd Q. That North coaching staff is fantastic.
  6. With a 4-4 record East doesn't look so good at first glance but they have faced much better completion all around than the Raiders have. Losses to Johnson County, Elizabethon, Grainger, and Sullivan South this year are nothing to be ashamed of. Also, East beat Unicoi who in turn beat Chuckey Doak. I wasn't there and don't know if any personnel were unavailable during the game but from the score it looks like C-D handled North pretty easily. That surprised me. North is setting pretty at 6-2 right now with a conference championship but I think they will probably drop their last 2 games and end up at 6-4 for the year. That last game will be a hard one for me to watch.
  7. Not a DB homer here but I'm good friends with many and sat in the middle of them last night. The concensus in respect to their own team was "undisciplined". Great talent on the team but unless you just vastly overmatch your opponent this is going to cost you every time.
  8. I saw a schedule that had this game starting at 8pm. Is that right?
  9. What time are you leaving Gunner? I may try to get down there if I can get off work in time. Looks like the best thing is to take 640 and then maybe Western Avenue or something like that so maybe the traffic won't be bad.
  10. GCA does not have an impressive record but look at their non conference schedule. That is way more impressive than any of the region 1 teams. North will probably have a hard time with the Rams. Hope they can pull it out though and get a rematch with Happy Valley.
  11. Final 40-21. Volunteer officially out of the cellar. Good first season for coach Jones.
  12. South has completely lost the ability to tackle. Not even gonna try to describe it. Having the leading rusher and tackler on a recruiting trip to West Point this weekend has hurt the defense. 26-14 Volunteer. Still might make a game of it if tackling can clean up. Can't believe how many sophomores are playing for South.
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