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  1. Will the QB transfer from Bradley be eligible at WV? He has looked pretty good. Cleveland would have been thrilled to have him. Who will be the QB @ Cleveland this year?
  2. I will say: 1. Bradley Central 2. Cleveland 3. East Hamilton 4. McMinn Co However, nothing would surprise me if the 2-4 teams finished in any order.
  3. Some good discussions in some of last years threads, but let’s start a new one for 2019. Obviously Bradley is the team to beat. Who finishes 2nd? East Hamilton has maybe the 2nd highest rated prospects in the area in several years. Do they have the other pieces to lock down 2nd? I think Cleveland is building a program that coukd be a top 10 AAA team in a couple years, but how long til they are able to knock off Bradley Central?
  4. Harper led a team of nobodies at a nobody school to the sweet 16. Give her a little time.
  5. That would be great. Did Holly even recruit Levy? I know she was very, very, very late to the game with Rhyne Howard (Freshman of the Year!). One of many reasons we have a new sheriff in Knoxville.
  6. Would she consider UTC?
  7. Wish I could have come. I saw her play at Bradley & she was amazing! Best wishes to her & the Lady Vols!!!
  8. I saw a Tweet by a respected TN girls HS analyst saying several transfers for next year. Who are the big names transferring?
  9. It took you 3 weeks to figure that out?- LOL
  10. Paul Cretton resigned from Walker Valley. Tough gig, given the success at Bradley Central and the upswing of the Cleveland program. Most of the best county girls seem to be going to Bradley, while Cleveland seems to be hanging on to most of their best players now. The 8th grade girls in Bradley County & Cleveland this year is a really, really strong group. Maybe the best in many, many years. Very strong group of sophomores, with Jamaryn Blair & a few other sophs from BC & Cleveland are above average players, but I think the current 8th grade class for Cleveland & Bradley is even stronger than that group. Dont know of any of the top 8th grade players going to WV next year. Maybe they have someone in mind to coach there who may draw some of the 8th graders, but I have no idea who that would be.
  11. A good 30 minute interview with Coach Jason Reuter recapping Bradley’s run at the 2019 State Championship.
  12. Good article on Rhyne Howard & her impact on the Bradley girls this year. http://clevelandbanner.com/stories/howard-key-part-of-bearette-success,95763
  13. Was Wells #24 for Houston? If so, was surprised she didn’t make it. She was a baller and was their spark in the 1st quarter/1st half for sure. I was actually wondering if Bradley’s 3 pointer didn’t fall, would Jamaryn Blair still have won MVP for AAA. I thought she deserved it as much as anyone, but it is rare for a runner up to win it. It does happen though and I’m ok with it, if they are the most dominant player in the tournament.
  14. Good post... Stone is very good, but unfortunately only two teams can make it from Region 3 & Region 4. The losers in these Sectional games are most likely the two best teams out in most years...
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