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  1. FootballFan51

    Bradley Bearettes - 2019 AAA State Champs

    It took you 3 weeks to figure that out?- LOL
  2. FootballFan51

    What jobs will/should be open after this season???

    Paul Cretton resigned from Walker Valley. Tough gig, given the success at Bradley Central and the upswing of the Cleveland program. Most of the best county girls seem to be going to Bradley, while Cleveland seems to be hanging on to most of their best players now. The 8th grade girls in Bradley County & Cleveland this year is a really, really strong group. Maybe the best in many, many years. Very strong group of sophomores, with Jamaryn Blair & a few other sophs from BC & Cleveland are above average players, but I think the current 8th grade class for Cleveland & Bradley is even stronger than that group. Dont know of any of the top 8th grade players going to WV next year. Maybe they have someone in mind to coach there who may draw some of the 8th graders, but I have no idea who that would be.
  3. FootballFan51

    Bradley Bearettes - 2019 AAA State Champs

    A good 30 minute interview with Coach Jason Reuter recapping Bradley’s run at the 2019 State Championship.
  4. FootballFan51

    Bradley Bearettes - 2019 AAA State Champs

    Good article on Rhyne Howard & her impact on the Bradley girls this year. http://clevelandbanner.com/stories/howard-key-part-of-bearette-success,95763
  5. FootballFan51

    All State Tournament selections

    Was Wells #24 for Houston? If so, was surprised she didn’t make it. She was a baller and was their spark in the 1st quarter/1st half for sure. I was actually wondering if Bradley’s 3 pointer didn’t fall, would Jamaryn Blair still have won MVP for AAA. I thought she deserved it as much as anyone, but it is rare for a runner up to win it. It does happen though and I’m ok with it, if they are the most dominant player in the tournament.
  6. FootballFan51

    Never too early...AAA Predictions

    Good post... Stone is very good, but unfortunately only two teams can make it from Region 3 & Region 4. The losers in these Sectional games are most likely the two best teams out in most years...
  7. FootballFan51

    Never too early...AAA Predictions

    Yes. Outside of Oak Ridge, you really nailed it. Great job!
  8. FootballFan51

    Bradley Bearettes - 2019 AAA State Champs

    1. This isn’t a thread about officiating. Yes there were calls missed both ways including a big walk by Houston in the last minutes under the goal that was not called and resulted in a 3 pointer by Houston. There is another thread on officiating, so if you want to gripe, pout or make excuses due to officiating, please use that thread & not this thread I started. 2. The final didn’t end with this call. A player made a 3 point shot with 2 seconds left & a tough defense then forced a 5 second call on the inbounds to end the finals. 3. This thread was created to celebrate a State Championship by a very worthy team. There were several really good teams who were also just as good and maybe just as worthy, but only one team can put all the pieces of the puzzle together (bad calls and all) and walk away as Champions. History will show that this year it was Bradley Central. 4. Best wishes to you all as you prepare for next year.
  9. FootballFan51

    Bradley Bearettes - 2019 AAA State Champs

    Some of your comments are a little off the wall, but you have been 100% right on Bradley’s defense & holding opponents to low scoring games. You even won some money if the Oak Ridge person will pay up on keeping under 50 points -LOL
  10. FootballFan51

    Bradley Bearettes - 2019 AAA State Champs

    1, it was a walk 2. The official didn’t make the 3 point shot with 2 seconds left
  11. FootballFan51

    Bradley Bearettes - 2019 AAA State Champs

    Gary Ownby (voice of the Bears & Bearettes) told a great story after the Oak Ridge game last night & it was an amazing parallel. He said that when the greatest QB in Tennessee football history concluded his career, not many people thought they would get that close again. But Tee Martin & the 1998 team believed in themselves & won a National Championship. People knew Bradley would have a good team this year & win the District & maybe the Region this year, but nobody outside the program thought they would hoist Bradley’s 6th Gold Ball this year, after losing Rhyne Howard. Great lesson for all of us!
  12. FootballFan51

    Bradley Bearettes - 2019 AAA State Champs

    Good luck to your guys next week. Nobody (including myself- LOL) thought Riverdale would go down, so I hope you guys shoot the lights out on Thursday! Would be awesome to have 2 golden Balls in Bradley County this year!
  13. Congrats to Coach Reuter & the Bearettes. We didn’t shoot the ball too well in the Region Championship through the first round of State, but our defense played extremely tough and kept us in games. We shot the ball better yesterday and today. Blair was amazing and deserved Tourney MVP, Walker played like a Region MVP on both ends as well, but It took a team effort. Hughes made an early 3 in the semis & Championship game to give us huge momentum, Roberts played great defense & is deceptively quick. Mayo came off the bench & wore the other team down as well as making some key 3’s in both games. Jamia, Barnes & Amelia also gave quality minutes in all 3 games at State. And of course ‘the Beast’ Hannah Lombard - the 5’7” senior post player played tough while in foul trouble and sank the game winning 3 pointer. Great job girls. 4 seniors graduating, but lots of good ball players waiting in the wings. I will be shocked if they don’t make it back to the glass house next year to go for #7.
  14. FootballFan51

    Oak Ridge Vs Bradley Central

    You really know your stuff. Great basketball mind - LOL
  15. FootballFan51

    Oak Ridge Vs Bradley Central

    Bradley will have a much greater chance than 110 other AAA teams in the state.