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  1. Having Stone as a 3 seed really helps that be more of a possibility...
  2. Most of the time shots don’t fall is because of the other team’s defense, but I get what’s you are saying. I have seen Bradley shooting go cold this time of year before...
  3. Finishing 4th in the District Tourney is a great way to lay low & sneak up on Bradley.
  4. Let’s make some predictions. I’ll say Bradley (big) Cleveland (close - Kara Williams needs to have big night) White Co (big - WC is peaking at right time) Stone Memorial (Hayes will have to score 30+ to keep it close)
  5. Could go 3-1 the other way just as easily.
  6. I think you are 100% correct here. This loss was probably the best thing that could have happened for the Cleveland title hopes. i have never said Cleveland was unbeatable or even the favorite to win it all. I haven’t seen many teams outside of Dist 5 & 6 this year, so I just don’t know. I think they could have trouble if there are athletic teams that have height & can get the ball inside on them, as well as locking down Jacobi or catching them on an off night. My whole point is that Cleveland has a strong group of starters & is not a 1 man team.
  7. Wait... what did you just say about Bradley & Bearden & equating to Cleveland? Are you playing the who beat who game?
  8. They may lose to one of them, but they do have good players besides Wood. You simply show that don’t know basketball if you think otherwise.
  9. Stone @ Bradley Walker Valley @ White Co Ooltewah at Warren Co Cookeville at Cleveland Should be some pretty good games. Ooltewah has a bad record, but actually played Bradley & Cleveland close at least one game this year. Assuming Wood players, I just done see anyone coming close to Cleveland. Four pretty equal teams on the opposite bracket are playing for second place.
  10. And didn’t WV just host the District 2 years ago? Why not rotate it more? Their gym is horrible.
  11. I have said many times... whoever designed (& approved the design) of the WV gym should lose their architecture license. It is the worst new gym built in America the last 50 years. Maybe unapproved website will do a story on them too
  12. LOL... you don’t want to be on Cleveland’s side of the bracket... for sure
  13. I know that winning the District isn’t Bradley’s goal, but to win 10 straight is nothing short of incredible. A great program!
  14. I think Stone will win, but I keep thinking Hayes will turn it on in a big game, & she may only have one more opportunity left...
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