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Everything posted by horse

  1. Nobody ever seems to put the poodles ever in the top 10 ......
  2. As far as just the field UC has the best grass field around. They won some kind of national award for the field a few years back.
  3. Look at all the towns and communities that west Carroll pulls from. Atwood Mcley cedar grove trezvant. I hear Scott’s hill is getting kids from Lexington.
  4. Because that is where tssaa says belong. Because it has something to do with how many students you have,that’s how.
  5. Why does that blow your mind? Huntingdon ain’t third the size of Union City and they where 1a for years
  6. After a good nights sleep you will feel better in the morning. Im going let you go now.so get in there get you some rest.no need to reply back.I will say goodnight now and know you did the same.
  7. Losing two weeks ago or today, what's the difference you are still losers.
  8. Its hard to hatch on to cville bandwagon since they have not accomplished anything.
  9. Pretty sure cville will go back to being the bottom feeders, so let that sink in.Oh never has went away has it.
  10. Seem like were favored every year here lately but that's about as far as it gets.I think we have to many getting with Swenson already.
  11. But I doubt you will ever get that gold ball.but you can come look at ours.
  12. I think its the points they put on the scoreboard not the yards MORON!
  13. I didn't know the east was that weak this year.
  14. We didn't on any other 3rd down.but #7 didn't touch it on any other of the 3rd downs either.
  15. I think it was missed tackles not the defense playing 45 yds down field.Because they had plenty of chances to tackle before he scored.
  16. They don't have a banquet and announce the winners on Monday anymore
  17. No even close to the merryvilles and Alcoa. brentwooods ,Austin east ,oak ridge.
  18. You didn't ask me you ask whoever posted why the statue was there
  19. I just ask you a simple question noballs. Just like any other you can't answer it.so you try to turn it around.
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