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Everything posted by horse

  1. A man told me last night at the game the middle school Mustangs at UC,was the best game he had seen a Huntingdon team play in a few years.
  2. You’re a feisty little purple dung eater aren’t ya.
  3. So you’re saying Swenson gets to pick his successor.
  4. The purple dung eating poodle. According to one of your 98 teammates you was a bench warming fat boy who never started.
  5. Call it what you want. Waverly wouldn’t know what real high school football was anyway.
  6. Them teams I mentioned would have mercy ruled last years Huntingdon and waverly teams.
  7. Why don’t you learn how to comprehend what you read. Nobody said nothing about any teams last year mercy ruling Waverly. Nobody said cornersville wasn’t the best team last two years. I don’t know what kind of blower you are but comprehending blows the idiot’s mind.
  8. My point exactly. WC team from 4or5 years ago,Dresden from 3 years ago NCS from a few years ago. Trenton team that won their first gold ball, would have mercy ruled them Cornersville teams.
  9. They can’t do anything thing because Tssaa has ruined high school football by having 9 classifications. But no need for people to act like these are the greatest teams and athletes to come out of Huntingdon the last few years because they’re playing this weak competition. That’s all I’m saying
  10. Croppy this class has never faced real competition. When they did they lost. They played Milan when they’ve been the weakest probably in school history. McKenzie and Camden been terrible the last five years. They beat a overrated Waverly team the last couple years. Waverly had a good Qb and receiver that keep score close because Huntingdon pass defense couldn’t cover my grandma. Theirs district opponents are the worst teams in the state. I wouldn’t call it A different team next year if they play same competition
  11. I believe Cornersvilles players wanted it more than Huntingdons. We had opportunity to win both games and couldn’t make the plays.
  12. Ok you got me, so where do I need to play jr more? He a ball thrower or a ball catcher?
  13. If a team is better and more talented than the other you should be able to beat them running the same play.
  14. You ain’t even from Carroll co so what do you know about Huntingdon football
  15. Look how many passes McKenzie threw did that help them.
  16. Big win over county rival and you’re already calling for coaches heads? And why is this group more deserving than any other group? Oh I forgot their on a mission. 100 degree heat and 5:30 practices.
  17. It’s fans(parents) like you that say this every year. this years team is on a mission,and has the gold ball in the trophy case before the first game is ever played. Then at the end of the year when they lose in playoffs. and not as good as you predicted them to be want to blame someone or fire coach. I hope they do win. Let see them play some good teams before telling how special this team is.
  18. And how does that make them any different from any other team that has come thru Huntingdon?
  19. Poodle boy how is your wife sister aunt? She doing ok
  20. I bet you’re that special fan that thinks everyone is a winner and should get a trophy
  21. They should win a championship or at least get passed the quarterfinals before making videos.
  22. Who is middle school playing tonight?
  23. 10 pages on the 2019 Mustangs 9 of them about Trenton and LC.
  24. Nobody ever seems to put the poodles ever in the top 10 ......
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