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  1. Thanks for the info on TNT! Sounds like it is good for girls basketball in Tennessee. Also, the girl my friends were talking about is supposed to be 6'3" tall. They said they thought she was going to Boone next year. Told me she was already an accomplished player.
  2. OK, I spoke to some people I know who were at Cattletsburg and they said the Gray team was for real! Heard they have a really good post player who will be at Daniel Boone next year. Rest of team pretty good also. I have a question, What is TNT? I can't find anybody who has heard of it?
  3. Heard Gray can apply pressure with their press like no other team they have seen.
  4. Yeah...heard Gray girls were pretty good, how many more games do they have? Might try to get over and see them.
  5. Found out Caton's Chapel girls got a 1st bye and play on Monday...How is Gray doing?
  6. sorry...no update for Caton's Chapel, been out of town. Will check on Friday. Maybe someone else out there can help.
  7. I am going to add my 2 cents to this conversation. I watched Callie Hackett play in the Christmas tournament at Daniel Boone HS. Hands down, she was the most impressive player in the tournament! We are still talking about her up here. I don't know any other players in 8AA but Callie gets my vote!
  8. That is small...did a little checking with a friend of mine and he says Caton's Chapel out of Sevier Co will easily win the Sectional Tournament...have you heard of or played them?
  9. WV is a good size school. how big is Gray? I heard WV has some travel players that really help them. Does Gray have any? Who do they play for?
  10. Have heard of them...they are good! How did Gray do against them?
  11. Who does Gray MS play? Anybody from Knox or Blount Co area?
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