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  1. Which, unfortunately more often than not, can haunt a high school team no matter how good they are.
  2. Cornersville may wish they had taken that field goal opportunity in the first quarter
  3. Another option for state tourney is 8 team modified double elimination, with semi finals and finals being single elimination.
  4. Two suggestions to TSSAA baseball post season: (1) Since most districts have 8 teams, rather than district tournaments being double elimination, allow the top 4 finishers in the district tournament to advance to the Region as in basketball. This would field 64 teams in Region play rather than 32, and speed up district play. First round in Region would still be single elimination to allow the last 16 to advance to sectionals as they do now. (2) Make the state tournament a true double elimination among all 8 teams.
  5. Won't punt; won't pass; won't kick FGs. Dangerous strategy, but congrats to UC, for pulling it off. The seniors have two state championship rings. Memories for a lifetime.
  6. UC is a very good team. Peabody contained the veer to an extent, but couldn’t stop it. Doubt any team can. Trenton was one of the few teams to hold UC under 30 pts, and did it twice, but to beat UC you have to either contain the veer or hope UC beats themselves with turnovers or drive killIng penalties. Or else be able to match them score for score.
  7. jmj1961

    Top 1A teams

    1. Loretto 2. Goodpasture 3. Trenton Peabody 4. Summertown 5. Gordonsville 6. Huntingdon 7. North Greene 8. Greenback 9. Scotts Hill 10. Knoxville Grace
  8. Those other systems sound interesting. One of the tensions is the ongoing conflict between the tournaments and graduation for seniors. If the system remains the same going into the state tourney, you might want to employ a single elimination for the first round on Monday; then a double elimination for the 4 remaining teams for Tuesday and Wednesday, with the championship game as a single elimination on Thursday. This would allow seniors to graduate on Fridays or Saturdays when most ceremonies are held. This would still allow a team's #1 pitcher to pitch twice if the team makes it to Thursday.
  9. "Swipes" and "bob77" are strangely silent.
  10. Sometimes you could have cashed in on an opportunity, sometimes you can make an adjustment, and sometimes you just plain ole get whipped by a better team. If any UC or Dresden fans wonder, I don't think any 1-A team in the state could have handled NCS tonight. Congrats to the Eagles. Amazing. As for Peabody, I haven't seen many kids or fans with a never-say-die attitude like Trenton. Down 35-7 at one point, and still cheering and yelling encouragement with the band banging loudly. Great year Tide! This group of young men have proven they are an elite team in two different classes the past two seasons.
  11. Heads up to NCS food personnel. If you want to make a lot of money, invest in your concession stand. Don't underestimate. Trenton will bring a lot of folks, and if you run out of food in the first quarter you will regret all the money you could have made.
  12. Offense wins games, defense wins championships. Not much media publicity for Peabody's defense and, so, it has quietly become the "no name" factor. Hopefully, while the focus is placed on certain names, the no namers will continue to do a great job which stymied both UC and Dresden, two teams that were among the top scoring in the state. UC averaged over 57 ppg and Dresden over 45 coming in to their games with Peabody. In the second half, UC scored 6 pts and Dresden failed to score. And good defense is just as responsible for causing offensive mistakes as it is making stops. A hurried throw, a hard hit, penalties caused by confusion. Defense wins championships.
  13. I was a "senior dad" two yrs ago when Trenton lost to TCA in Round 2. Its tough because most seniors will never play football again, and you immediately flashback to all the years of the game which brought you to this point.
  14. At the high school level, momentum is everything. Both turnovers and penalties are big factors in creating momentum swings. Turnovers, not individual players, were responsible for Dresden's big win over Peabody. That's not to take anything away from the Lions. They are a great team. But a two touchdown lead can quickly grow, or evaporate, with momentum working for or against teenagers. Likewise, turnovers were primarily responsible for Dresden's loss to a great UC team. Based on the Tornado juggernaut which averages 57 ppg, any team that beats them will have to have a powerful, mistake-free offense. Defense is important, but not as important as protecting the ball and not making offensive mistakes.
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