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  1. Congratulations Sparta. Y'all just got a lot better
  2. Franklin County was very soft up front. Took terrible pursuit angles on Defense. Coffee County was faster and more physical, but had stupid penalties calling back 2 TD's and also turned the ball over 2 times. Both teams will be lucky to finish over 500. Because Stone Cold said so.
  3. Coach Dodgen would be a huge pick up for White County. People in Woodbury have gotten spoiled. They forget what the program looked like before he got there.
  4. Mark Lynn played on scholarship at MTSU back in the early 80's. Other than him and Micah Williams I cant think of anyone who played D1 Basketball. The problem at Coffee County is the AD. He is out of control. You get 2 years to win state at Coffee and if you don't Skipper will fire you. Just look how many Baseball, Football, and Basketball coaches the man has fired in only 4 years on the job. heck he's fired half the people he's hired. What a mess.
  5. Better show up about 2 hours early if you want a seat. Go Lions!
  6. Due to new staffs at Oakland and Blackman I think they go 9-1
  7. Coach Shadowens is a class act. The fact that Rutherford County has now lost Mcdaniel and Shadowens makes me believe that Murfreesboro wants to move from Athletic success and put more money into other areas. What I do know is Shadowens is a class act and they have lost a good man who does things the right way. A lot more of those kids in that building will respond to a HC than to a Principal. I think Oakland would be stupid not to hire him, and I also think Signal Mountain would be a good option for him. Good luck to the Coach and the Blaze football supporters.
  8. DialItUp


    Cannon County looks to be off to a solid start going 8-3. Gonna be an interesting April
  9. DialItUp


    Cannon County has a pretty interesting team. 0 Seniors and only 4 Juniors. Strong showing against Dekalb. This is a group who has alot of potential to improve. Best of luck to everyone in 8AA this season.
  10. Coffee County Scott Farrar- Started 2 years at OT for UT in 76 and 77 Chris Elam- Most Rushing yards in a Season, 1997 All Star, more than 2,000 rush yards in 1997 Jake Nunley- Back to Back 2,000+ yards in 2003-2004. Went to Austin Peay Red Jarrell- Played Football at TN Tech. Coached Manchester HS from 1951-1964. Pinnacle was 1959 Undefeated Season Tullahoma Antonio London- LB. Went on to Start at Alabama. Went Pro and played with the Packers and Lions Steve Matthews- QB. Played college at Memphis. Drafted by the Chiefs in 1994 John Olive- Winningest Coach. Stadium and road named in his honor. Dominance over Coffee County. Wallace Wade- Coach at Fitzgerald and Clarke Military School in Tullahoma, winning a Championship in 1920. Went on to win 2 National Championships as Coach of Alabama. Duke University Football Stadium is named after him. Married a woman from Tullahoma.
  11. I am biased but I sure would like to see Sissom from Cannon County get it for AA. This is her 3rd year in a row being nominated and the young lady has had such a fantastic career. I would love to see her get the recognition.
  12. I played in the wing t in hs. My senior year we had 2 1000 yard backs and our qb threw for over 1500. The truth is, any offense, when executed correctly, can be successful. A previous poster mentioned the success in Georgia with the wing t and that is an excellent point. I personally think that the spread allows you to adjust for your players better and provides more balance whereas the wing t depends more on the run game. But I feel like as long as you have strong athletes and they understand your system and execute consistently you can win. In the end, maryville could've ran the power I, the run n shoot, and everything in between and they would've won state. The same with Alcoa and Fulton. Superior coaching and superior athletes with a tradition of excellence. X's and O's come way after.
  13. Alcoa made a STATEMENT in this game. What a performance. Congrats to Upperman and York on a great season. No shame in getting beat by Alcoa. Not too many teams better at any classification and maybe none are better coached. Looks like Gary Bob will be bringing another trophy home.
  14. I expect this to be a fantastic game. Alcoa is 100% the favorite. Upperman deserves to be respected though. Connor York is a great kid and an athlete that is a privilege to watch. Upperman also has very good linemen and the Butler kid is a solid back. I would be shocked if Upperman won, but anyone who doesn't think it is possible hasn't seen these boys play. Alcoa is Alcoa though so they should win. Good luck to both teams and congratulations on 2 fantastic seasons.
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