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  1. Hville scores with around 2 minutes left, go for 2 & convert. Final score 27-8
  2. I think Hendersonville is still dangerous, they coughed up the ball a couple times early. But, Gallatin D stands strong again. 27-0 Green Wave with 2.5 minutes left 4th qtr. Hendersonville driving.
  3. Yes it is. Means they beat Maryville in the semis two years in a row.
  4. Imagine this. A Maryville fan....talking about a weak conference. I mean, talk about a pot calling the kettle black.
  5. Rival games, throw records out the window, as you know.
  6. I know that I am never going to overlook Hendersonville. That will be a good football game tomorrow!! My guys have their work cut out for them these next two weeks no doubt about it. PS: enjoy your bye this week
  7. Don't worry, one slip and the nay-sayers will be ready to jump back on them at any moment lol
  8. Just being honest. But two good football programs going at it in Wilson County friday night
  9. I'm cautiously optimistic this week. Hendersonville is the most improved team in the Middle area from the beginning of the season to now. They will be tough for anybody to beat. Had Beech beat and literally self imploded, blew it.
  10. DB isn't close to 2018 MJ. Ask Oakland who was the 2nd best team in the state last year in 6A.
  11. I just hope everybody that has posted in here realizes that no matter what happens in your east/east, and east/middle matchups this week, nobody is beating Oakland. So good luck in your matchups.
  12. MJ will finish this regular season 8-2, on a 7 game win streak. They will be a top 10 team before it's over with. Defense too good.
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