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  1. Does Central have any "last years" to live off of? Or just hopes and dreams?
  2. No idea. But what about Gallatin kicker? Any offers?
  3. Tennessee finished 11th nationally in recruit rankings last year. I would say they aren't scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to talent coming into the program, LOL.
  4. Agree, but Lebanon has had some TOUGH teams in the past
  5. Have we played anybody else more than 75 times?
  6. Thanks. We do have a lot of a past to talk about atleast, and won't allow it to be forgotten
  7. One of the hardest games on our schedule
  8. Mr. Closet Beech fan himself makes his usual weekly troll appearance. I don't know how much MJ struggled moving the ball.... Did you actually go and watch? MJ made a costly turnover near the Beech goal line after a long drive, still won the game and scored twice. What do you mean Beech isn't as good as the last few years? All we heard from the Beech supporters is last year was a very young team, and that nearly everybody was returning this year. Preseason ranked #1 5A. Don't give us this excuse of "not as good this year". Seems by all accounts that this is supposed to be Beech's year...
  9. We'll see who had the disadvantages after the game. Very interested to see where all of Gallatin's disadvantages are.
  10. Oh yeah, because every 5 star athlete to ever make it to a big D1 school has never been a DUD before....the list means nothing to me. Show me a list of him producing. Where is that list, Butthurt Mountain HTV?
  11. I hope Gallatin gets started early and often in this one.
  12. Below is a post straight from a 247sports page: ---"Curious if any Mt Juliet fans here and have seen both play (Aiken has only played 1 season). There is a supposed insider on ToS that swears PWO commit Bryan Aiken is better than Grimes. Says he's seen every snap of practice (coach? parent?) and he's undoubtedly better. Here are their stats last year: Reggie Grimes: 48 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 sack Bryan Aiken: 81 tackles, 18.5 TFL, 5 sacks" --- So again, somebody please explain why he couldn't put up stats against a high school offensive line? You can rule out that he was getting doubled and the other guy wasn't because they are both a handful to deal with. Yet those stats are very average for a 5 star defensive lineman that played in 13 games last season. I need somebody to break down a good reason for a 5 star, big framed guy to have those stats against smaller opponents.
  13. Just the pure fact that he couldn't put up stats last year, against inferior high school players, with a D1 SEC talent playing next to him, SPEAKS VOLUMES
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