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  1. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    So, what is the word with Beech and fixing the field.
  2. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    What is the best season DB has ever had?
  3. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    Hey you left out Portland! They are Sumner County with a Gold Ball
  4. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    Those are facts. And most of those wins you are referring to are from the last coaching staff that left in 2011. Things are definitely going to improve sooner than later. But traditionally, (since that was the topic) We still have a LARGE winning margin still over every region opponent.
  5. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    I can agree with all that
  6. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    I definitely think turf has its place! For some programs it is more suitable to just choose turf. But just personally, I have yet to play on a turf surface that had the same feel as a quality grass field. I'm not totally against turf. I just think this notion that turf fields = way better surface than anything else is a little absurd. It's kind of like a manual transmission: It impresses high schoolers and the average joe, but the boring ol' automatic is faster in every way & wins races.
  7. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

  8. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    Good for them. You named one outdoor NFL stadium. My point is, there is good and bad about each. Which is why PLENTY of big names aren't using turf. Dont you really think if the Steelers, Packers, Titans, Bears, Bama, Vols, Auburn, Gators, etc, etc wanted turf they could VERY easily do it? I mean the Cardinals have an indoor stadium where the natural field comes outside to be exposed to the sun. The Vegas Raiders new stadium being built will be a hybrid indoor/outdoor stadium with natural grass which will also be designed to Roll out of the stadium. That sounds like a LOT of extra work and $ to do when they could've just EASILY chose to use turf. So there, I've named two indoor stadiums which still chose to use grass. Just dont act like turf is always the best option in every situation. Cause you would be wrong in thinking that.
  9. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    Ok great statistic. So this right here shows that the smaller, less succesfull, smaller fanbase / & less $$$ profitable schools are using turf, while almost all the biggest revenue / biggest brand schools are staying away from turf. And more NFL teams are using grass than turf.(Plus the NFL teams that have it only use turf from being in an enclosed dome in most cases (Duh) So thank you for once again proving my point. Turf is nice and has its perks for sure. But there is a huge reason to why more big names still stick with a grass playing surface.
  10. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    You were the one bringing up tradition. So don't run now.
  11. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    Traditionally getting their tails whipped... Makes total sense. Do you really want to see the win/loss total? Do you want to know what their record is against every rival they've ever played? Who has the most players in sumner county make the NFL? Who has the most titles in the county? I mean since you DID mention "Traditionally" and all. You have an empty head. Not even worth the time. Go back to the playground.
  12. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    You obviously don't have a clue what you are talking about. Many more injuries on turf. Fact. Turf is not as kind to you during a hard fall. Fact. It has to be replaced every few years, which costs H*** of a lot more than upkeeping Grass. Fact. Actually playing on it multiple times, I feel that I can have a good opinion of turf. By the way, you should call Tennessee, Alabama, LSU, Ohio St., Michigan, Texas, UGA, and ask why they don't use turf. Because it sure as heck isn't because of a lack of $$$. But hey, Vandy has turf!!! And that 80 year old dump has a ton of tradition, which even the rivals will say. It is nice going to watch a Game at GHS. You are right over top of the action with no track and the bleachers being right on top of the sidelines. & opposing fanbases can almost never "fill" our visitors stands (Which are larger than most team's Home side). But yeah, you keep enjoying these new style stadiums built out of aluminum beer cans, and can only hold a capacity of like 2k. Good for you. Next.
  13. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    I've played on some turf fields. It's a little overrated. a quality grass playing surface is unrivaled. What serious college football school or NFL team uses turf. Very few. Now, turf would make sense ar Beech. The field has draining issues and the grass was never the best surface because of it
  14. thegreatone36

    Turf in Sumner County

    If you live in Sumner County I bet you will be paying for it. County doesn't mind helping schools build stadiums, weight rooms, etc for any school in Sumner Co. with the exclusion of GHS. Since they almost always have to pony up everything from the QB club.
  15. thegreatone36

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    Trousdale is a special place. They have been very successful in the lower classifications. Probably have a chance to win it again. You dont have 6A numbers. You dont have the size of a 6A school. That is why you play in the 2A class. You dont have to worry about going through a big school to get that gold ball. So I wouldn't even worry about it. Worry about the teams that you DO have to go through to get the trophy. And try not to run off good coaching, before the good coaches begin to see a common trend of complaining. TC is the "Jerry Jones" of 2A football. Let the coach be the head coach.