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  1. Just haven't been caught doing anything illegal. Or turning a blind eye.
  2. It was definitely a good night for them. But they ultimately just had a better gameplan than other teams. Load the box and stop Briggs. With our backup qb in that game and the previous 3 or 4 games, we simply lost our passing attack which allowed teams to load up. Pretty simple to control a game when you can do that.
  3. Let's just hope next time we don't have to wait almost 3 hours extra for them to arrive to Calvin Short Stadium. Very odd night to say it in the least.
  4. Is this a Green Wave thread or Bison? Hard to tell weeding through idiots
  5. At least both can still say they are weighing heavy on your mind in mid-December.
  6. Yea, you definitely have shown you are not a credible poster anymore with that ignorant opinion. Ignoring your posts from now on, since they are as worthless as Vanderbilt's Football team.
  7. Try not bringing facts or anything on here, pretty sure the ones in here who have watched from a bleacher their whole life don't like that stuff. He is good. But he isn't a 5 star next level stud, like for instance, a Jalen Hurd was. He could make high school players literally look like children on the field the way he punished them. Grimes doesn't make kids look incompetent. Grimes will be a good college football player no doubt, but not much more past that. He and his team does get a shot at Maryville next week, though.
  8. We drew Ravenwood first round in 2005 when they won state, now we draw Summit this year first round. Wow lol. Those are supposed to be easy wins Round 1!!!
  9. Maryville earned it. Thats two shutouts two years in a row just going the opposite direction.
  10. Oakland was only team with a real chance. When they didnt score from the 10 yd line down 5-0, I knew it was game.
  11. Okay I'm still stuffed with Turkey, but I've made room for my next dish, CROW. Serve me.
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