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  1. AAA has 4 sectionals with top four going to state in each for a total of 16 in each event.
  2. 160' maybe from a full spin, no where close to that from power position. He's a good thrower but not a monster!
  3. I feel the love ET. I saw this in the newspaper. Nice field for lease inside city limits. Never used much this time of year. Available until spring. NO Pets!!!!! That ain't grass boys "WE GOT TURF"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Just meet me at the DOME during a basketball game. You can buy me some popcorn and a coke. Thanks for the invite!!!
  5. But guys "YOU GOT TURF"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hey Mr. ETATHLETE! Thanks for the personal note. However I ask to to find one statement in my post that was not a fact. Can't do it can you!!!!!!!!! One and done ain't much fun!!!!!!!
  7. Another year, another "upset" loss by the tribe. Same ole song year after year. When will they stop ranking DB first in the polls, since they know they aren't much better than a top ten team. Oh well as the "STUPID" shirts that the DB morons wear always remind us poor ole county trash "YOU GOT TURF". There's always next year when you can lose again in the first or second round. Get out the basketballs boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. terolico


    Thanks coach for the comments!!!!! Word to the wise, if you are coming to the AAA sectional in Johnson City Friday, their will be several certified officials working the meet so you better KNOW the rules beforehand.
  9. Kingsport wins by 5, who will come up to play Monday night
  10. kingsport hit a 3 with 3 seconds to go are up 3. Time out now
  11. kingsport up 2 with 1:01 to go
  12. Kingsport 57-55 2 minutes to go
  13. 51-48 Kingsport ahead 5:10 to go
  14. keep me updated, Region 1 kingsport DB up 51-42 on science hill end of 3rd quarter
  15. Science Hill looked like the better team Tuesday night but maybe it was just their opponets were that much different. DB may have their hands full tonight they did not look that good against Greeneville and show signs of peaking a little early. Win or lose both will have a tough job Monday in sectional. Good luck to both.
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