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  1. AAA has 4 sectionals with top four going to state in each for a total of 16 in each event.
  2. 160' maybe from a full spin, no where close to that from power position. He's a good thrower but not a monster!
  3. I feel the love ET. I saw this in the newspaper. Nice field for lease inside city limits. Never used much this time of year. Available until spring. NO Pets!!!!! That ain't grass boys "WE GOT TURF"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Just meet me at the DOME during a basketball game. You can buy me some popcorn and a coke. Thanks for the invite!!!
  5. But guys "YOU GOT TURF"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hey Mr. ETATHLETE! Thanks for the personal note. However I ask to to find one statement in my post that was not a fact. Can't do it can you!!!!!!!!! One and done ain't much fun!!!!!!!
  7. Another year, another "upset" loss by the tribe. Same ole song year after year. When will they stop ranking DB first in the polls, since they know they aren't much better than a top ten team. Oh well as the "STUPID" shirts that the DB morons wear always remind us poor ole county trash "YOU GOT TURF". There's always next year when you can lose again in the first or second round. Get out the basketballs boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. terolico


    Thanks coach for the comments!!!!! Word to the wise, if you are coming to the AAA sectional in Johnson City Friday, their will be several certified officials working the meet so you better KNOW the rules beforehand.
  9. Kingsport wins by 5, who will come up to play Monday night
  10. kingsport hit a 3 with 3 seconds to go are up 3. Time out now
  11. kingsport up 2 with 1:01 to go
  12. Kingsport 57-55 2 minutes to go
  13. 51-48 Kingsport ahead 5:10 to go
  14. keep me updated, Region 1 kingsport DB up 51-42 on science hill end of 3rd quarter
  15. Science Hill looked like the better team Tuesday night but maybe it was just their opponets were that much different. DB may have their hands full tonight they did not look that good against Greeneville and show signs of peaking a little early. Win or lose both will have a tough job Monday in sectional. Good luck to both.
  16. District one will win at least 3 and possibly 4. I see DB and Science Hill playing again in the finals. For those Science Hill people who are calling the radio about the coach and not being able to beat DB, just remember that you CAN get to the state tournament without beating DB it is just a lot tougher to do it that way.
  17. If Greeneville wins it they have definately deserved it. That is a tough bracket. The big question would be can our 1 and 2 do anything against the Knoxville teams??? Not going tonight but would love to see the TH and Greenville game. I rate it a toss up, playing at home might be the difference for Greeneville. I think DB should win and hopefully are not looking ahead. South is playing pretty good now and so is Science Hill. I say district one wins 3 games.
  18. As an impartial fan who just went to watch the game I must say your view seems to be a little scewed. I saw several things by both teams that wasn't called but did not think it was unfair one way or the other. Yes Boone was called for more fouls but they commtted more fouls. All of Caldwell's fouls looked legitimate to me. Don't recall those by Nickels. If you go an entire quarter without scoring don't expect to win those games.. Sorry but better luck in track and softball.
  19. Volunteer- Really Bad East- Not sure Tenn. High- Proofs in the pudding, very good Science Hill- pretty good job Central- lack consistency, could be better South- Not real impressed DB- Coach has nice hair, not much under it Boone- Very well coached Crockett- No opinion
  20. Tenn. High should be a slight favorite but any of a group of 5-6 teams have a shot. D-B could have a shot to win if their dipstick coach would let them play a little. South, SH, both have a good chance. I wouldn't want to be playing Central the first round either. It should be interesting!!!!!! Probably the most wide open field in several years.
  21. I probably was an innocent bystander. DB doesn't have anyone eligible to be recruited who could play there.
  22. I saw this girl play some and she is very impressive. I heard she might be pushing to get some playing time on the varsity soon. They need some help.
  23. I heard she has enrolled at Shelbyville High School in middle Tenn. They have a way of finding and getting great players. Good luck to her.
  24. Lots of records fell today. Met the Great Coniglio. Good luck to all at STATE!!!!!!!
  25. Molly Kennedy from Hume-Fogg in 04'. Won the high jump. long jump, triple jump, shot put, and had a second in the 100 hurdles and 300 hurdles. At least 56 points. Not sure if she ran on a relay or not. That's why we have the 4 event rule.
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