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  1. SG has one of the posts from that game but not Lamb as she is playing at TN Tech. Just curious GCPioneer, do you think this years Westview team is a lot better than last years team?
  2. A 5 point win in a HOF game in mid November and a 5 point win in a Sectional win or go home game are two different types of wins. I'm not saying SG is better or worse than anybody else but teams are a lot different in March than they are in November. For instance, the posters on here are saying how much different, and better, Westview is now than before Christmas and I would say that they are. Regardless, it will be settled on the court starting Wednesday.
  3. Schultz had surgery last week. She is out for the year but plans on playing at Walters State next year.
  4. I don't think anything in Region 1 is a given as I can assure South Greene is taking nothing for granted. SG has to worry about Grainger and Greeneville, then Sullivan Central and the others in District 1 before worrying about Northview. As they saw last year with Greeneville in regionals you have to show up every night. I haven't seen Northview but my daughter played AAU with some of their players so I know they should be really good. Should be pretty interesting come tourney time.
  5. I have debated a lot about whether or not to post about this call. I just watched it again and I cannot believe how bad it is. This level of officiating is unacceptable. Even if it would have been a first year ref I still would have trouble believing that due to the situation he blew his whistle at all and if you are going to call a foul how you could think that was a charge. I would simply like to ask him what he saw to make him call a charge. Also, if you continue watching till the end, on the last play the SG player was knocked to the floor and nothing was called. Why call one and not the other. I wish there was some kind of accountability.
  6. Sorry work in progress if you thought I was being snide about being from East Tennessee because I wasn't. Just making a point.
  7. As a person that is from east Tennessee, Putnam County and Crossville are not in east Tennessee. Nothing against either as I graduated from TTU, but they are not east Tennessee.
  8. I agree completely and I never meant for it to seem like I thought SG would get an easy win. SG will have to play their best game of the season to have a chance. I was referring to the previous poster saying it would be an easy W for Bradley Central and it could be if SG don't come to play.
  9. Dang Wolfpack, way to come out firing by insulting a team twice in your first post. Easy W but if not it will be because of refs.
  10. SG lost one girl to graduation. However, they lost two starting guards to ACL injuries in back to back weeks in June. They have also had another guard out with an ankle injury. All 3 are now back with one playing the last two games and the other two playing the last game.
  11. No when they reclassified 4 years ago our numbers were down and we played where they put us. We have 510 now and yes we will be AA next year. To clarify we are a A team playing A for the last year.
  12. I am and thanks! Good luck to your teams as well. SG beat GP twice last year in very good games and we split with them this year. They are a solid team.
  13. Qua is a very good player and extremely hard to defend. She can create and make deep threes if you back off her. The shooting guard Patterson can shoot the three very well also. They have a couple other solid guards and two or three posts that are around six feet tall and they defend pretty well. They seem to try to slow the pace when they play South Greene but they can run if they need to.
  14. Oh and as for the hillbilly comment I went to school at TN Tech. The Upper Cumberland area is not exactly the big city when it comes to culture. Probably a lot like East TN. And the hillbillies from East TN probably voted about 80% for Trump.
  15. I guess I get tired of the my District has won this many gold balls so we have a tougher schedule than you stuff. The teams that won those gold balls are not playing. Also you said it could get ugly if Lamb gets in foul trouble. Please tell PC all they have to worry about is Lamb. She is a great player but we have others that are pretty good too.
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