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  1. KickinWing11

    Greenback All State football players.

    I wish him the best of luck. Tusculum would be very lucky to have him
  2. KickinWing11

    Greenback All State football players.

    Congrats to them and your son. Your son was def one of the best linemen in the state
  3. KickinWing11

    coalfield not fined by TSSAA

    Any clue why there wasnt any suspensions? Not that it matters now but CF got hammered with suspensions for leaving the bench a few years ago. Heck, they even suspended the ball boy who is a grown man because he was breaking up the fight. And dont give me any crap because this is on topic
  4. KickinWing11

    GCA 2014

  5. KickinWing11

    Farewell from Roy

    Things like this is what makes people leave. Who in their right dang mind would pay even $1 after reading your post? Before the SP people left, I said that the mods would ruin this sight and now your most loyal fan base has left. I think im going to follow them as well. You guys are a joke
  6. KickinWing11

    South Pittsburg 2014

    So what is the deal with North Jackson? I have heard that name and SP mentioned in the same sentence many times.
  7. KickinWing11

    South Pittsburg 2014

  8. KickinWing11


    The team to beat
  9. I got ya. Are they good in basketball every year?
  10. KickinWing11

    Congrats to Trousdale County

    Choo choo. That T word is what high school football is all about. Crazy thing is when you're from CF, your phone can't even spell the T word. Considering we are 0-6 against you guys, id say 6 times isn't the magic number for us to get trucked
  11. Where do all of the Whitwell athletes go
  12. KickinWing11

    Congrats to Trousdale County

    Very well said. I never thought of it that way. Everyone wants to be part of something like that and if it were easy then I bet you guys would have 50 players or so. Im sure there are at least 20 players who just want to be part of the team but don't have what it takes to do the year round grind. Great post man.
  13. KickinWing11

    Congrats to Trousdale County

    Anyone who knows anything about high school football will always keep tabs on you guys and expect you guys to be at the top
  14. KickinWing11

    Congrats to Trousdale County

    You guys are the cream of the crop every year. People on the outside always want to know what really goes on. So yes, a compliment to you guys.
  15. KickinWing11

    Congrats to Trousdale County

    That's all I was looking for, thank you.