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  1. Sports Performance competes in JVA and AAU like many clubs have chosen to do.
  2. I'm not sure how players are ranked or how they are named the best in the city. Is it how hard they hit or how well they read the Defense and know where to hit? Is it the best all-around player? Hitter, passer, setter. Would it be one of the players that tried out for the USA volleyball HP team and was named A1 or A2? Would it be the players on any or all of the all-American teams (USA Today, UA, Prepvolleyball, or unapproved website, etc.) There are a few in Knoxville. The place is loaded with talent.
  3. I agree with JMAVU9193 and Felts is definitely top tier. She's played open level club her entire life and played and practiced with all the best in Knoxville and across the US. She committed DI how would that not be top-tier.
  4. I saw lots of K2, KVA, Alliance, A5, Choo Choo, etc talent spread though out the tournament. Great volleyball especially for a tournament this early in the season. I would've like to have seen a power pool format like we saw at the NIT in Salt Lake City and at 18 Open JNC this past club season. It makes for a more competitive first day and those smaller programs don't take such a beating the first day. I don't think that is good for the beaters or the beatees.
  5. She can't play for Brentwood's high school team until Sept 10 because she is playing for the USA team and TSSAA says she can't play for two teams.
  6. flyjgray

    Stats question

    Stats aren't that accurate in High School volleyball. I just saw that Sale Creek had 170 digs in a match. Some teams count every ball contact as a dig and every score a kill.
  7. I truly enjoy the hyperbole on this message board. Fact is we are lucky that the Southeast is catching up to the rest of the nation and are playing at the same level as the other regions in the country. The reason is the strong clubs and club coaches and the fact the girls are able to practice and play all year. Most of the high school coaches now coach or are involved all year in volleyball, the top programs anyway. For a spectator its a real treat. I am glad Nashville has weighed in on this too, its been too quiet up there. Lots of great teams up there. The top teams are pretty close and all teams have to bring their A game to compete. I've seen most all of these teams play and there are some real talent and great coaching. We should keep it fun on this message board. Its going to be a great season of volleyball. In the spirit of this message board, its going to be the best season ever, the coaches and players are the best that's ever been in the state of TN. EVER!
  8. With the misinformation being cleared up what are everyone's predictions for the 2016 season? These are mine. DI AAA Farragut vs. Brentwood AA Knox Catholic vs. Sullivan South A Concord Christian vs. Goodpasture DII AA Baylor vs. Briarcrest A Webb vs. Really doesn't matter they're gonna lose
  9. They have a coach. Nancy Mueller, former Vol player and former asst coach at Indiana University.
  10. flyjgray

    ACE Volleyball

    Awesome! Will they be playing AAUs in Orlando? I will try to check them out.
  11. flyjgray

    ACE Volleyball

    Two teams in the SRVA Region are ranked in the top 10 nationally? Really? USAV?
  12. Baylor has but it is not a Knoxville team. Even had them 22-17 in a set only to lose 22-25. I dont think anyone can beat them in a match. They have 4 six-position players. If you have a weakness the coach will find it and she has girls that can put the ball anywhere she tells them.
  13. I think it would be easier to say best Setter, best Libero, Best OH or Best Middle.
  14. I disagree that there was a talent drop off. Lots of talent and lots of great volleyball, very surprising at a early bird tournament. Lots of great players, fun to watch.
  15. Webb, Farragut and Baylor play a tri match at Webb on September 3. All will be great matches all teams very close. At the Early bird tournament Baylor won the Farragut match 25-23 25-23 and lost to Webb 25-21 25-18. Webb won all matches, clearly the best team there.
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