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  1. I know this will never happen, but I think it'll be smart if there's a week where there will be 0 games for fall break, and school systems across Tennessee can adjust to making sure that fall break is on that week. Sort of a joint agreement where nobody in Tennessee plays on that week.

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  2. On 3/22/2023 at 7:39 AM, WestTNHoopsFan said:

    !!!!!!!!!  Data speaks

    Celebrate the kids. A 4 class system allows us to celebrate more kids going to the state tournament. 

    I'm in favor of going back to three classifications, but there are also some teams that would love to stay with 4 classifications because it gives them a greater chance to reach state (ex: Peabody) in their olympic sports.  Milan was able to used politics and appealed to a new region in volleyball to increase their chances to reach state (I cannot think of another reason why else they would).

    In volleyball, Region 6 District 12, you'll have Peabody and Humboldt traveling east towards Clarksburg and Huntingdon to play volleyball. However, in Region 7 District 13, you'll have Milan traveling west to play Lake County and Union City. Peabody and Milan will cross paths in Volleyball.

    However, Humboldt's appealed to move from Region 7 to Region 6 in 1A football got denied. I'm assuming the reason it got denied is due to Dresden being to Region 7. 

  3. 12 hours ago, Allthetalk said:

    Who will be the playoff teams in this region. It now consists of Dresden, Gleason, Greenfield, Halls, Humboldt, Lake County, South Fulton, and Union City. In recent years Union City, Lake County and Dresden have been tough to deal with. Union City is an early favorite to make it to Chattanooga. That would leave the 4th spot wide open. How do you guys see it playing out in this region? 

    Well, seeing Humboldt getting denied to go Region 6-1A puts everything into a bind here. There's going to be a decent team that will miss the playoffs.

    I'll lean with 

    1) Union City

    2) Dresden

    3) Lake County

    4) Humboldt

    If Humboldt doesn't make the playoffs, then there is something bad going on in the Strawberry City.  Honestly, they should be ahead of Dresden on this list, battling with Union City for the top spot. 

    Halls was the most surprised team last year, but the October schedule put them back to reality. In addition, they're in the process of making a coaching change (if it's not finalized). The only question is how good is South Fulton? At least they won't be boarding a plane to play Fayetteville in the playoffs this year.

  4. On 3/16/2023 at 9:09 PM, PurpleCat said:

    I don't get the impression that West TN struggles as badly as some other posters do. There aren't as many year-in-year-out dominant programs in West TN, but that probably comes down to luck as much as anything. Otherwise, there have been some excellent programs produced by West TN over the years. Union City, Peabody, Lake County, Henry County, Milan, Whitehaven, Germantown, Huntingdon, McKenzie, USJ, Melrose, etc. West, TN is a lot of open space and a lot of small towns. But they hold their own I think. And the Memphis schools have many of the same problems as the Nashville schools, although to arguably an even greater degree. That is a very difficult school system to coach/teach in from what I hear and see. 

    West Tennessee needs more depth of teams to do good. We can really have a good season out of Lexington, Hardin County, Camden, Crockett County, Adamsville, North Side, and McNairy Central. Lexington, Munford, and Hardin County are good regular season teams, but they fizzled out in the playoffs. So far, Haywood, Covington, and Peabody have been real threat teams to reach Chattanooga because they have consistently done that in the past. I want to put McKenzie in that category but I'm curious to see how good they'll be next year. There will be bad apples in West Tennessee (just like there will be in East and Middle TN), but honestly, everybody in West Tennessee (other than the top dogs) need to turn the notch up in performance in 2023.

  5. 7 hours ago, BIGPURPLEMACHINE said:

    I hate when people say a certain whistle or play cost them the game. In the case of Westview they won by 2. Had the other team made any of the 3 pt shots they missed they would have beaten Westview. All of those plays cost them too. Not just the supposed bad call at the end. 

    Respectively, I don't know if that's the case. A few years ago, Westview was playing Cheatham County in their championship game, and the officials had 3 huge blunders in their game.

    #1: (score was 42-40 CC with 25-30 seconds remaining) an offensive foul against Westview while the defender on CC was already falling down prior to the contact being made. 

    #2 (same 42-40 score) CC was shooting 2 free throws and Westview (and the clock operator) got confused thinking it was a 1-and-1. While Westview went and grabbed the rebound after the first free throw, half a second went off the clock on TV (I don't know if it went off the clock inside the Murphy Center or not), and the officials didn't correct it back to the actual time.

    #3 (same 42-40 score) Cheatham County missed the second free throw as well and there was a CC player who gave Westview an extended arm bar to the Westview's players back. It's pretty obvious if you find a way to look at it on film. No loose ball foul was called on CC.

    It's always a topic, I'm sure not letting things get too "physical" was a point of emphasis during the state tournament. Calling over 100 fouls during the 16 quarterfinal games than last year is a point of concern and it's something that has got to be addressed immediately.

    This year, was that a foul on York against Westview? No way. However, when High School officials see an arm swipe going down on an offensive player, they're going to call in 8-9 times out of 10, regardless if the defensive player got "all ball" which see did. To me, it's not a foul in any level, and I think college/NBA officials would likely let that play go. In that play, it was tied at 42 all with 6 seconds to go. If the officials didn't call a foul, York would've got the rebound on that same play. So yes, I do think it cost York a chance to win the game.

    Again, a few years ago, I thought the officials cost Westview a chance to win the game. This year, I thought they helped Westview and ended up costing York a chance to make a game winning shot in regulation in a tied game.

    What happened with South Side should be more of a concern because (In my opinion) the officials were calling the game a certain way, and then there was a technical foul against South Side, and then the game was called a different way. The box score doesn't take much to see what happened and how that game was officiated between halves. I do believe the officials just caved in to South Side in that half, and gave them a lot of whistles and free throws, way more than Elizabethton. It was more of "let's just please South Side than officiate the game." Feelings are real, my friend. 

    If I told you, if the officials didn't give South Side that technical foul on (I think) McNeal, does South Side still win the game? And you answered yes, I would told you that you're crazier than a Huntingdon football fan having optimism in November...

  6. As I stated earlier this week, it's going to be tough to win a game when one team has a +19 free throw attempt advantage....in the second half. That formula worked again as both teams (South Side/Livingston Academy) shot 10 free throw attempts in the first half, but South Side had a +15 free throw attempt advantage in the second. Y'all can do the math and combined both games.

    Congratulations to South Side, and McNeal! The technical foul played to their advantage. He has earned every right to add a state title to his resume. If they do a Game MVP, it should be Albany Collins who wins the award.

  7. Did the officials call a foul on Gibson County that should've gone to another player, but gave it to Hart? Which ended up fouling her out..

    Tom Kreager tweeted out there has been over 100 more fouls in the quarterfinal rounds than there last year. 

  8. Giving a technical foul to a special needs student has got to be the low point. I don't know what the special needs student did to warrant him/her a technical foul, but if I was officiating that game, and let's just say that special needs student were to say something personal to me (like cuss at me), then I would pull the assistant coach to the side to calm that student down. They call it "preventive officiating" for a reason. No reason to penalized Cleveland's team for what a special needs did or say. 

    The coaches out of the box is a head scratcher, too. Just tell the coach to back up, and keep telling him to back up. The winner goes to state and one team has two technical fouls that are probably unnecessary reasons (not basketball reasons is what I'm trying to say). I can understand why Cleveland would be upset in that regard.

  9. 2 minutes ago, tennesseeannouncer said:

    McNeal got a T called after a foul on an Elizabethton possession at midcourt. To me, it looked like the player slipped but an immediate foul was called on SS. I am assuming he was critical of the whistle. 

    The old classic "a player fell down so we got to call a foul." The only issue I have with basketball officials is they do call the reaction and not always the action.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, UCSportsFan said:

    I was thinking the same thing. They got every call after the technical. Great job by SS coach. 

    Again, I didn't watch the game, but I listened to the game and followed the box score starting about 4 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. The radio announcer said McNeal had a technical foul earlier in the game. The box score had both teams near the same amount of free throw attempts, and South Side ended with a 15 FT advantage.

    These officials are happy to be there, they may not be in Murfreesboro ever again. Some may retire, some may not get the opportunity to go back, some may move up to the college level, and so on. Again, these guys are just normal human beings that will go to work Monday on their normal jobs. These aren't college officials where they'll travel 2-3 hours to call that game, and move on to another city. The HS officials are probably not as strong mentality to let whatever McNeal said, go. College officials probably could careless about what he said (if he said anything). But apparently he had to say something that got those officials a little sensitive and changed how they were calling the game. Because the box made it clear that was the case.

  11. The box score tells you everything, I don't know if what happened to give McNeal the technical foul, but it played to their advantage. 

    Elizabethan shot 12 FT's in the 1st Half, 8 in the 2nd Half, and 8 in OT.

    South Side shot 6 FT's in the 1st half, 20 FT's in the 2nd Half, and 15 in OT.

  12. 3 minutes ago, 1983 said:

    How about you have 4 teams from east side of bracket matched up with the four teams from west side in first round?  You can do a blind draw and see who gets matched up with who.

    No, this is also wrong, even though Dyer County/South Gibson played each as well Gibson County/Riverside will tomorrow. I just don't want South Gibson/South Side's season to end if they were to meet up in the first round. They played each other in district and region tournaments, for them to meet up in Murfreesboro and play each other again, and for one of their seasons to end, is not fun and fair for the players. At least end their season by playing another opponent.

  13. 6 hours ago, Greenecounty said:

    The “throwing 3 refs together” has been terrible.  First 2 days have had inconsistent calls by referees.  TSSAA needs to go back to bringing “crews” in - refs that have worked together all hear.  The Bradley vs Bearden game had almost 25 fouls in the first half.  Crazy.

    Agreed, I wouldn't mind changing it up a little bit. Maybe each association from I-65 and West call the girls tournament, the association from I-65 and East call the boys tournament. I don't know how they're doing it, but I don't want 3 random officials who haven't worked a game together/don't know each other, call a single elimination tournament with lots at stake.

  14. On 3/6/2023 at 10:01 PM, pioneer42 said:

    Refs call for whose got  momentum at the Glass House and always have. We have had a few bad officials but West Tennessee has some good one’s but they won’t be there and it is a shame they won’t. I don’t know where they get these guys up there. 

    The southern part of West TN has good officials, but I heard the northern part is pretty bad. Luckily, I was told the southern part (like the Jackson officials) service Gibson County

  15. 21 hours ago, MSUBac2001 said:

    Of all the trivial things to care about…

    Let’s make something that doesn’t provide a competitive advantage, isn’t intimidating, distracting or offensive a point of emphasis. It’s a black smudge. 

    I can hear this in an MLB game now. Bryce, I know you are a 2 time MVP, but your eye place is unfavorable. That eye black is smeared down your cheek! It’s on your cheek! You classless bum. Don’t you respect the game? You’re outta here!!!

    And your first part is why I don't think many umpires will enforce the rule. I know in the past players aren't supposed to wear jewelry. However, high school was the only age group that didn't let players wear any jewelry. The players could wear it when they were kids, they can wear it in college and pros, but not in high school? Why is that? And no, "safety" is not an answer to that question, because the players wore jewelry before they played high school ball.

  16. 9 hours ago, TheCommissioner said:

    It’s incredible to me that so my schools have openings.  What do you attribute that to?

    Last year, we had over 100 head coaching openings. I have no idea what the number is so far this year, hopefully somebody will know. 

    Few things: A) we got coaches are being selfish and coaching for themselves and not the "kids." Even though they will tell the media they're coaching for the "kids." Two people I think are Tyler Turner and Morgan Cruce. Turner was at Liberty for 3 years, than one of the Panola schools in MS (outside of Memphis) for 3 years, than Goodpasture for 1 year, down at Jackson, MS for a year, and now he's at a school in the Little Rock area. Cruce was a head coach I think at Gibson County, then he went to a school in Arkansas, and then I think went to Bethel for a year and coached there, Henry County and coached there for a season, then he went to Brighton and was the head coach for one year, and now he is at Univ. of North Alabama where he is an assistant coach, reunited with Brent Dermon. There are two of them on top of my mind that are always "looking" for jobs at the end of season and not being happy and content with where they're at and building that program.

    b) I don't think schools are as patient with a coaching process and development (I can usually tell at the end of year 2 if a coach is "good" or not). C) Simply politics within the school and the school system. D) coaches will likely leave for another position if they don't feel like they're being compensated enough. Whether if that's facility upgrades or somewhat of a pay raise. If a team is being fully successful on the field and the players are doing well in the classroom and off the field, and the school system isn't doing something nice (like new uniforms, weight room upgrades, new upgrades, etc.) to reward the program, then a coach may sit then and say "the heck with this" and go somewhere else. I do think coaches spend a lot time away from their own families during the fall, and they just want the appreciation to be there. Those are just some of my ideas.

  17. 12 hours ago, ItsAlwaysSunnyInAtwood said:

    Lol no, Mr Football in 1A went to exactly who deserved it. 

    I'm just saying that Brown will get considered for the award, but will likely not win the award because his usage rate may not be there (he won't have many carries is what I'm saying. Not enough carries = not enough yards) and he won't be playing a lot during the second half of some games (but the games against Peabody, St. George, and Lausanne should be his games to persuade the voters he can win the award).

  18. The sad thing about Kumaro Brown is that you put him on McKenzie's team, he'll win the award. If you put him on Moore County or Bruceton, he'll win the award.

    Kumaro Brown probably should've won the award last year. 1,000 yards rushing and only 70 carries for MASE in 14 games (I don't know if that 1,000 yards rushing with 70 carries is a regular season stat or not). When Kumaro Brown has the football, he will probably be the best player on the field. And he also an effective two way player.

    Kumaro Brown is in a lose/lose situation here. If he can't pad his stats because MASE is up 35-0 in basically every game they had last year (other than McKenzie) so he would ended up being taken out of the game and mercy rule is in effect. He doesn't really need the ball for MASE to be successful as other players are from other schools. But if he does do really well stat wise, then he and MASE would be heavily criticized because they played a fairly light schedule. 

    Lausanne, St. George, and Peabody would be 3 of the MASE non-region opponents (see what happens when Coach Miller now has the opportunity to create his own schedule?)

    Lausanne had two losses last year to CPA and Bartlett (two teams that played past Thanksgiving), St. George is a D2-AA private school team that will play in a competitive class. Peabody was eliminated by MASE last year in the playoffs. I don't know what the Tide has returning, but I know Jacobs will have them prepared this fall. So Miller has answered the scheduling aspect of things, he did what he can do.


  19. 15 minutes ago, TtownReject said:

    TSSAA draws by region and its set ahead of time. This year in AAAA, 1v8, 6v7, 2v3 & 4v5. Shocked they dont use analytics. TSSAA can hire that out of free.

    I always figured the football playoffs would be better if they used an analytics/computer ranking system determining a team's success. Similar to the Z-plan, but teams won't get the benefit of beating bad teams in football, and bad teams won't get punished for losing to a great team, may even get credit for hanging in that game.

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